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Understand The Job Roles Of Different Accounting Jobs in England

Students with recognized accounting degrees like ACCA, CIMA, etc should consider getting accounting jobs in England in varied kinds of industries. Banking isn’t the only job sector; if you have experience dealing with investment and funds, it’s quite simple for you to land on some advanced-level accounting jobs such as financial accountant, fund accountant, and others. In this post, I would like to share details of a less-commonly known job position in the accounting field.

Management and Financial accountant

People who study accounting think that they can only get jobs in banks, while many financial and investment companies also offer great accounting jobs in London. Normally, this job comes with a£55,000 – £60,000 salary. These jobs’ primary responsibilities are to produce management and financial reports with variance analysis on a monthly and quarterly basis. You need to know how to deal with various entities such as treasury, cash pool, tax, shared service functions, and many others. As an accountant, it’s your responsibility to complete the year-end auditory process on time. Preparation of quarterly VAT returns and accounts for annual and financial audit is always the responsibility of an accountant in England. It would help if you dealt with sample checks of the financial reports and also income reconciliation.

The best candidate for this job is one who has a recognized degree in accounting field like ACCA/CIMA/ACA. It’s vital to have more than five years of field experience to land on this job. The best candidate is the one who has experience in dealing with VAT returns, Taxes, Account Payable, Budging, inter-company allocation, Microsoft Office apps, and ERP system. Time management and communication skills are the absolute requirements for this job. 

Fund Accountant

One of the most common accounting jobs in England is Fund accountant. If you know all about fund accounting and have more than five years of experience, landing on this kind of job isn’t that hard. Your job description will include the management of day-to-day accounting of fund structure. There is a complex range of funds in the market, and it’s your job to handle accounting for every kind of fund. Your job is to prepare, proof, and reconcile statutory financial statements, ad-hoc investor queries, and investor reports. Whenever there is a routine audit query, then the fund accountant needs to deal with it. The creation of periodic bank reconciliation and supporting documentation evidence of every transaction is a part of this job.

As far as Fund accounting jobs requirements in England are concerned, then a fully qualified accountant with recognized degrees like ACCA and ACA is a must. He must have technical, financial service knowledge, and experience. He must have a complete idea of how to deal with a professional-client portfolio. A strong system skill is a must to excel in this challenging role.

Syndicate Accountant

If you don’t mind working in the ever-growing insurance industry, you should consider the Syndicate accountant job in England. You can expect a basic salary of £50,000-£60,000 with bonus and benefits. Your crucial job role is to prepare regulatory returns and syndicate management accounting statements. You need to design and develop some process to create some return statements. It would be best if you dealt with the preparation of ad-hoc returns as and when required.

For getting such jobs in England, you need to have a recognized accounting degree such as  ACA, ACCA, and CIMA. In addition, you must have more than two years’ experience. The best candidate for the job is one who has excellent communication skills. Insurance companies like to hire team players. Advance knowledge and experience of MS Excel is a must.

Service charge accountants

This kind of accounting jobs in England brings a salary of £18k – £28k per annum for the assistant level position, while you can expect to get more at the senior level like £50k. Pension and private health care benefits always come alongside salary. As a property accountant, you need to deal with independent clients and meet their requirements. Your job includes service charge budget settings, arrears collection, contractor payments, and credit controls. In short, you will handle a wide variety of accounting duties.

Senior ACCA accountant

If you are handling an accounting job for more than 4 years, you can easily land on a senior ACCA accountant position in England. If you know how to manage a diverse portfolio of clients, you can get a job offer of £45,000 in the UK. As you need to handle the top position, you will have the ability to manage junior accountants well. Knowledge of Sage and Xero is a must to deal with this kind of accounting jobs in England. Your job is to sit with clients, know their requirements, deal with their queries, and resolve any accounting related issues.

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