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Top Trends In Real Estate Marketing That Will Rule 2020

In order to be successful in your real estate career, you have to keep yourself updated with the best practices and trends of real estate marketing. If you talk about the trends in 2020, they are actually a build up to practices growing across the property market for last few years. However, things will go to another level this time around.

If you want to successfully market your property business in 2020, make sure that you use technology to your advantage and work with all the available resources in today’s increasingly mobile and digital world. Given below are the latest trends in real estate marketing shared by – Dubai based real estate broker and if you’re able to master them all then you won’t just be able to leverage technology to your benefit but will also be able to stay personal at the same time as well.

Marketing Process Automation

In 2020, marketing process automation is going to be the leading trend. A lot of property agents now prefer to save their time and they have already started to shift towards marketing automation. It won’t just be helpful in accomplishing more at a quick pace, but it will also be helpful in keeping you more organized while tracking the leads as well as following them up automatically.

Here are a few best considered options in which your processes can be automated for developing a better relationship with the clients and the prospects.

  • Develop marketing campaigns using the medium of text messages for engaging with the leads and taking them further down that sales funnel.
  • Develop email drip campaigns for automatically segmenting the list and sending several emails depending on the preferences of each and their position in the sales funnel.
  • Add chatbots to your Facebook page and website for reaching out to your visitors and engaging them by answering to their questions immediately.

Use Content To Add Value

When it comes to modern day marketing, it’s not just about making people familiar with your face and name anymore. It’s important that you find new ways to build some trust in your target audience and are considered the authority in your specific field. Marketing into 2020, the property agents will be able to achieve this with the help of local, actionable content shared across their communities.

Some good ideas for such content could be:

  • Instructional guides for buying and selling homes with additional sections tailored to your particular communities.
  • Blog posts containing local tips on bike paths, schools, transportation, etc.
  • Guides for financing homes to help buyers in understanding the benefits and issues with local lenders.

Video Marketing

It’s really going to be among the top trends for marketing properties in 2020. We have already seen the impact of video marketing over the years, but it will grow in importance as we move further into 2020. There can be a lot of ways in which videos could be integrated into your marketing strategy. Here are a few options you may want to consider:

  • Virtual home tours of entire property in 360 videos
  • Home tours through Instagram Stories. In case, if you haven’t yet started marketing your properties through Instagram Stories, it’s high time that you start doing so and connect with your prospects effectively.
  • Use short Facebook videos for teaching something important to your viewers about buying/selling properties in your area.
  • Use live Facebook or Instagram videos to answer questions in real time.

Build Trust Through Social Media

If you’re relying on social media for building your brand identity but are unable to create any trustworthy connection with your clients, you might be missing out on something important. Moving forward in 2020, trustworthy customer relationships are really going to matter a lot.

Here we have a few ideas you could use to build trust.

  • Never exaggerate or lie on information – particularly online where the stats could be fact-checked easily.
  • Photograph all the listings professionally and use photos for promoting the work on your social media channels.
  • Show the process to your clients through social media. For instance, if you are performing home renovations, give your clients a peek into it. When holding open house, Instagram Stories could be used for offering clients something that helps them learn how they can prepare for the open houses. Even small bits of information provided will go a long way in building trust.
  • Become an expert. Just don’t puff yourself up through false claims, rather put your expertise on display in your specific niche. For example, if you have lots of firsthand information about your local community, you can get to social media for sharing all that info you have with the followers. If you know a bit about financial burdens involved in buying/selling properties, get to social media and dispel any myths to help others. No matter what you are good at, just provide your followers with some worthy information and establish trust.

So, with these top trends going to rule 2020, it’s time that you gear yourself up and follow them while marketing your property business. It’s definitely going to help.

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