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Digital Marketing

Top 12 Ecommerce Customer Acquisition Strategies for 2022

Customer acquisition as the name suggests refers to obtaining new customers in order to grow your business. Persuading new customers to invest in your company through new and innovative marketing strategies like referral marketing, reviews platform, responsive website, etc. is what customer acquisition really is. Acquiring new customers for eCommerce brands takes up a lot of time. In this consistently evolving market, it’s a common notion that brands have already used some strategies to segment their target customers. Usually, brands have a set approach to acquiring customers using eCommerce customer acquisition channels that are fueled with SEO optimization tools. 

Calculating and improving the strategy performance using analytics is one out of two other approaches to building your brand, the other approach being requesting and gaining regular customer feedback and reviews. These techniques influence and inspire potential customers to make favorable decisions. As marketers these are the building blocks for your brand, results are the main thing that makes a difference. 

Brands usually have a predefined set of approaches they want to use for their marketing and brand positioning, however, here are a few strategies that can help your brand acquire customers to a great extent. Customer acquisition for eCommerce websites is not an easy job and the following strategies while managing their success and growth rate using analytics can come in handy in providing your brand with new customers. 

Customer Acquisition Strategies for eCommerce Website

  •  Review Platform on your eCommerce Website 

Incorporate a Reviews platform on your eCommerce website to drive more reviews directly on your website. An on-site review platform is one of the best methods to influence potential customers to not only make a favorable purchase decision but also generate more reviews. 

Providing authentic content on your website drives a massive amount of traffic, reduces cart abandonment, helps visitors make purchase decisions, and provides an impeccable shopping experience. 

  • Enhance Product Page Layout

Transforming your specific product pages with high-quality content, photos, and ratings is highly essential to attract customers. Providing them with easy-to-read, simple content helps them engage and make favorable investment decisions. 

Using eye-catching photos with font, center, and side views for your product page makes them understand your product like embed instgaram on website. Providing a star rating at the top and displaying honest reviews is highly influential. As with basic product pages, the price is clear, the shipping details are provided, and all that is needed is to click on the “add to cart” button. 

High Definition images influence 90% of the buyer’s decisions and 82% of customers say that UGC is more valuable than brand content. Website visitors are likely to trust reviews and ratings from existing customers, eventually uplifting your conversion rates. 

  • Personalize your Website

68% of eCommerce revenue can be generated if you provide a more personalized website experience. You can display similar items that other people have purchased or use tactics where you can show some other products similar to what they have been searching for on your website. 

Social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox, provide you with easy tools to embed an on-site review feature on your website to enhance engagement. This user-generated content will surely have long-term benefits for your eCommerce website. Understanding their search behavior and sending them emails about certain items which are suitable for their culture or country can be another great approach to acquiring customers. 

  • Develop an Interactive Website

Sparking conversations with your customers is extremely crucial to influencing their decisions. Conversations cannot be one-sided, a brand response is what develops conversation with the customers. Responding to reviews with a few words of gratitude and taking evident action for negative comments are basic things a brand is required to do for making conversation with its customers.

Other than this, content in the form of quizzes, assessments, chatbots, etc. can do wonders in attracting customers. Educating your customers better with high-quality content is also a great way to make a conversation and enhance customer retention as well.

Developing an interactive website makes the brand understand exactly what customers are looking for. Brands will get a gist of what customers tend to buy, learn about their opinion in detail, and understand their preferences. Making it a win-win situation for your brand. 


  • Improve your Website Speed

While Google prefers brands whose websites load fast, most people expect web pages to load within 2 seconds. Fast-loading pages can get you a higher search engine ranking to make your website visible and keep your customers engaged. Making it easy for your customers to find you develop a sense of positioning for your brand making it even easier to convert the visitors. 

However, enhancing your website speed by providing high-definition images can be a task. To solve this problem compress your images to the same size and use JPEG format to embed the images. This will not affect the quality of your photos and help you increase your loading speed. 

There are many tools that help with checking your site speed. Some of them are Google’s Page Speed Insights or Pingdom. 

