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Trek Guide for Kumara Parvatha

The Kumara Parvatha is situated in the Western Ghats and it is the most noteworthy top in the Coorg locale of Karnataka. The traveling trail, otherwise called the Pushpagiri journey, here is an enormously famous among the two novices and prepared adventurers and the experience will take you through thick forested land, rock moving over tremendous volcanic rocks and you will experience some unusual and verdure which is just observed in tropical slopes. A few stretches of the path are very harsh and even experienced adventurers think that its hard to cross. Individuals of southern India often come here to appreciate the trip. 


The journeying trail takes the adventurer through the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary so you likewise get the twofold pleasure in spending a wilderness excursion just as a trip. The trip is situated at the tallness of 1712 meters. The all out journey time is around 8 to 10 hours and the Kumara Parvatha journey separation extends for around 13 kilometers. The trouble level for the journey is from moderate to troublesome. 


Best Time for the Trek 


Despite the fact that the Kumara Parvatha journey can be embraced whenever, the best an ideal opportunity to visit are from October to January and from June to September. The summers in South India are incredibly sweltering and sticky and you won’t will encounter the delightful greenery around. The moistness will likewise sap you off your energy. The winters, then again, are very wonderful and when you start early, you will see the slope canvassed in fantastic fogs and mist. Indeed, even the storms are an incredible chance to travel on the grounds that the slopes become lavish again and blossoms sprout along the path, alongside honey bees and butterflies coming out to welcome you. 


Instructions to Reach 


By Road: For the individuals who are going from Coorg, the most ideal alternative is to take a taxi to Kukke Sabramanya or the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. In the event that you are showing up from Bangalore, at that point take a taxi or a transport. It will be an overnight excursion. From Coorg, it takes around 2 to 3 hours to arrive at the beginning stage of the journey at Kukke Temple. 


Flight: If you are taking a flight then you need to get down at Mangalore air terminal which is around 150 km away from the beginning stage. From the air terminal you have to get a taxi. 


Train: The stations at Mysore and Hassan are the nearest. You can likewise show up at Hubli. Take the Karwar Express or the Bangalore-Mysore Express to reach there. 


About the Trail 


The trip starts a little way off the Kukke Subramanya Temple and it is anything but difficult to track down due to the billboard. For the initial not many kilometers, the trip is very moderate and you will be consistently rising through the thick woods which will take you to the prairies. The move till this part is truly extraordinary and you will appreciate nature like you have at no other time. Rest at Bhatt’s House for some time and afterward continue some more for a couple of kilometers. Make certain to take a license from the Forest Department here to camp for the time being or, in all likelihood you won’t be permitted to. Camp for the time being under the stars and wonder about the excellence of open skies. 


The following day, the journey will begin at early morning and it will take you to the Kallu Mandapa which is situated close to a stream. You should Shesh Parvat from here which turns out to be the hardest piece of the journey. Here the trip initially goes down for some time to a clearing and from that point again you need to climb up slope which will take you through steep and high stones. From that point you will experience a rough stretch, which will take you to the knolls and from that point to the culmination. You will see a mind blowing perspective on the Madikeri from here. 


After a break at the highest point, you can plummet by means of a similar course and it will take around 3 hours to arrive at the woods office and another couple of hours to arrive at the base. You can remain for the time being at the Kukke Subramanya and remain over at Coorg for an all-encompassing excursion. 


Trip Across the Somwarpet Side 


Aside from the previously mentioned trail, there is another path that prompts the highest point and to experiences Beedhalli in Somwarpet. This is generally favored via prepared adventurers as it is marginally more troublesome than the Kukke Subramanya trail. This path is likewise more and the course more convoluted, so it is ideal to recruit a trip guide or travel with a gathering. You should travel across the thick Shola woodland and the path can change contingent upon the season. 




A full circle taxi from Coorg to Kukke Subramanya will cost around INR 3600 and a multi day full circle from Bangalore to Kukke will cost around INR 8000 to 9000. The transport admission from Coorg to Kukke Subramanya is about INR 100 and from Bangalore the transport is INR 600. 


The food at Bhatt’s House will cost about INR 150 to 200 for each head. 


An expense of INR 200 must be paid at Forest House for outdoors short-term at Battare Mane. There are a lot of homestays also and you can choose a guide and food through a bundle which is just about INR 1300 for each head. There are various spending lodgings at Kukke Subramanya and they are consistently popular by travelers and explorers and the costs start from INR 800 to INR 1500 every night. 




You will discover numerous choices for food at Battare Mane and it is prudent you have your fill here as there are no bistros or cabin here. The journey suppliers will at that point give breakfast and lunch on the path itself. When you arrive at Kukke Subramanya, there are numerous inns which serve genuine Karnataka food. You can pick the Neo Mysore Café and the Vijay Vihar.

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