UK Visa Processing & Decision Waiting Times

UK Visa Processing & Decision Waiting Times

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UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has released service standards regarding the waiting time for the decision on immigration and visa applications. UKVI also provides up-to-date information about the current processing times for immigration and visa applications in the UK as well as outside the UK.

In this article, we will take a deep examination of UK Visa processing time, which includes the Home Office service standards for waiting time, current Home Office visa processing times and options to get the fastest decision for an immigration or visa application, and ways to contest delays in the processing of a UK Visa or Immigration application. We also provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding UKVI processing times for visas and review the various factors to consider when deciding on the timing of the immigration application.

UKVI Visa Processing Standard Processing Times

If you submit a UK visa application is complete. It includes all pertinent information and supporting documentation (and that the Home Office does not need to ask for additional evidence or an explanation). The following customer service guidelines should be applied:

  • Non-settlement visas submitted outside of the UK 90 per cent to be determined within three weeks, 98% in six weeks and 100 per cent within 12 weeks of the requested date (where one week equals the equivalent of 5 days working);
  • Settlement visa applications made outside of the UK: 98.5% of settlement applications will be considered within 12 weeks from the date of the application, and 100 per cent within 24 weeks from the date of the application (where one week equals five days working);
  • Leave to remain applications made within the UK such as spouses or students, as well as workers, eight weeks to be decided
  • Indefinite leave applications to stay (ILR) are accepted within the UK within six months of when they will be determined;
  • No time limit applications (NTL) are made within the UK. Six months to be determined;
  • Organizations that want to sponsor workers: 8 weeks;
  • Organizations are updating their sponsor license information for 18 weeks.

Consequently, the standard processing time for applications submitted through the priority and super-priority service is five working days and the next day if the services are in place (see the next section). Sponsor licence applications submitted through the pre-licence priority service for sponsor licences must be considered in 10 days.

Consequently, these standards for service are the processing times for visas that UKVI strives to meet for processing simple complete applications following its customer charter. Actual UK visa processing times can vary considerably.

What Factors Affect UK Visa Processing Times?

Many things could delay the UK processing of visas, including:

The difficulty of the case is evident, as in the case where it involves a review of Article 8 ECHR rights or derivative rights of EEA extended family members;

  • Concerns about suitability requirements, like criminality
  • Examine any negative record of immigration;
  • There are concerns about whether documents are authentic;
  • The number of copies available;
  • If further investigations are necessary or if an interview is scheduled
  • The capabilities of caseworkers and
  • The season of the year.

There is no official service standard for waiting time for more complicated applications. UKVI has a significant variance of interpretation concerning the timeframe of their decision-making.

Therefore, home Office decision-making is sometimes delayed. In the past couple of years, numerous UK Visa applicants had long waiting times due to covid-19. As we will explain below, some UK Visa applications are delayed yet again because The Home Office seeks to prioritize Ukraine Visa Scheme applications in response to the humanitarian crisis triggered by the incursion of Ukraine.

What Are the Current Home Office UK Visa Processing Times?

Hence, the Home Office publishes visa decision time frames for applicants outside and within the UK. Based on this information, it is possible to estimate how long it would take for a Visa application to get ruled on.

The information given below assumes that an application was or is submitted via the standard process in addition to a prioritization or super-priority option if it is available (see more below) is not employed.

Work in the UK

The UK provides a variety of work opportunities, both sponsored and unsponsored and business immigration options, such as:

  • Long Term Work Visas (including Skilled Worker, International Sportsperson and Minister of Religion)
  • Short Term Work Visas (including High Potential Individual and Creative Worker)
  • Business Visas (including Innovator)
  • Global Business Mobility Visas (including Senior or Specialist Worker and UK Expansion Worker)
  • Talent Visas

You may apply for a UK work visa as long as three months prior to the date you’re scheduled to begin working at a job in the UK.

In accordance with Home Office service standards. Applicants seeking work visas from abroad in any of the mentioned categories will typically be granted a decision on their application within four weeks.

However, however, it is reported that the Home Office is currently advising that applications for visas for skilled workers take, on average, six weeks to complete. The Home Office states that it is working to speed up the processing of applications and return to the 3-week service typically.

The standard processing time for a request to change or extend a current time in the UK through the work visa route is eight weeks. The standard for this service is being implemented in the real world. Applications to convert into a Start-up visa or to extend or switch into the Health and Care Worker visa are generally completed within three weeks at present.

You’ll usually be notified within six months if you’re requesting settlement under a work or business plan.

Join or Stay With Family in the UK

You could make an application for a family Visa to reside inside the UK with your British or settled family member:

  • Spouse
  • Civil Partner
  • Unmarried Partner
  • Fiance(e)
  • Proposed civil partner
  • Child
  • Adult dependent relative

However, Application for family and partner visas are accepted three months in advance of the date you want to travel.

Hence, the service standard published to decide on an application from outside of the UK. To reside in the UK as the spouse, partner. Family member of the British citizen or a settled individual takes 12 weeks. However, the Home Office is currently advising that family visa applications made from outside of the UK. It could take up to 24 weeks for processing, and it will prioritize Ukraine Visa Scheme applications.

Can I Visit the UK While My Partner Visa Is Being Processed?

An application made from the UK to change or extend the status of spouse, civil partner. Civil partner, non-married partner fiance. An upcoming civil partner or adult dependent family member should be processed within eight weeks.

Suppose you’re seeking the EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit. In that case, The Home Office is advising that you will be notified of an answer within the shortest time possible after verifying your identity and submitting the required documents.

Hence, there isn’t a standard for timeframes for processing applications as a parent or partner. Based on the private lives of the applicant (10-year routes or the 5-year parental route from settlement). The median wait time to receive an answer to an application for personal life is, at present, 11 months.

If you’re applying for settlement, you will usually get an answer within six months.

Visit the UK

The UK offers a wide range of Visas for Short-Stay Visits to be used for such purposes as:

  • Family, friends and on holiday for a brief period;
  • Business activity that is not paid for short-term;
  • Creative activities that are not born;
  • Studies in short courses or research
  • Sports activities that are not paid;
  • Private medical treatment for patients;
  • Civil partnership or marriage within the UK;
  • Requests for the UK visit visa are made up to three months before the planned departure day.

Visa applications for visitors from outside of the UK are taking an average of seven weeks to process. However, The Home Office is advising that certain applications could require longer. It is more than the usual 3-week processing time.

Visitors are generally not allowed to extend their stay in the UK. However, there is a possibility in the case of a patient receiving medical treatment or an academic who is eligible. A graduate completing an internship or retaking an exam called the PLAB test and wants to extend your stay as a visitor typically. You’ll receive an answer within eight weeks.

Therefore, visitors aren’t eligible to submit a settlement claim.

Study in the UK

Hence, A Student Visa is available to those who are 16 or more and want to pursue higher or further education. At a university or college in the UK. This Child Student visa route is intended for children aged between 4-17 who want to attend. An independent school within the UK and is an approved Home Office-approved student sponsor. The short-term Student visa is an option for people 16 or over who would like to pursue an English program in the UK for between six and eleven months without the assistance of a student. However, they must attend an accredited school.

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