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Top 10 SEO tools in 2020

Learn about the top 10 so tools and their basic features and uses for better results.

Luckily, SEO tools are on the formation; they are effortless to use, and by compiling it with your work, slightly you will become a master in SEO.

Because getting proficiency in SEO is a formidable challenge, yet the entrants will ultimately absorb it by regularly operating on their work.

We can’t get any explication that sustains us to memorize things overnight; therefore, we always keep aspiring to learn it through practice mode.

We epitomize you with some manageable SEO tools which provide the best SEO services that accommodate your SEO.

1.    Google Search Console

This website grants its services free for every user. Browse Google Search Console and manage the report on your website with the presence of Google SERP. Then approve your website with the addition of google analytics or code on your website, which you can shortly submit for indexing.

Google search console can help you in proper website indexing and you can also submit your sitemap on Google search console for indexing.

Google Search Console helps a lot in SEO so if you don’t know how to use it you should contact the best SEO company in Delhi for the best SEO services in Delhi.

2.    SEMRush SEO Tool

SEMRush tool is one of the SEO experts’ ideal tools; experts like to promptly evaluate their rankings and revise them by getting new Rank. It has one of the most prominent purposes of this tool that is Domain VS Domain Analysis. It will permit the user to compare their website with the competitors.

SEMRush can help you in keyword research, content template for better content structure. SEMRush also shows you your competitors’ websites so that you can see and learn from your competitors’ strategy.

This tool becomes so complicated some times. So, if you don’t understand how to use it you should contact the best SEO company in Delhi NCR for the best SEO services in Delhi NCR.

3. Moz SEO Tool

Moz is one of the commonly practiced SEO tools, and experts relish to use it. This tool will allow the user to enter insight into each question he asked.

It is a full-service provider; be it keyboard suggestion or site crawl. Users will get an insight into how their website is working, yet they can also improve it.

Moz is very helpful in off-page SEO it is the only tool that gives you data about the domain authority of any website and works according to it for backlink creation.

4. Uber Suggest SEO Tool

Uber will help the experts to find the right keywords for their reports. Also, it demonstrates the top ranking SERPs for them as well. With this free tool, you can get one word too long phrases that fill your report.

In comparison to Moz, semrush and ahref, Ubersuggest provides you a lot of data for free whereas all these tools are charging for the same feature.

It can help you in keyword research, content writing, and project management, etc

5. Answer the Public

Those who are clueless about writing a report on their website, Answer the Public will answer you. This is a free, available tool, where you are asked to type the keyword of your niche, and here you will get all the contemporary topics for your website.

Answer the public can help you in content writing and on-page SEO. Because the data it provides you helps a lot for your HOW TO SECTION and FAQs section. So, use it efficiently.

6. Woorank SEO Tool

Woorank offers both free and paid services to its users. With this tool, experts can instantly scrutinize the report of their marketing data.

Even it gives you a prospect to get the exact keywords that your rivals are using, and this procedure will assist you in providing wiry competition.
This tool is so important for SEO so if you know how to use it you should contact the best SEO company in Noida for the best SEO services in Noida.

7. Google Trends SEO Tool

This tool has been practicing for several years. The trend is not tethered to providing you informative keywords, but it also gives you insight into the market, representing business growth.

Google Trends helps you in Studying your user persona so that you can create content by focusing on your users. It provides information like their age group and their area etc.

8. Siteliner SEO Tool

Siteliner encourages you to find similar content on other’s websites, which matches your website content. It is also a very helpful tool for content writing and research.

9. Fat Rank SEO Tool

Fat Rank will analyze your website position in the market by going into your keywords. Moreover, it also proposes keywords for the improvement and growth of your ranking.

10. Ahrefs SEO Tool

This is the most favored tool for SEO experts, as it will automatically audit your website data. For building your ranking, this tool will highlight the keywords or data for the alteration.

Ahref is a very complicated tool and also a costly one so if you want to use it efficiently then you should contact to the best SEO company In Ghaziabad for the best SEO services for your website.

It is one of the best Tool for off-page SEO and On-page SEO it gives you complete information about your backlinks, internal links, broken links, and lost links so that you can work efficiently.


Using SEO tools is not a quite easy task because are so many complicated terms in SEO. So, if you want to rank your website on google you should choose the best SEO company and services for your website.

Effective & Affordable SEO Services doesn’t just happen. There’s a long-term strategy to obtain the best results and continues to evolve with search engine metrics.

When you’re working with an SEO company like Meghawks which is one of the best SEO company in Ghaziabad, you will get a better quality result.

It’s not just about keywords in a page of content, or about people finding your site, but making that traffic relevant to what you are doing. And about getting the best SEO services in Ghaziabad.

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