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Top 5 Strategy Plan Of SEO For Attorneys

SEO For Attorneys

Legal profession is such that most of the business comes through local clients. As such, there are a lot of attorneys who still rely on traditional forms of advertising, such as print ads, billboards, etc., to promote their services. What they don’t realize is the incredible power of the internet. Promoting their services on the internet can yield incredible results, and for that, SEO for attorneys are very important. SEO can help them attain high rank on search engine results. High rank means they can easily be found by potential clients who search online for legal services. Other forms of advertising can give you immediate results, but for a short duration. On the other hand,if you provide best SEO services for attorneys, it will give you a regular flow of potential clients. It is also a much cheaper option than traditional marketing methods.

With the infiltration of internet competition among law firms  have become intense.Lawyers and law firms have to market themselves online to attract the attention of prospective clients. The search engines, especially Google, have made it very easy for people to search any product or services they need. If you do not have a proper SEO strategy in place you are most likely to lose valuable clients to your competitors. This article discusses some important strategies on SEO for attorneys.

Publish Relevant Content

Regularly publishing outstanding content helps a lot in SEO. It makes your firm easily discoverable in search results. Researching and posting valuable content on your website improves your credibility and viewers and search engines would be aware that your site contains useful information that visitors look for. As is the case with any business, prospective clients open the websites of law firms that appear on top of the ranking pages. When you optimize your content, your website would most likely be displayed at top by the search engine. Also, publishing about the latest development in the industry and recent high profile cases can boost your image as a trustworthy attorney.

Increase Online Visibility

SEO is a continuous process and you have to keep working on it to improve your ranking. Posting content on social media and other websites that are popular among viewers will result in immediate rise in viewership, and at the same time SEO would work to improve your website’s ranking in search result pages. Viewers may also recommend your name to people who might be in need of some legal advice.Besides, regularly posting content on different social media improves brand awareness. People who might not have heard about you till now would get to know about you, and would reach out to you whenever they need legal help. Creating backlinks to your site through other online platforms positively affects SEO.

Improve the Design & Functionality of Your Website

The design and appearance of your website has a great impact on the viewers. It is the first impression that viewers get about your firm, and whether they decide to come to you greatly depends on what impression they get. A strong, responsive design that is easy to navigate is very important for user experience and also benefits SEO for attorneys. Poorly designed websites, that are not easy to navigate, do not get good ranks in search engine results. With more than 50% searches happening on mobile devices, it is imperative that your website should be responsive and fast loading.

Online Reviews

One of the most important aspects of SEO of a firm’s website is online reviews.  Past clients leave their comments about a firm and its quality of services. Reviews are very important to law firms as good reviews encourage potential clients to come to you whenever they require legal assistance. Even if there are negative reviews, a quick response to them would create a good impression as they indicate that you care for what the customers think. You can also add testimonials to your website that would allow new visitors to understand what kind of experience your previous clients have had with your firm.

Convert Qualified Leads

Just posting content on your website is not enough to convert visitors into clients. Including call to actions could encourage visitors to seek your services. Also, adding a CTA paragraph at the end of your articles and posts is a good way of encouraging prospective clients to seek consultation with you. Putting your phone number at the top can give the visitors the option to reach out to you with specific legal queries they might have. You have to include actionable items on your website to convert more qualified leads.

To conclude, SEO for attorneys is crucial for the practice to flourish. In this fiercely competitive world where supply of lawyers is much more than their demand, it is important that SEO for lawyers be given due importance otherwise your ranking will suffer and your business will be adversely affected.

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Sophia, a Google certified online marketer, and blogger at Conroy Creative Counsel – law firms marketing agency in the USA.

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