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Top Qualities of the Best Financial Advisor Websites

Consistent branding is a key attribute of the best financial advisor websites. These websites follow a unified brand identity, which is set in place before any design work begins. This ensures that all assets are consistent. This is essential, since inconsistent branding undermines a firm’s brand recognition.

Consistent branding

Financial advisor websites often use a set-in-the-stars design. This design focuses on building trust and conveys the quality of the financial advisor. It also provides information about the firm’s history and services. Often, financial advisor websites offer a short survey to gain information about user motivations. This can lead to longer browsing sessions.

Financial advisors should also consider how to best incorporate their brand into their website. A website can be a powerful sales tool if it can turn visitors into potential buyers. A website is like a retail store, but instead of selling products and services, it introduces the firm and generates new sales opportunities. A good website design can create a compelling home page that catches the attention of visitors and encourages them to click through to the site.

Financial advisors should also include their team’s credentials. This can make a difference in getting the right message to the right client at the right time. A website with intuitive navigation is also a great way to increase brand engagement.


The best financial advisor websites adhere to a well-defined brand identity. This brand identity is in place before the design process begins and ensures consistency across all assets. If the branding is inconsistent, the user may have trouble recognizing the firm. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve the loading time of your website.

First, the pages on your financial advisor website need to be easy to load. This means that visitors should not be waiting for an hour for your page to load. Google has made it clear that page speed is a ranking factor. This means that a financial advisor website that loads faster is likely to rank well with the search engine.

Another important factor in making your website easy to load is the use of an attractive CTA (clear call to action) or call to action (CTA). Having a clear CTA is essential when selling financial services. Also, make sure to use HTTPS to secure your site. Recently, some browsers have blocked websites that are not HTTPS enabled, so make sure your financial advisor website uses HTTPS.

Mobile first

To attract and retain prospects, mobile-first financial advisor websites share certain characteristics. These websites adhere to a defined brand that is established before design begins. This is important for consistency among assets, as inconsistent branding undermines the firm’s brand recognition. A well-designed mobile-first financial advisor website includes plenty of visual content, including videos and photos.

These websites use attractive visuals, including an auto-scrolling homepage design. They feature a clear call-to-action and highlight the advisor’s expertise and content engagement. A compelling website is the first step to a healthy ROI. The design should be inviting, so that visitors will want to explore the rest of the site.

Responsiveness is another important factor. Responsiveness improves search engine optimization (SEO), so a mobile-friendly website will improve your website’s ranking in search engines. According to Google, 61% of website visitors will leave a site if it is not optimized for their device.

Scannable content

When developing a website, financial advisors should consider the reader’s needs and make sure that their content is scannable and valuable. This means using short, concise blocks of text, bulleted lists, and subheadings. Scannable content is easier to read, as readers can skim through content quickly and easily. Additionally, the content should be written at an eighth-grade reading level or higher.

Another way to increase the readability of your content is to include headers and bullets. Headers make your content look more appealing and are a great way to break up content. In addition, adding bullet points and lists makes it easier to digest the information in your content. Using clever titles also draws readers in. Advisors should use standard web audience-building techniques such as keyword-laden headings, search engine optimization, and multimedia to generate a devoted following.

The design of financial advisor websites is also important. Many use a “set in the stars” design. This design puts the visitor in a relaxed state when browsing a website. Some financial advisor websites also offer a short survey to learn more about their users, which can result in longer browsing sessions.

Custom video and infographics

Both infographics and video content are effective for attracting new clients. However, there are several differences between these two types of content. For one thing, videos engage viewers more and are easier to recall. In fact, 80% of users recall a video they saw within the last month. This means that video content can be a powerful marketing tool for financial advisors.

Using video is a great way to engage prospects and build trust. Videos can be used to explain complicated topics to prospective clients. They are also easy to create and require little technical knowledge. Piktochart helps users to easily create infographics and videos.

Infographics are useful for creating brand awareness and spreading information. They can also be used to summarize more complex content and make it look more interesting. Depending on their purpose, infographics can be used to illustrate data, compare two things, or explain the details of a subject.

Regular blog posts

In a ESP Webzing, having regular blog posts on your financial advisor website is an excellent way to reach more potential clients. You can name them “Insights,” “Blog,” “News,” etc. Whatever you decide, make sure you clearly label them on your home page.

You can also write guest posts for other sites. Most large content sites accept guest articles, but you must first submit an outline and pitch your topic. Once accepted, your content will undergo an editorial review process. It is a good idea to highlight your financial certifications, which are common signifiers of expertise. Similarly, belonging to an industry association or trade organization can lend your firm credibility.

Your advisor website can also incorporate elements that establish your credibility. This can include a case study or a resource page. This content can be incorporated into your site without compromising the flow of the website. A clean, uncluttered site will enhance the appearance of credibility, and make it easier for potential clients to contact you.

Clear calls to action CTA

The most effective calls to action on financial advisor websites are the ones that encourage the next logical step in the buyer’s journey and don’t try to sell. To create an effective CTA, you should first consider the niche you’re trying to target and tailor the call to the right audience. For example, if you’re targeting individuals looking to buy a home, use a CTA that will direct them to a page that explains the process of getting a home loan. Having this information on your site will ensure that your prospects know that you can solve their financial problems and help them achieve their financial goals.

Next, you need to design a website that is easy to navigate. Visitors will spend a large portion of their time on the site trying to figure out how to take the next step. If your call to action is difficult to locate, they may simply scroll to the bottom of the page and leave without taking any action. This is why it’s critical that the call to action be easy to find.

Complete contact information

A financial advisor website should provide all the important contact information that a client will need to make an appointment. This information should be easily accessible and easy to find. In addition, it should be visually appealing and easy to navigate. There are many elements to consider when choosing a website, including its design, content, and functionality.

A financial advisor website should include the following essential components: an informative, easy-to-read home page, complete NAP info, a contact form, and educational articles. The design should also contain the contact information of the advisor, including a phone number and an email address. The financial advisor website should also be HTTPS enabled. This is especially important for websites that sell financial services. Chrome has recently begun blocking websites that are not HTTPS-secured.

The overall look of a financial advisor website should be professional, easy to navigate, and aesthetically pleasing. It should also evoke a sense of personality. After all, marketing is not a one-time event; the financial advisor website should constantly retarget the audience, even after they have shown interest.

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