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View SQL Transaction Log File Easily – A Complete Guide

Know How to View SQL Transaction Log File

Summary: Many times SQL Server users have raised a Question How do I view SQL transaction log files. So in this article, we have explained the step by step process to read and analyze transactional records.

Microsoft SQL Server is a featured rich Relational database Management System. The main function of this application is to store and retrieve the data. SQL Server stores the data in the files and these are maintained by the database engine.

This application stores the Data in MDF ( primary database file ) and NDF ( Secondary database file) and LOG file which contains the information that is required to recover all the transactions in the SQL Server.

Have you ever thought about what type of information is stored in the Transactional Log files? The transactional log contains all the fundamental DML operations such as INSERT / DELETE / UPDATE. And It also can be used to track the events so that the database can be recovered from disasters such as power failures, hardware failures.

How do I View SQL Transaction Log Files is the common question asked by the SQL database administrators. The user can also check SQL Server Transaction logs by using the manual method with the help of fn_dblog(). But to make it simple we will discuss with the help of an Automated solution.

Before proceeding to the solution to View SQL Server Log File. Let us understand scenarios in which the users want to view the Transactional Log Records.

Need to View SQL Server Database Transaction Log File

  1. To find erroneously erased records.
  2. In case if you want to recover lost information.

View SQL Transaction Log Files With Help of Expert Solution. 

To read and Analyse the information stored in the SQL Server the user can take the help of SysTools SQL LDF Viewer. With the help of this application, the user can easily perform the complete analyses of the .ldf file. The tool gives the facility to read and analyze the INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE operations.

After the complete analyses of the Transactional records, this tool allows the option to export selective Transactional records. This Advanced Application supports SQL Server 2017 and it’s below.

Follow the Steps to View SQL Transaction Log   Files 

  1. Run the SQL Log Analyser on Your System.

2. Now choose the Options from Online and Offline Database.

3. Now Preview the SQL Log files.

4. Now click on the Export button to export the data from SQL log files.

Important Note: In Case if you are facing corruption issues related to MDF files. Then the user can take the help of recover SQL database software to remove corruption and perform SQL database objects recovery.

Final Words 

In this blog, we have discussed the Question asked by the various database administrators How do I view SQL transaction  Log Files . So to resolve this issue the user can take the help of SQL Log Analyser to view and analyze SQL Server LDF files.

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