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Vietnam Customized Tours – Relish the Beauty of Nature Like Never Before

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam to see its natural attractions up close? Then you can’t go wrong with Vietnam customized tours. Everyone has their definition of the perfect nature adventure. With a customized package, you can create unique experiences that are tailored to your interests.

Vietnam boasts various natural attractions that will quench your thirst for an adrenaline rush. If you are a kind of traveler who loves swimming, trekking, and activities that challenge physical prowess, consider adding the following destinations in your Vietnam customized tour itinerary:

PhongNha Cave

Visit PhongNha-Ke Bang National Park and explore one of the majestic caves in the world. Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure because you will be conquering the longest underground river that spans 13,969 meters. The cave itself is 7,729 meters. Also famous for its magnificent stalactite system, PhongNha Cave is a must-see for active travelers.

Lan Ha Bay 

The best way to discover Lan Ha Bay is by kayaking. It offers unique experiences that cruises cannot provide. On your kayak, you will paddle slowly past rocky mountains and go through the small islands and small caves. You will be able to see the limestone islands up close, too.

If you want to enjoy a more slow-paced adventure and experience the beauty and calmness of nature, then these are the destinations and activities that will suit your Vietnam customized tour:


NhaTrang is a beautiful coastal city where you will see long stretches of white sand beaches and majestic little islands. There are various activities to do here, but the most popular is the sunset cruise, which will take you to different sites to encounter sea creatures. You will discover the rich biodiversity and marine ecological system. Unplug from the world as you rest on a hammock under palm trees and admire the blue seawater. Hungry? Feast on seafood delicacies as you enjoy a romantic dinner aboard.

Mekong Delta 

This popular rural area in the west will let you see and experience what a peaceful country life looks like. Breathtaking landscapes and fun activities await you here. Some of the most beautiful destinations in the Mekong Delta include the Cai Rang floating markets and Tra Su Bird Sanctuary and Forest.

About the Author: 

Vietnam Fast Tours is one of the leading and reliable local tour operators that offer private tailor-made tour packages to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Burma, including classic tours, sightseeing tours, honeymoon tours, family holiday etc. As a local tour operator, Vietnam Fast Tours focus on matching your taste with a truly authentic and remarkable experience. Besides this, Vietnam Fast Tours also offer other services such as Visa services (for Vietnam Only), Transportation, Accommodation to make your journey more comfortable and memorable.

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