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Top 3 Cities in India For Real Estate Investment

India’s Real Estate:

India is one of the most notable countries on the planet. Like most countries, it has its own characteristics and situations that make it what it is for the people. One of the situations that make it a very appealing state to live in is the economic situation of the country’s markets. To narrow it down, we’re talking about real estate in India. A lot of people don’t invest in the sector. That’s because of many reasons including lack of knowledge and opportunity or vital information along with capital resources. More often than not, people who have substantial capital stored for investment don’t know where to do it.

For example, people who have enough money in savings won’t go for a 1bhk flat in Mulund. They won’t go for a shared office space idea or any other worthy idea that involves real estate. That’s because people don’t realize that India generates billions in revenue in just the real estate market. Landlords and foreign investors are always looking for opportunities to locate perfect properties to rent out. It’s one of the easiest ways to ensure monthly revenue.

You might be wondering now if buying a 1 bhk apartment does seem like a great option. But wait. You need to understand a few basic things before you jump to decisions. Try getting a substantial amount of knowledge and information.

So, let’s discuss some of the top cities in India to invest in real estate:


Pune has recently developed itself into a technologically sound and a metropolitan city. Moreover, there are certain development projects in their completing stages that show the potential growth the city will yet see. Some of the major projects like Smart City Project are attracting a lot of attention from investors all around. Experts are predicting a significant level of social mobility to the region because of its recent economic boom. Since IT industries along with automotive giants moved into the region, the city has seen a lot of progress. The mass-level projects like Pune Metro that are luckily in their completing stages by now, will certainly add to the fire. Pune is generating a lot of attention and is one of the best places to invest in real estate.

You can get apartments and flats in the region along with houses and villas. Prices start from an affordable range of 15 lakhs and gradually rise with the real estate value. Furthermore, with that many residential projects, commercial real estate becomes a great option for investment as well.


One of the most influential cities in the real estate sector is Hyderabad. This is because the city has registered an increase of over 30% in the real estate market’s sales over the last few years. The city is also progressing towards a well-developed future and is likely to see a lot of social mobility. This means that there are more than enough reasons to put Hyderabad on your list. The city is perfect for a good investment that can promise a fruitful return. Some of the top areas that you can look at as possible options are:

  1.       Appa Junction
  2.       Gachibowli
  3.       Kukatpally

You can find affordable properties in just 20-50 lakhs and rent them out for 15-20k per month. Similarly, there are a lot of options available in the commercial real estate sector as well. However, for all those who are looking to invest in real estate for the first time, sticking to residentials works. You can find lush apartments, flats, houses, and villas for sale that you can either sell later or rent out instantly.


If you think the tourists visiting India don’t stay in Bengaluru, you need to rethink that idea. Home to some of the most beautiful parks and historical landmarks like the Bangalore Palace, Bengaluru attracts attention. And that’s not just from tourists. Recently, the developments have modernized Bengaluru into an urban and industrialized region. That means a lot of markets are moving into the city and making it possible for more investment to flow. This makes it an amazing opportunity for real estate investors to grab properties before others and generate revenues. You can check out the following areas in Bengaluru that promise great returns:

  1.       Indira Nagar
  2.       Narasapuram
  3.       Hennur
  4.       KR Puram


India is the promising land filled with opportunities up for grabs for those who are smart enough to see it. In the end, it’s all about how smart you play it. 

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