Transforming Into Your Favorite Disney Character


If you’re a fan of Disney characters, you may have dreamed of being one. If that’s the case, this article is for you! We’ve found a few ways to transform yourself into your favorite character to live out that dream.


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Iconic Disney Characters

Disney is a brand that has been around for a long time. Many people have a connection to Disney characters, whether they are their favorite or someone else’s. They are known for their iconic personalities, signature dance moves, dialogue, and more.

To fully transform into one of these characters, you must first examine what makes them so memorable. For example:

  • Gaston from Beauty and the Beast has an over-the-top personality that makes him stand out from other men in the movie; he also has a very specific way of talking (he likes ending sentences with “le” or “la”), which makes him stand out even more!
  • Pocahontas’ signature outfit includes feathers in her hair, so if you want to be like her on Halloween, this would be one way to do it!

Dress Like Your Favorite Character

To dress like your favorite character, you must first find a costume. Most stores that sell  Disney Princess costumes  also have websites where they sell their products. You can also buy them online at places like mypartycentre.com

Once you have found the right outfit, wear colors that match your character’s clothes (for example: if your favorite Disney character wears yellow, then wear yellow). Wear hairstyles similar to theirs (if possible) and accessories such as scarves or necklaces exactly matching theirs! Also, make sure not to forget about makeup – use makeup tricks from tutorials on YouTube or Instagram videos by other people dressed up, like characters from movies/books/animation shows, etcetera…and finally, finish off with shoes!

Study Their Personality Traits

As you begin to study your character, it’s essential to understand their personality traits and how they act in different situations. This will help you develop an accurate representation of the character that you can use as a guide when creating your cosplay outfit. For example, if you’re dressing up as Rapunzel from Tangled and have never seen the movie before, it would be helpful for you to know that she’s optimistic about life–even when faced with hardships such as being locked away in a tower all her life!

When creating your cosplay outfit, make sure it reflects these personality traits by incorporating them into every aspect of its design: hairstyle (long golden locks), makeup (bright blue eyeshadow), clothing style (green peasant dress)…the list goes on!

Learn Their Signature Dance Moves

You can learn to dance like your favorite Disney character by finding tutorials or lessons that show you how to make the moves. After watching a few videos, try practicing what you’ve learned at home. Once you feel comfortable with the steps, add them to your everyday life!

  • Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog: The prince’s signature move is called “The Big Easy,” which involves him throwing his arms up in the air while kicking one leg out behind him while he spins around in place on one foot (this is also known as “tapping”). You can practice this by standing up straight with both feet together and raising one arm above your head while tapping either foot against the ground behind or beside yourself. Repeat this motion until it feels natural–then add some flair by spinning around in a circle!
  • Elsa from Frozen: This character’s most recognizable move was inspired by ballet dancing; she stands on one leg while stretching out both arms above her head with palms facing down towards herself before bringing them back down again (with palms facing towards each other). To perfect this move at home, stand up straight with feet together, then raise one arm above head level before lowering it back down again; repeat several times until comfortable doing so without falling over 🙂

Study Their Dialogue

Memorizing iconic lines

Without knowing their most famous lines, you can’t become your favorite Disney character. For example, if you want to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid, you need to know her “Part of Your World” song by heart–and then sing it at all times. This will help complete the transformation and give you a sense of who this character is inside yourself! Incorporating Character Dialogue into Conversations

When talking with others about anything (especially if they don’t know that you’re a Disney princess), try incorporating some of your favorite characters’ dialogue into your conversations as much as possible without sounding weird or making anyone uncomfortable around you. The more comfortable they get hearing these things come out of your mouth, the more likely they’ll be able to accept who you are deep down inside: A beautiful princess trapped under an ordinary girl’s body!

Recreate Iconic Scenes

  • Use props: You can use anything from a toy sword to a hat that matches your character’s look. If you don’t have any props, improvise! Use your hands to make them appear as if they are holding something else, like Belle’s book or Elsa’s ice powers.
  • Do it in front of a mirror: This will help you see how much fun it is and how silly you look being someone else! It also ensures that everything looks good before posting the photo online, so people won’t think there’s something wrong with them when they see themselves acting like those characters onscreen.
  • Practice in front of a friend: If possible, ask someone else who knows how much time went into creating these fantastic costumes (and who may have seen their favorite movies) what they think about all this hard work being put into recreating iconic scenes from these movies–because trust me when I say this project isn’t easy!

Voice Impressions

Try to mimic their voice as you listen to the character audio. If you can’t do this perfectly, that’s okay! The point is to get used to hearing how they sound and practicing your impression.

The best way to use a voice impression is when entertaining children–they love hearing their favorite characters come alive! You could also use it as part of a skit or play where several people have different roles (for example, one person could be Cinderella while another plays the Fairy Godmother).

Attend Conventions Or Meet-Ups

  • Find out if there are any Disney-themed events in your area. If you need to know of any, check out the local convention center or hotel website and see if they host any conventions. You can also search online for meetups (groups of people who get together to share a common interest) that revolve around characters from your favorite movie.
  • Meetup groups are great places to meet like-minded individuals who love the same things as you do! People who share your interests will help motivate and inspire each other, making it easier for everyone involved to achieve their goals–and even have some fun along the way!


We hope this guide has helped you start your journey to becoming a Disney character. Whether you’re looking for something fun with friends or just want an excuse to dress up. We encourage you to try these tips at home before taking them into public!

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