Top 7 Ways HR Professionals Can Use Videos

HR professionals are hands down the backbone of any organization. Right from keeping potential candidates, job applicants, and current employees engaged with the organization to onboarding and managing external as well as internal communications, all of this falls on the shoulders of the HR department. These challenges become even tougher during Covid-19 since remote working comes with its own set of all new problems. However, you can handle them if HR professionals use videos.

An effective solution to this issue would be to adopt video communication with your potential and current employees. Also, visual communication is by far rated as a way more effective medium when compared to oral or text mediums.

In an attempt to help out the HR folks with the above problems, this blog will list the top seven ways HR professionals use videos to make sure that all their efforts materialize towards their organizational goals.

Showcase the company as a dream firm

Making sure that the best candidates join your firm goes beyond just matching the candidate’s salary expectations. It depends a lot on the company culture and the benefits you offer. 

Creating a company culture video would help the HR department to bring out all of this information to potential candidates and have more/ better candidates apply. 

For example, At VistaPrint, most current employees talk about what excites them about coming to work every day, right from free lunches, to friendly employees, constant celebrations, and fitness challenges. With this video, VistaPrint has made sure that for all potential employees, joining this firm is a dream come true!

Video job descriptions to increase the rate of candidate applications

According to statistics, a video job description is viewed 12 times more than a text-only job description, resulting in an increased number of applications. This indeed is a dream situation for the HR folks. 

For example, Wirke, a project management software company, posts these video job descriptions on their websites to recruit candidates. In this example, the chief revenue officer is the hiring manager, which gives the candidates an insight into the leadership of the organization, adds a personal touch to the job description, and states expectations clearly. 

Not just that, video job descriptions help the candidates have a great first impression of the company. Amongst all the textual job descriptions, a video job description will definitely stand out.

Smoothen the onboarding process

Typically, every time someone new joins a workplace, they are overloaded with information. From understanding company culture and going through PowerPoint presentations to grasping information in training sessions and learning organizational procedures, the initial few weeks are extremely hard to pull through. A short and crisp onboarding video is the trick to help a new hire adjust to the workplace and settle in like a bird. 

Moreover, once the new recruit feels comfortable, they are more likely to perform to the best of their ability. If they struggle to understand how things work in the organization, it’s super likely that they feel stressed and are unable to deliver as you expected. 

In this example, Zendesk, a customer service software company, shows images/videos of specific people, different teams, common office areas, and popular hangout areas after office. This would help a new hire in knowing what to expect and makes it easy for them to gel in with the existing employees. The video also, very beautifully, talks about how the organization maintains a balance between work and play, a reassurance every employee needs, right? 

Pro Tip: With tools such as StoryXpress, creating employee onboarding videos is a process as smooth as bread and butter. With their best-in-class screen recorder tool, you can create, edit, upload, share and do much more with videos in a matter of a few minutes.

Keep the current employees engaged

When your current workforce feels like they are creating an impact and they are valued, then the probability of them looking out for another job goes down significantly. Reports state that a whopping 85% of the hires are not engaged at work and this can be linked to a plethora of reasons like no clear communication lines with management and HR, no growth opportunities, not being valued, etc. 

While there is no one sure-shot way of engaging employees, the medium of doing so is established clearly – Videos. This blog brings out 30 different kinds of employee engagement videos that are bound to help!

Inclusion and Diversity

Communicating that your organization supports an inclusive and diverse culture is an important function of the HR manager. Many firms have their leadership team give out quotes paired with stock images. About being a diverse and inclusive organization. Now, what does that say about an organization? Not the very best right?

A great way to do this would be to have existing employees from a spectrum of backgrounds. Talk about how the organization has created equal growth opportunities and an inclusive environment for them.

 For example, Apple, a tech giant, has aced this game of creating one of the best inclusion and diversity videos. They have 68 employees from different cultures, faiths, disabilities, races, ages, ideologies, and personalities, all working towards one single goal – to build the best tech product in the world!

Interview FAQs

Most interviews end with candidates wanting to ask the interviewers about aspects of their job and the organization. This part of the interview not only increases the length of the process. But also saves the interviewer from answering similar questions during every interview. 

A smart way to approach this problem would be to curate the most asked interview for an interviewer in a video. And share it with the candidate before the interview. This will not just show the candidate how well prepared the organization is. But also help them be better prepared for the interview.

Pro Tip: With tools such as StoryXpress, you can quite easily record your screen and face simultaneously to create these FAQ videos for the interviewer.

Meet the team videos

Who you work with is at most times as important if not more than who you work for. Hence a fun ‘meet the team’ video gets the candidate all pumped up for working in a fun team. It helps them put a face to the organization and takes away some first-day anxiety. 

For example, Google has beautifully showcased the doodle team and the work they do in this video. It shows the team members talking about. How they got started with doodling, what inspires them, and some of their memorable experiences. So if you are a new/ potential Google employee. You pretty much know what kind of co-workers will welcome you. 

And the medium for success for HR folks is named!

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the dynamics of working and one of the most impacted departments is human resources. With videos, managing potential/current employees, recruitment, and everything become easy. 

With end-to-end platforms such as StoryXpress. HR can take care of your concerns regarding, creating, editing, uploading, sharing, and hosting videos. You can integrate this platform with your current workflow management system.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to revamp the way your human resources department functions. Start it rightaway! We are sure that this change will not only help them become more productive. But also ensure that the team stays engaged at all times.

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