Top criteria to find the best stroller adapted to your needs!

The stroller is the essential product for baby walks, it will follow it during the first years of its life, which is why it is important to know which stroller to buy and how to choose it!

Which stroller to choose? How do I know if I need a 3- or 4-wheel stroller? Whether it has to be all-terrain, or compact? With the very wide choice of models that are offered, how will I be able to make my choice? What criteria should I base myself on? And above all, what budget should I plan for?

Our buying advice

In order to help you in your choice, here are the tips to be aware of before buying a stroller :

        • Security
        • the budget
        • use
        • comfort
        • clutter
        • the age of the child
        • the number of children
        • associated accessories


The priority: safety!

No matter which model you choose, the number one criterion is safety. To do this, it is important to check for the presence of the words ” NF EN 19888 ” or ” NF S 54-001 “.

These standards ensure stability, the presence of the locking device of the folding system, the parking brake device, resistance to mechanical and physical constraints, the absence of elements that could cause any inconvenience to the child, the presence a compliant harness or belt, and resistance to the risks of flammability and intoxication.

We also advise you to check for the presence of the words ” conforms to safety requirements ” which must be visible on the packaging or the product.

The budget to plan

The budget varies depending on the model, brand,  different features, and compatible accessories. The price varies between a hundred euros for a cane stroller to a thousand euros for very complete brand strollers.

The important thing is to adapt your budget to your needs. A cane stroller can do the trick very well for low use and a baby over 6 months (cane strollers are recommended for children from 6 months of age, as they sit more easily in them).

On the other hand, if you travel a lot, buy a 3 in 1 stroller, or all-in-one combo stroller instead., which will give you more flexibility in your travels.
When choosing and buying a stroller, you should also think about the fact that it will be able to benefit your next children.


There are models of strollers adapted to each situation. Indeed, from birth, it is recommended to use a 150 ° tilting stroller such as the hulls, carrycots, or prams. However, there are reclining infant strollers, such as the LOOLA stroller, the Quinny stroller, or many others …

For long walks or sporty parents, we advise you to go for all-terrain strollers. , which offers better comfort to your child and to the riders, in particular thanks to better shock absorbers and higher handlebars. Conversely, for mainly urban outings, it is recommended to choose a high chassis. so that baby is not directly in contact with the exhaust outlets. To find out more about the main brands of strollers sold , you can learn more about Bébé Confort via this page or on MacLaren here.


It is also an important criterion whether for the child or for the parents. Because we naturally believe that a more advanced stroller, and therefore more expensive, will necessarily be more comfortable … However, this is not always true!
The comfort of the child depends above all on a good seat with sufficient paddingmaximum support thanks to the harness or belt, and good shock absorbers …

You must prioritize these criteria when buying your stroller! On the parent side, the notion of comfort is also important. For example, for tall people, it is important to choose a higher handlebar. Access the complete stroller comparison here.

The maneuverability and weight of the stroller are also things to consider. As an example, the 3-wheel strollers offer you greater maneuverability thanks to a 360 ° rotation of the wheels, the combined strollers provide you with optimal comfort when traveling to move the child from his pram to the car, or even them. All-terrain strollers are designed to ensure maximum comfort, regardless of the terrain on which they roll.


This parameter should be taken into account as a priority, especially if the trunk of your car is small or if the storage space  in your house is relatively small (Think of all baby toys!)

Cane strollers are renowned for their 3-dimensional folding, which ensures quick and space-saving storage. Conversely, a Travel-System (or combined) stroller requires a much larger space!

The age of the child

At birth, the baby needs to sleep, which is why it is necessary for him to lie down most often. For this, the purchase of the first stroller is oriented towards the carrycots, shells or cozy that we find with the 3 in 1 stroller. However, if you opt for the more economical version, such as a cane stroller, do not forget to check that the hammock is tiltable at least 150 °.

For 6 months, the sitting position is preferred and the hammock of a slightly inclined stroller is preferable.

From the 9th month, it is advisable to switch to the 2nd age stroller which becomes less bulky and more manageable. It will allow your child to walk until his 4th year.

The number of children

If you have children of close agestwins, or triplets, it is best to invest in a double or triple model. Whether you choose a double stroller or a triple stroller, you can opt for a side-by-side format, where each child is in the same row, or a model with their seats behind each other.

