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Its an event of celebration for all, for not only lovers but also all others.

We are interested in people whom we discover gratified and satisfied with or who make us peaceful by their presence in else situation it’s most turn over the purpose of somebody’s life. so, the day we celebrate fir someone’s presence or love we call it valentines day. For gifts of the day for this valentine’s occasion click on VALENTINES GIFT.


This holiday has its origins from the Roman festival of Lupercalia, held in mid-February. This festival was celebrated with the pairing of girls with men included fertility rites. within the end, it clothed to be St. Valentine’s day.

In these festivals, boys wont to draw names of women from the lottery box.


The ancient Romans were liable for the name of our modern-day of affection. Two men were placed for this purpose with an equivalent name as Valentino on Feb of various years within the 3rd century A.D and their martyrdom was celebrated by the respect of the Catholic Church with St. valentine’s day. For more collection of gifts click on VALENTINES GIFT.


Happiness is celebrated for many couples to spend time together and remind their loveable memories. Valentine’s day is socially linked with red hearts. Romance is considered, flowers or gift goodies are gifted with the exchange of cards that express love is named Valentine Day.


Hallmark in 1913 offered first-time valentine’s cards than 1916 they properly started producing valentine’s cards.

Importance of valentine’s day

It is important because on today people send affection and love greetings to family friends and loved ones for better happiness of affection.

On today sweethearts of all ages exchange gifts and cards, flowers and chocolates or candies to form others feel happy or to point out like to others.

Is it a holiday?

For international Romans it had been a vacation on which internationally recognized St. valentine fertility festival was celebrated between Feb 13 and Feb 15.

Is it catholic?

Valentine’s day also called Saint Valentine’s day for the feast of Saint Valentine’s celebration on 14th February. it’s for honoring 2 early saints named Valentinus.

MEANT for less than LOVERS?

Its basically meant for lovers to point out the fertility of Romans which is by giving flowers and gifts but as an entire, it’s a live show for all. we basically consider couples to spend holidays together on today and also a friendship ray of sunshine.

This day is essential, meant for giving lovers or husbands a present or maybe to females by their loved ones, or the other way around.

Approximately 145 million valentine’s day cards are exchanged within the whole world for celebrating this occasion and lots of gifts are given.

VALENTINES A NEUTRAL WAY of affection for everybody OUT THERE

It’s not only meant for lovers in today’s dictionary but also for the family and fogeys and siblings and grandparents. once we give gifts or flowers to our relatives they become happy by the symbol of remembrance of affection to them. this provides a universal hope of survival for spreading love everywhere around.


  1. per annum, quite 36 million heart-shaped chocolates are being sold everywhere in the country.
  2. Men need to spend twice than a lady to urge their love of life this valentines day.
  3. 14th February i.e. valentines day is 2nd largest occasion within the world to offer away gifts and cards.
  4. it’s celebrated by wearing a red costume and holding red roses as a present for loved ones.



  1. It started with Romans’ culture to fertile women more and to supply more offsprings during a festival drew by lottery by boys in town.
  2. Passing out Valentine may be a 600-year-old tradition that’s still running fast and furious.
  3. Esther Howland first manufactured the valentine’s card.
  4. Nowadays many greeting cards are purchased throughout per annum.
  5. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is simply quite a phrase.
  6. People consider red and pink colors because of the color of affection.
  7. Candy hearts were originated in medical terms. later simplified as chocolates and other similar things.
  8. The candies with their latest shape came up with a century hobby
  9. Heart shape never felt so beloved till Valentine’s day came ahead.
  10. Cupid bow and arrow are shown for love not only for show. this is often targeted to lovers.
  11. Roses especially red roses are given the symbol of today and age”> today for flowers of affection made occasionally for this day.
  12. It’s a really famous day for the engagement day celebration festival.
  13. Americans spend an excessive amount of on love cause love is that the source of sunshine and a ray of hope and therefore the best time-consuming activity in our life which saw as life long relationship to spend life together for this life and afterlife. it depicts life.
  14. Men and ladies like similar candies choose an equivalent quite boxes or heart-shaped chocolates to offer one other gift or cards.
  15. Chocolate boxes are around us for 140 years old traditionally.
  16. Every box has its own different quality and makings and tasteful ingredients.
  17. People are buying VALENTINES GIFT on websites for custom gifts.
  18. And another fact about Americans they skip Valentine Day then we realize by spending out and having dinners with family and relatives.
  19. People love today and this is often a really famous youngster ritual.
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