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These Hawaii-made masks are made of durable fabric, one of the few we’ve seen that makes for kids as well as adult size. They are also one of the most economical starting at just $ 9.

They usually make bags, now they make face masks like The filters cost $ 30, without which it is $ 20, and both purchases also donate one to health care workers.

If you watch the market is somewhat strong, this could be a mask you are looking for. May is a doll designer, so her masks are made of chains, straps, and crepe fabric each for $ 19- $ 45. In addition, the straps can be adjusted.

valentine’s day face mask supposed to close her clothing business, but the Pittsburg Steelers coach’s wife continued to pay her four employees. When she found out they could make a mask, they all went to work making 500 a week. They are currently focusing on donations, but sign up for a list of letters to receive a warning about when the $ 48 purchase will be available for five adults or children. And you can read more of her story here.

This type of jewelry is sold in a handmade, covered face for $ 27 made of soft cotton fabric. Go to the site early to call back about the about 1000 facets she does every day. They come in 6-packs of various prints for $ 95. With that, she wears a face mask and hopes to report on their effectiveness soon.

This Ojai brand, California relies on making expensive avant-garde leather handbags to create a face-covered face with pockets for inserting straps They have little sales for the general public which and fund grants for health care workers and others in need.

This type of valentine’s day uses math to create a fit. Unfortunately, the suit is not quarantine, so the brand has turned its headquarters into a mask factory. The mask on the sex-medium is $ 19 each, with one donated for each purchase. Their target is 100,000 donations and they are now close to 70,000.

Moscone has transformed its entire design store — which typically creates high-end fashion collections to focus on producing face-to-face. As one of the few home-based designers in New York, Marina was able to produce 400 faces in just a few days along with her sewing staff. The mask was delivered last week (April 7) to the ER’s intensive care unit at Bellevue Hospital. The mask is also scheduled to be delivered to Mount Sinai, Cornell, and NYU Langone hospitals.

The fashion brand Tres Nomad has donated more than 7,000 faces by creating a unique hand-made mask. Each purchase of a $ 15 mask will be donated to one of the health care workers in need.

This fashionable eco brand is central to its resources to create a “second skin” skin tone When you buy one for $ 33, the brand will donate it to one of the homeless people in LA The anti-microbial, natural, stretch stretching has an oversized design bandana and adapted to face for a solid seal. The dress is doubled with a slip pocket for straps (not included). They are accepting pre-orders and will ship in April

This type of science-based shoe was specially designed to create the 3D printing technology mask it already had to make shoes. Working with doctors and the partner company LUNA, OESH has developed a 3D printed mask consisting of valentine with removable straps. The mask can be washed in a washing machine, washing machine, or hand and reused indefinitely. It is also 100% recyclable. They now offer all their facets, but they give you tips that you can make yourself if you have access to 3D printing.

Wear A Mask And Save Life

Founder Erin has made 200 faces so far and has donated more than 60 to the frontline and key businesses. Available in 5 color options and a variety of sizes for children, adults, and children. Online sales will continue to support donations. The mask is made to apply for $ 18; get 10% off the GO OUTDORZ number.

This brand is known for its softness, colorful fabric, and looks like a true 100% cotton fabric. For at least $ 12 you get one for yourself and one for health care workers.

This bed, the reputation of the house, and the garden is made of GOTS-certified cotton wool tape The mask was built in Seattle made of heavy cotton with good stitches. They thought she was born when a nurse asked one of the founders of Plover the thickest clothes she had and she was injured using an old Plover table cloth to make a face. The price is two $ 25 and the two sold will be donated to two health professionals. Lead time is three weeks.

When Jones planned to produce workwear brands, she did not plan to spend some time on the coronavirus. But because this is where she found her, her first two items were masks made of two layers of cotton. The masks had fine needles and threads, including filter pockets and copper noses, to make masks. Use nose brass. Please visit the website on Monday, April 13th to order masks for $19 and $4 or $65. Shipments will begin on Friday, April 17.

For each mask that costs $25, Ripley Rader will donate two to medical staff. She started the challenge two weeks ago when she herself made 100 faces in two days. Since then, she has started a campaign to “keep in good shape”. Every time a mask is purchased, it will be donated to two persons at risk and those in need.

On March 21, temporarily transformed her dance business into a mask manufacturer. The brand sends care packages between 25 and 50 masks to hospitals across the United States every week. The company also sells colorful masks, starting at $11.50; $17.50 as a refund. They are made of cotton lint, high-grade cotton, and African fabrics and have a lot of length per inch, so they fit the CDC guidelines. Both groups will accept the second round of orders on Monday, April 13.

If you want to continue that exciting adventure on the way to the store, these signs will be covered. Funny masks are colorful, funny, and have carbon-rich faces. When applying, has a face value of US$15 each, plus a shipping fee of US$7, and add your shipping address. The cargo will be released next weekend.

This group of tailors did not cooperate, but conducted face-to-face exercises, aiming to cover the face of children in three sizes (small/medium/large/medium/large). They are located in three layers of fabric on the front of the mask, one of which is a filter. These clothes were found in their store or donated by an expensive fur factory in (suitable for Zoom implementation calls). The $25 brain is now on sale but can be viewed on the repair website. The proceeds will be used to recruit and provide the sewing team and Give2SF.

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