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Understanding the Rising Popularity of Durable Poly Mailers

With time and the advancement of technology, the entire world is now converted into a global village. The distances are being covered in different ways. Thanks to modern technology, it is now not difficult to send goods from one place to another. However, the thing that can create challenges for the manufacturers or sellers is maintaining the products’ safety during the shipping.

You are selling the right quality products, but what if your customers get damaged products? So, how to make sure that your products remain safe and in undamaged condition while being transported to the customers?The best way to do that is to use high-quality and durable packaging solutions, for example,cling wrap or poly mailers.

To keep your goods safe and secure, it is essential to pack them very carefully. The mailers are the right things to pack your products since they ensure your products’ maximum safety. For best mailers, you can always go for Stream Peak products that come with many outstanding features, such as self-adhesive, puncture-resistant, lightweight, rip-resistant, weather-resistant, and more.

Types of poly mailers that you can buy

Before diving deep into the various types of poly mailers,you can use for product packaging, let’s know something about these packaging materials. This is the most affordable and most straightforward way to ship your goods safely to your customers. When combined with a cling wrap, such a package can offer robust resistances against product tampering, moisture, dirt, and dust. Depending on your application, you can choose between different types of mailers. To help you choose the right one for you, here is the list of different types of mailers.

  1. Lay-flat mailers:

These are basic of all kinds of mailers. As the name suggests, these are like flat plastic bags that can easily accommodate anything from books, magazines, pants to the t-shirt. When it comes to offering lightweight protection to your products without spending much, you can go for this. Generally, they come with a seal adhesive strip.

  1. Expansion poly mailers:

Such types of mailers come with an expandable side gusset that will allow you to keep bulkier items easily. The seams have high-strength characteristics and can keep your products secure even if the package is overpacked. If you are sending jackets, hoodies, catalogs, or binders, you can go for such a mailer type.

  1. Returnable poly mailers:

Companies who always deal with mailing products will have to deal with returns. If you are dealing with such a task, it will be better to plan ahead using returnable mailers packages. Such mailers offer convenient and straightforward solutions to customers who want to return the goods they have brought. Using this package, you can offer your customer an easy way to return the products.

  1. Transparent poly mailers:

If your company deals with shipping brochures, magazines, catalogs, and other different printing materials, you can use this. The front side of the mailers is 100 percent transparent and allows for better product display. The mailer’s backside has an opaque appearance that offers space for labels, potage, and all.

  1. Bubble-lined mailer:

These mailers come with a unique type of interior, cushioned by a bubble wrap layer. If you want to provide extra protection to your products, you can use these bubble poly mailers for product packaging. These are good for electronic items and gadgets, delicate books, jewelry pieces, and more.

Some outstanding benefits of poly mailers

Not only do they help you in protecting the integrity of your products, but they also offer some other useful benefits. Some of these are:

  1. You can achieve a professional look for your brand image. When you have the right kind of packaging solution, your customers will think you are responsible for your products. This will develop the trust factor.
  2. They come with a robust sealable feature to ensure that the items remain intact during the shipping process.
  3. These packaging bags are very user-friendly and easy to handle.

Are you looking for durable and affordable poly mailers and cling wrap for better product packaging? If yes, you can always get in touch with Stream Peak now for the best packaging solution.

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