Top 5 Gifts that will make your fiancee smile on Valentine’s Day

Love is an all-encompassing feeling. Your fiancee, the person you have decided to spend your life with, deserves all the love in the whole wide world. Long-distance relationships are not easy. When you are about to tie the knot, the distance seems like a wall, a wall that needs to be broken. You miss each other every moment but don’t know how to bridge the distance. This period is a dreaded time for every couple. At the same time, It is also not avoidable.

The person who is left behind suffers but the person who had to leave suffers equally too.

Though the time is hard, you can still try to make the most of the situation. Sending meaningful gifts as a token of love will go a long way. It will bring back happy memories that had been shadowed by the cloud of separation.

When it comes to gifts, making a choice is not easy even if you are aware of her tastes and preferences. So here is a list of 5 gifting ideas for your fiancee to put a smile on her face when you are away.

1. A letter

With the advent of pop culture, the concept of sending letters has taken a backseat. There is something about handwritten letters. A letter reflects your effort and sincerity in a relationship. Writing a letter is a sure shot way to show that the recipient is important to you. Write things that matter and  talk about happy memories with your fiancee. Tell her how much you love them and how much you miss her. You love with your heart, so connect the pen to your soul and pour your heart out.

2. Classic jewellery

Jewellery is a special gift that has a timeless appeal. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Daily wear jewellery is both useful and pretty. Jewellery lasts for a long time, like your love for your fiancee. Send her earrings or rings that define her style and will put a smile on her face

3. Shopping voucher

Shopping is truly therapeutic. You might want your fiancee to go out and have fun buying herself pretty dresses or any other thing she wants or needs. It is a form of sharing an experience. Though you can’t be with her, you can still ensure that she has a good time shopping to her heart’s content. This voucher will give her the freedom to choose from a variety of options. Most importantly, she can also redeem it in her own convenient time.

4. De-stress kit

Stress has become an integral part of our daily lives. You want the best for your fiancee, your partner. Work-life can often seem to be challenging or stressful for her. As a partner, it is your responsibility to take care of her little needs. Send her a de-stress kit that will  rejuvenate her body, mind and soul and combat the stress of everyday life.

5. Personalised photo frame

Life is a long walk. Your finance and you have made a lot of memories together. Put these memories together in a personalised photo frame and celebrate your special moments in the most heartwarming way. It will definitely make her happy, and act as memorabilia of sorts, of happy and fond times. It will show that those times were important to you too and make her feel special.

The act of doing something special for your fiancee will go a long way. Show that you care, show that she is important to you. Send her gifts, surprise her and make her day special.

If you are living abroad and want to send gifts to your fiancee in India then you don’t have to fret anymore. Send flowers to India with ease and make your woman happy on the day of love.


Soham Lahiri

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