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Ultimate Guide For Travellers to Yala National Park in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a small island nation in the Indian Ocean is in tear shap, offers unfathomable diversity. The popularity of the Maldives Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages from India is undisputed. With a tropical climate and two distinct monsoon seasons in the islands, it’s no surprise that the country is so popular. It is a paradise for surfers, hikers, and those who love to relax on the beautiful beaches.

If you’re looking for something different and a place to spend your vacation in the unspoiled wilderness, Sri Lanka is a great choice. It has 26 national parks as well as 2 marine parks.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park, Sri Lanka’s second-largest and most visited national park, is located in the country’s south-eastern region. It covers 1260 km2. Yala National Park got popularity as a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1900, and A National Park by the United States in 1938. Two of its sectors are open to visitors while the remaining are protected as natural reserves. Yala National Park covers the Hambantota District in the Southern Province and Monaragala District in the Uva Province. It is located in semi-arid, dry terrain that is irrigated by the northeast monsoon rains. It is home to nearly 215 bird species and 44 mammal species.

Yala National Park’s Wildlife

This is why Sri Lanka’s top spot is so popular. It has one of the highest numbers of leopards anywhere in the world. Many tourists visited Yala mostly looking for leopard sightings, there are also impressive numbers of elephants and other deer that roam freely in the park, which is not a problem for tourists. There are many safaris available in Sri Lanka that will allow you to spot these gentle herbivores. You may be lucky enough to spot the sloth bear of Sri Lanka. You can find a number of 215 species of birds in the National Park, including endemic and migratory birds.

It is home to endemic snakes, lizards, crabs, and prawns as well as more than 20 species of fish.


Yala National Park is located on the coast of Sri Lanka and covers a large area. It supports various ecosystems because it has diverse landscapes as well as different types of water bodies. The park is home to wetlands as well as deciduous and deciduous forests, thorny forests, sandy beaches, and many other features. You can see a wide variety of Flora when you visit Yala National Park, Sri Lanka. Some trees and other unexpected ecosystems might be closed as the park is not open to the public.

The Area’s Cultural Significance

Yala played an important role in the history of Sri Lankan civilizations. This National Park is located where it is believed that Ravana, the Sri Lankan king had established his kingdom, the boundary of which was marked by the now-submerged-in-the-sea Ravana Kotte (The Great Basses Reef Lighthouse).

This park was also located on the most popular trade routes. This is where the Indo-Aryan civilization reached the small island country. The Yala National Park contains Situlpahuwa, which was the home to 12000 arahants, Magul Vihara (built-in 87 BC), Akasa Chaitiya (2nd century BC), and several dis-repaired tanks that are a testament to the rich hydraulic mechanism of an agricultural civilization dating back to the 5th Century BC.

The Ruhuna Kingdom was founded in 200 BC. It began declining towards the end 13th century AD. Agriculture was an important activity. Yala National Park was also a popular hunting ground in colonial times.

Yala National Park Safari

A jeep safari is the best way to see the park’s wildlife and explore its terrain. There are many options available, including a 4-hour tour or a half-day, full-day, or overnight tour with camping. You can choose from many safari providers in Sri Lanka, and you don’t need to pre-book a package. People can book your Yala Safari by calling ahead to negotiate a fair price. You will be amazed at the variety of animals and birds you can see. Don’t forget your binoculars!


Tourists have many options for accommodation in the region, including camping in Yala National Park after a safari or eco-luxury tents in Yala National Park’s buffer zone. It is possible to do some research and find the right hotel or campsite for you. You can also customize your Sri Lankan holiday package to include the accommodation of your choice.

Camping in Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park

Camping within the park’s boundaries is a popular activity among park visitors. Yala National Park has many camping sites that are approved. This will allow you to enjoy the wilderness and nature close up, while you have some great food and sit around a bonfire.

There are many options available, from basic camping sites that allow you to get low and rough and enjoy the ruggedness of camping, to more luxurious options like glamping, where you can cocoon in the wild forests and trees.

Yala National Park: Other Activities

There are many things to do in Sri Lanka.

Go on a short safari of 3-4 hours early in the morning or late at night to try and spot a leopard.

The park’s coastline is closed to the public. However, visitors can still visit designated areas on the beach that have been given safety precautions.

A tsunami-hit area on the coast has also been destroyed, resulting in many deaths. To pay tribute, you can also visit this place.

You can try your hand at birding, even if it’s not something you know. There are around 215 species of avian species that you will be able to find something.

Stay a night in the park-provided bungalow. You can hear leopards yawning at night.

Yala National Park tours are available to the 2200-year-old Buddhist monastery located near the park. This is the ideal spot for archaeology and history buffs.

Important Information for Visitors to Yala National Park

    • Yala National Park ticket prices may differ for foreigners, locals, or children depending on the season. Check the official site of Yala National Park for current prices.
    • Never get out of your safari jeep and never venture into the wilderness.
    • When taking photos, do not use your flash. Flashes can irritate the eyes of animals, which can lead to unpredicted situations.
    • You must not consume alcohol, drugs, or smoke in the park.


  • Your phones should be kept off the turn-on mode.


    •  Unexpected loud sounds can disturb animals.


  • It is forbidden to eat anywhere you want within the park.


    •  You should check with your guide or driver about the restrictions on eating.


    • You should not eat food with strong odors inside.
    • Don’t give food to animals.


  • Guns, lighters, and knives (as well as anything that could harm wildlife) should be avoided.


    •  You should not bring any weapons or lighters inside.


  • Unnecessary honking can disrupt the wildlife ecosystem.
  • You must not touch or take anything belonging to the wilderness, even if it is a small stone or sand.

It is vital to remain calm in an emergency. You can trust your guide/trekker to manage the situation. Sudden noises could make things worse.

The park’s water level is lower during the dry season (February to June). This allows for more animals to seek water and makes it easier to spot them.

You can have the perfect vacation in the wilderness by choosing Yala National Park at any time of the year. Make sure to find the best sri lanka tour package and personalize it with your accommodation choice.

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