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Top 7 React Native Component Libraries to make your choice smooth in 2020

Do you know the React Native component libraries that can optimize the workflow of your project in 2020? If No, then you don’t need to worry. Here, in this article, we will let you know some of the top React Native component libraries to make your project journey easier in 2020.

React Native app development is great fun. With React Native, you can develop mobile apps for multiple platforms without much fuss about UI/UX. No wonder the platform is gaining massive popularity among developers.

Importance of Readymade React Native Libraries

Readymade React-native libraries are essential and can help you in numerous ways, such as kickstarting a project quickly, saving time, and launching a project soon. 

Here are some of the following ways React Native can help you in your next project:

    • It is Quick to install
    • It can help you in launching the required features in significantly less time.
    • It Refined code structure for improvement & scaling
    • Ease in starting the development phase
    • Clear documentation for handholding & assistance.

Some of the standard utility component libraries

    • React Native Elements

React Native Element is considered as one of the popular React Native UI libraries all across the globe. It has an excellent rating of 18.3k stars on GitHub. It has a structured code based on native JavaScript that helps the developers evaluate the structure from the very beginning. 

One of the best things about these libraries is that it brings all the UI components in a single place and can be customized as per the requirements. Detailed documentation and several components, such as oberlay, rating, Avatar, badge, text, etc., are referred to as one of the most comprehensive libraries you must use.

    • NativeBase

NativeBase is an essential app development framework with an excellent rating of more than 13.6k GitHub stars. It is created in line with the material design principle that brings you everything you require in thematic components. From search bar to thumbnails, icons to layout, forms to typography, it has everything that you need to create your UI stunning and appealing. It also assists developers in creating a native mobile application that can smoothly run on mobile frameworks.

  • React Native Fast Image

React Native Fast Image is one of the popular libraries that is created to handle image caching requests. It helps with poor performance and loading from the cache, flickering and missed images in cache, and so on.

    • React Native Paper

React Native Paper is another famous cross-platform React Native UI Library based on Google’s Material Design. It has a rating of 5.1k stars on GitHub, and allows customizable and production-ready components. It has impressive theme supports and comes with two default themes, including light and dark that you can easily extend.

One of the exciting fact about this library that is support web using react native web.

    • React Native UI Kitten

React Native UI Kitten is an open-source library that can be used in React Native apps. It has ratings of 5.9K stars in GitHub. It is based on Eva Design System. It provides support for creating customized themes and also allows you to use or extend two visual themes. It is one of the few libraries that support the right-to-left writing system for all of its components, and it also provides support for the web.

    • React Native Material Kit

React Native Material Kit is one of the popular libraries that follows the support material design pattern. With 4.6k stars in GitHub, it has 10+ UI components. With this library, you can easily customize them according to the requirements. It is relatively easy to use in react native apps.

However, it doesn’t support for web.

    • React Native UI Libraries

React Native UI Libraries is one of the most beneficial libraries that carry actual modules we use in our codes. It has ratings of 2k stars on GitHub. You can find the definition of all the library modules. With a few codes, it can help the developers to tackle all the heavy modules quickly. The up-gradation daily to these libraries serves the user’s world-class features and hassle-less coding efficiently.

Final words

In this article, we have listed some of the best React Native libraries to help you in numerous ways. These component libraries’ main motive is to provide you with a more robust way to create an app and make your mobile app development process faster. I hope that you find this article informative and entertaining.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding React Native libraries then, you can contact Mobulous, India. We are always there to help you.

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