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Ultimate Tips to Prevent A Rat and Mouse Infestation:

To control rodents of a property or company, first, you have to know how they got in. Rodents usually manage to enter through holes or poorly sealed spaces. They do this by searching for food or water, so make sure they don’t find it easily.

Rodents need access to water sources frequently, even if they only drink 15 to 60 ml daily. They feed on anything they find, although they prefer to eat a variety.

How Do You Know That There Is A Pest?

Several signs can indicate a rodent infestation. The most obvious is the presence of excrement and urine. In addition to this, it is common to see some footprints or marks that have been left when gnawing or even hairs.

Other signs are hearing the noise they make at night when gnawing or moving or finding piles of accumulated material that they use to make their nests. If there is a pet in the house, and it shows symptoms of nervousness for no apparent reason, it can also be a red flag. If you find any of these signs, do not hesitate to search on the internet – “rats pest control near me” and call the professional to get rid of them.

Tips To Prevent A Rat And Mouse Infestation:

Here are some immensely vital tips you can follow to avoid its appearance:

– Do not throw food down the bathroom or sink, as rats or mice can access them through the pipes.

– Put the garbage in closed bags and keep the containers always closed.

– Store pet food in sealed packages.

– Keep bird or hamster cages clean.

– Close doors and windows properly.

What Type Of Rodents Are Usually In Homes?

In urban areas, rat and mouse pests are the most common, as far as rodents are concerned. In the case of buildings, mice are the ones with the most significant presence since they can enter through very narrow places and nest in small spaces, false ceilings, or places such as behind closets.

Sewer rats often live in very humid spaces, such as sewers, and enter buildings to search for food. Meanwhile, the black ones can appear in houses since they live in dry areas and are good climbers.

Protect Your Home from Rats:

– Gaps in the doors: Tiny holes and gaps in the doors of 1-2 cm are enough for rodents to go through them. Therefore, to prevent their entry, it is necessary to improve the sealing of doors that do not close hermetically.

– Slots and gaps: Place wire screens or screens in any open space with access to the outside. The gaps in the screen should not be greater than 18mm.

– Damaged gutters and drains: This is a shared access route, repair any damage to these items immediately. Make sure to always have the drains covered with metal grates, never leave them open, especially at night.

– Wall and Ceiling Openings: Maintenance manhole covers are an easily accessible area for rodents within your facility. Check their status regularly and look for any signs of their presence.

– Elevator shafts: Elevator shafts can represent a crucial point in building infestation. Rodents can easily climb cables, beams, or pipes. The elevator engine room often provides a relatively quiet area for nesting.

What Guarantees Do Pest Control Companies Offer?

In case of plague, it is essential to hire a rat Inspection specialist Brisbane. They are the ones who will successfully implement the most effective methods depending on the type of pest and its severity. Also, they will apply the products guaranteeing maximum security.

Typically, they offer guarantees that can range from three to four months to a year. In that period, they would apply the treatment again if the plague reappeared. It is essential to check what guarantee is offered before hiring the service.

Do You Need Help to Eliminate and Prevent This Pest?

These tips will serve in case the rodents have not arrived on your property yet. However, for cases in which it is suspected that there may be an active pest, you need the help of local rats pest control to control it. We recommend contacting a professional rats pest control Brisbane company that can perform a specialized service.

Eco Guard Pest Control has branches spread throughout Brisbane. So, they have technicians always very close to you. Their goal is to offer a fast and compact local rats pest control Brisbane service.

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