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Turkey Hair Transplant Package

A hair transplantation package is an offer that includes the hair transplantation process itself and other offers. You can get more information below, or you can visit our website.

Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss can have various causes, such as structural, hormonal, hair, or scalp diseases. Hair loss and baldness are permanent when a person looks for ways to replace their lost hair. A person tries to eliminate this deficiency by a medical and permanent method, such as hair October, sometimes with a temporary and extremely comfort-deprived choice, such as a wig or prosthesis.

Currently, when it comes to the treatment of complete or partial baldness, the only valid and permanent treatment method is the hair October method. Hair transplantation is a procedure that has a history of more than 20 years in our country and in the world. Over the years, the experience gained has increased and the techniques have been highly developed on this ground.

Hair transplant techniques have now reached a point where everyone interested in this topic is the foundation, quite knowledgeable. When he was transferred to where the hair was taken, from where, how long it takes the process of hair transplant, in the period after transplant when faced with situations which is unknown for both practitioner and patient… all of these issues have now both lost. FUE-sac-cultivation

In the case of the naturalness of the front line between the patient and transplant, how many hair follicles can be taken from the person who is examined, how much the diameter of the graft can be at most, and how close the angle that can give these roots during planting can be to nature, such as further and detailed information transfers have become in question. Because the main theme does not change in hair transplantation. Hair is taken from the nape area where the hair is dense (the area behind the head between the two ears) and planted in the front or Peak area that is missing. However, today, the issues that are now important are focused on how comfortable the process after the procedure will be, how natural the result will be. Hair transplantation prices can vary depending on quality and expertise.

There are many factors that make the result natural. The diameter of the grafts taken is as small as possible, the small size of the channels opened and the angles of the channels are closest to nature, that is, narrow-angle, October at the narrowest angle possible and taking into account the aspects of the patient’s existing hair are the elements that will bring naturalness. Interpreting all these details requires experience.

A patient who comes with a request for hair transplantation should be evaluated very well. It is important that the patient’s expectation and the result will show correlation (proportional compatibility) if it is necessary, whether October can be made to it, and if it is done.

How Is Hair Transplantation Package Performed?

Hair transplantation, operating room conditions are also local anesthesia and sedation (a method in which the patient is relieved by creating drowsiness in anesthesia. it is used to support local anesthesia) and should be performed by specialist doctors and their teams. Ensuring operating room and sterilization conditions is of great importance.

With a micromotor sharp cap, grafts are taken from the donor area one by one.
The smallest possible motor ends should be used when receiving grafts. In this way, destruction in the purchase area will be prevented and a natural appearance will be provided in the transplanted area.
The number of grafts that can be taken parallels the density of hair in the donor area and the quality of the hair. In addition, the fact that these hair are dark, thick, and wavy also positively affects the result.
After the graft is finished, the grafts are kept in the PRP liquid prepared from the patient’s own blood using the PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) method.
Hair transplant is transplanted in the area of the hair and scalp support is provided for after the sowing of a part of this fluid that has the property of supporting cell regeneration is injected into the area to be sowing. Applied PRP accelerates wound healing, as well as increases the quality of planted hair and the rate of adhesion to the area in which it is planted.
Correct planning is done for areas without hair, taking into account the number obtained. The most important point at this stage is the front line. The anterior line of the scalp is the most important element that will give the image of naturalness to planting. As this border is reshaped, the expectation of the person who wants to have an unshaven hair transplant should also be learned, but the correct anatomical rules must be adhered to. A preliminary line drawing should be performed in accordance with the person’s age, bone structure, and the number of grafts obtained, and this line should be adhered to.
The next stage is the opening of ‘channels where planting will take place. The canals are opened by a thin-tipped scalpel called a’ Lateral Slit’. The ends of these slits are specially designed, and their shape feature allows you to open channels horizontally. Opening the channels with these slits allows the hair to be planted at narrow angles close to nature. This feature is one of the elements that will make hair transplantation look natural.

PRP hair transplantation

Grafts that have been put on hold in PRP fluid for a while are placed in these channels with great care. When October October is over, the graft area of the patient and the seeding area are closed with a bandage. The patient is discharged the same day. After 4 days, the bandage is opened under the supervision of a doctor and the first hair wash is performed. Performing the first wash by medical personnel eliminates anxiety and the patient is properly experienced. At the end of a 3-5-day wash, in which the patient will continue to practice at home, the existing small blood clots move away from the environment. The first patient after planting can return to his daily life. There is no medical harm in his work. In positions that require visuals, the person can easily return to work after 3-5 days of rest fue-what is it

Results Of Hair Transplantation

For the first 2 months after planting, the hair stems of the planted hair follicles fall out. 3. from the moon, new hair bodies begin to grow. 6. at the end of the month, new hair will grow by 70-80%. The remaining hair, which will complete a total ratio of 90-99%, will come out at the end of the second 6-month period. The patient can care for their hair with support products during the period when their hair begins to grow. Hair that has come out is elongated and permanent by nature.

A second hair transplant is possible if it is necessary at the end of the first year and the patient requests it. Although it is usually not necessary, a second October may be appropriate, as the number of grafts available in some patients is limited. In selected cases, the number of grafts needed can be achieved by using hair follicles taken from the chest or back part of the body.

Proper planning of the assessment of all these stages and their specific application to each patient requires technical knowledge and, more importantly, experience.

Hair October October for those who want to do, before choosing the expert staff will do the seeding; current team experience, sterilization of the environment to be October, whether operating room conditions are met, whether it will receive adequate information and contact support during the outcome period, which will last 1 year after October

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