  • Incorporate Customer Support Options

People prefer chat support when they opt for online shopping, especially when they want something right away. Using a good customer support tool not only helps your customers but also helps your brand by giving you information about where your customers are even before they initiate a conversation. 

63% of millennials state that chat support has been a great help to them while shopping online giving them everything they need without much effort. If your brand sells internationally you’ll need 24*7 customer support, using toll-free numbers would be quite efficient for customers as they can reach you anytime irrespective of where they are. According to your feasibility, you can use email and chat support as well. 

Using chatbots can reduce cart abandonment as they can provide offers related information within seconds and your personnel can focus on other issues to save time. 

  • Transform your Website to be Responsive

Optimize your website in such a way that people can access it easily using mobile phones as well. Many eCommerce websites are not optimized enough to be used on a smaller screen which might not be handy for customers. Impulsive buyers are usually on their phones to save time and don’t usually wait to use laptops, tablets, laptops, or any large-screen devices. 

If your website is not responsive enough it will directly affect your customer acquisitions. Google’s researchers have said that 61% of visitors prefer mobile phones to make a purchase otherwise they will head to other websites which are mobile optimized. 

  • Encourage Visitors for Sign-ups

Companies providing SaaS/software providing a  free trial to their customers prove to be attracting more new customers, making customer acquisition easy. You might get more sign-ups if you do not require any card details from your customers. It eliminates friction if there is no need to provide any kind of personal payment information while signing up on a website. 

Another approach that can be efficient to drive sign-ups is making your sign-up forms to the point, easy, and simple. Keep only essential fields to provide a seamless customer experience. You can also provide your users with a little video or a sneak peek about your product right after they sign up to get them to understand your product and know why it is worth their time and money. 

  • Go International!

Brands face a lot of cultural differences issues when it comes to customer acquisition for eCommerce websites. Every country has a different buying culture, and catering to everyone is not an option. Choosing the countries you want to reach, identify which culture suits your brand best, and cater to them. Make necessary changes to your website accordingly to provide relevant content and maximize your sales with ease. 

Make a few extra efforts to embed more payment options according to your target countries. Offer customer support in their regional language and local phone numbers to attract a wider audience. 

  • Retrieve Cart Abandonment

Almost 70% of users abandon their cart while shopping online which makes eCommerce customer acquisition a little difficult. To eliminate this, provide new users an option to complete the checkout process using a guest checkout option. Keep their items saved in the cart to make their purchase experience easy when they decide to come back. 

Many people add items to their cart and leave the website because of prices. Offering a discount pop-up and timing it perfectly can help you eliminate cart abandonment. If you are not able to catch your visitors on time, you can always use email campaigns to follow up with them. Your emails can include User-generated content, discounts, and an alert about their items, these practices can eliminate cart abandonment by up to 36%.

  • Use A/B testing efficiently 

Increase your conversion rates by 400% using well-designed A/B testing interfaces. To optimize customer acquisition A/B testing everything is highly effective. Color schemes, image locations, and CTA buttons are some factors where A/B testing is required to maintain a good customer acquisition rate. According to your website requirements, you can optimize even the tiniest changes using A/B testing. 

At times when you see things are not working out according to your expectations, A/B testing completely different website aspects can be helpful. Try using an out-of-the-box approach and make changes in the tiniest of things. This will surely help you build an outstanding website and attract more visitors. 

  •  Measure Campaign Performance 

To maintain a successful brand, focusing on the right numbers is essential. Develop a predefined set of key metrics like the average value of your website orders, amount of items purchased, number of transactions in the customer’s entire journey, cart abandonment rate, conversion rate, etc. 

Measure your key metrics to understand where your business stands and whether any improvements are required. Work your way through these performance numbers to provide your customers with an interactive and understanding shopping experience. 


The above 12 eCommerce Customer Acquisition strategies are most efficient in their own ways, providing you with different ways to optimize your website in such a way that you can understand your customers and offer them exactly what they need leading up to higher customer acquisition rates. 

Whichever strategy you use, you will surely see some evident changes in your favor

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