These more bulky strollers are nevertheless a good compromise when you have several small children. Our Practical Info and stroller reviews will help you make the right choice!

Compatible accessories

Various accessories are compatible with strollers, they may exist by default or be optional. They are often added, depending on climatic conditions.

In any case, if you live in a rainy area, buy a rain cover or cover. Conversely, in a sunny region, opt for an umbrella to protect the baby’s skin, which is very sensitive to  UV rays. On the other hand, for the winter, it is advisable to buy a model of stroller allowing the use of a sleeping bag, also called a footmuff.

You can also bet on the purchase to carry the baby’s essentials to carry, or stroller hooks to carry your changing bag.

The Top Stroller buying guide in summary

Whatever model you choose, you will have to regularly follow certain basic rules to keep a stroller in perfect working order and safe for your baby. As before getting into the car (yes, we should do it every time …) it is important to check the overall condition of the stroller before installing the baby in it, whatever his age! A quick glance will allow you to identify the problems that may hinder the smooth running of the baby’s exit.

Although some used models may be suitable, we generally advise against purchasing a second-hand stroller. Models recovered from flea markets and other garage sales are also prohibited for obvious reasons of safety and hygiene standards for your child.

Also, remember to always keep an eye on the baby when he is in his stroller: falls are frequent; they are even the first cause of accidents.

When you are stationary, also remember to check that the braking system and other locking devices are correctly engaged. As a responsible parent, you inevitably know that it is absolutely forbidden to walk your baby when the latter is not tied up! This is THE basic rule. If you have chosen a cane or combination model designed to accommodate only one child at a time, do not try to accommodate several children at the same time, even if they are very young.

Choosing a good stroller means choosing a model that will accompany the baby in all seasons. It won’t keep him too hot in summer, nor too cold in winter. The covers, protection, and covering rain and ventilation will also be a basic element to take into account before buying a stroller.

A little reminder on the types of strollers

The comparison offered on our site shows the best strollers according to their category. Among them are the rods, trios or combined, all-terrain, and doubles or triples …

As explained above, choosing a combined model is the assurance of complete equipment that is safe and comfortable for the baby. Even if the prices and tariffs may seem higher at first glance, the purchase of a combined or trio is nevertheless judicious and economical. Indeed, there is no need to regularly buy new equipment with a trio: from birth to 3 (or 4) years old, the baby will be perfectly equipped with his handset which includes the hammock, the carrycot, and the shell. The trio can therefore be the perfect compromise to accompany it from birth to its three years!

Depending on the intended use, the purchase of a trio or combined stroller can involve several choices. Between urban and rural models, each parent will find something to suit them depending on the type of outings planned… The urban trio models are generally lighter and more compact than the others, often considered as more bulky and less light all-terrain vehicles.

Buyer’s Guide to Existing Types and Models

Urban models

To be chosen preferably if the cozy or the carrycot are not your priorities. These models are generally suitable from birth to 3 years old baby. Perfect for the shortest journeys, it will be particularly adept at tackling sidewalks, the city and public transport. It folds up easily and can be stowed away in any car trunk.


The “cane” models

They are generally suitable for children from 6 months or even from birth for some models. Light and compact, it folds with one hand and has a handle for easy transport. It is also perfectly suited to public transport such as the bus, metro and tram and will be able to slip through the city without worry. Ideal for traveling with baby by plane, the cane model will make your life easier in any situation.

All-terrain models

Choosing to purchase an all-terrain stroller means choosing comfort and equipment that goes everywhere. Combining comfort, safety and practicality, the all-terrain versions are perfect for the countryside and outings far from the city. The all-terrain versions are also perfectly suited to the practice of the stroller gym with baby, as our article on fitness to do sport with your stroller proves! The perfect model for the most athletic parents.

Twin, double and triple models

The so-called multiple versions are suitable for parents looking for equipment that can accommodate several children. Comparisons of double versions, particularly adapted to the transport of twins or children of close ages exist in several layouts (face to face, one behind the other or side by side). Double and triple strollers thus avoid additional costs by purchasing only one stroller, which is larger and can accommodate several children.

Baby’s little extras

In addition to the equipment that will complete the functionality of your stroller, have you thought about the small additional accessories that will simplify your daily life with baby?

Tips for choosing a baby walker

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