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Top 10 DraftKings on NHL picks for tonight.

NHL predictions and picks for every game in the 2021 season. Every day, we crunch the figures, evaluate the data, and deliver free NHL expert picks. With a rescheduled and restructured 56-game season stretching from January 13th, 2021 to the last possible day of the Stanley Cup on July 9th, 2021, the NHL is fascinating to bet on, and there are lots of potential for winners. Here are our top 10 picks of Draftkings on NHL picks for tonight. You need to know.

Always be on the lookout for opportunities on the bright side.

The currency of the realm is measured in GPPs. Players who can score a lot of points are essential. We’re talking about touchdowns here, not passing yards, interceptions, or recovered fumbles. You’ll need a quarterback who can consistently throw touchdown passes and receivers and tight ends that can get into the end zone.

The difficulty is finding elite players at a reasonable price. Only one or two studs will fit inside your budget. Your best chance is to look for lower-paid players with low ownership percentages all around the field to complete the remaining vacancies.

You’re looking for big things to happen. But, first, you’ll need excellent players on your team who can get into the end zone numerous times during a game.

In “bad” matchups, look for value.

A large sum of money Tournaments of Fantasy Many team owners will sit excellent quarterbacks and pass catchers facing solid defensive lineups. As a result, it’s feared that these athletes would be shut down, unable to complete passes or score touchdowns.

Take, for example, Packers WR Jordy Nelson. Last season, he was a standout in the TD department. But let’s say he’s up against the Seahawks. Because the Seahawks’ defensive line was so formidable last year, many DFS players would shun Nelson.

That could be a risk worth taking for you, especially if Nelson’s ownership percentage is low across the board. You’ll get a lot of fantasy points if he goes off and makes it to the end zone a few times.

Exploit the WR and TE Positions’ Volatility

At quarterback, point production is somewhat predictable. Game to game, the ups and downs are rarely extreme. Likewise, aside from injuries, running backs are reliable point producers.

In tournaments, where the upside is your friend, this is a beneficial thing. A WR or TE with a high ceiling and a low floor might be a significant asset that other club owners overlook. You can quickly finish high enough in the field to win a reward if you have one or two players that go off NHL picks for tonight.

When Others Zag, Zig

Many fantasy football GPP players have become wealthy as a result of their unconventional thinking. They predict what other team owners will do and then do the exact opposite — for example, the roster of players that other team owners neglect or forget about. The contrarian thinkers make out like bandits when such players perform above expectations.

Here’s an example from the stock market. For years, most investors avoided Amazon shares due to the company’s lack of profitability. But, on the other hand, Contrarians dodged while others zagged, buying shares in Amazon because they thought Jeff Bezos was a brilliant guy.

Spending a lot of money on defense is a bad idea.

Spending a lot of money on defense is a bad idea. For starters, they won’t score enough points to make a significant impact on where your lineup finishes. Second, there is a lot of unpredictability in defense. The line at the top of the chart one week might not even be among the top 5 the next.

Make a few different rosters.

If you win a 50/50 or a double-up, you will be paid slightly less than twice your entry price. As a result, if you build various lineups, you need to ensure that more than half of them are profitable. You won’t even break even if you don’t.

The payout mechanism of GPPs is considerably different. Depending on where you finish, you could be paid multiple times your entry money if you win. Several – even dozens – such lineups can be paid for with a single triumph. If more than one of your lineups wins, you’ll get an excellent return on your money.

You can also experiment with different player combinations by creating multiple rosters. Although there will most likely be some overlap between your squads – such as the same quarterback or wide receivers – you’ll be able to evaluate a more extensive range of value NHL picks for tonight.

Quarterback Stacking

Drafting players whose point production is tightly tied to one another is known as stacking. In fantasy football, this usually entails connecting your quarterback to a receiver or tight end.

The Broncos are taking on the Packers in a game. The starting quarterback is projected to be Peyton Manning. Manning’s most likely target for his passes is a wide receiver.

Let’s say Thomas catches a Manning ball in the end zone. You’ll rack up points on both ends of the TD in that circumstance. So Manning’s passing TD points will be awarded, while Thomas’s receiving TD points will be awarded.

Discover what the bookmakers are predicting.

Vegas oddsmakers’ lines are akin to a cheat sheet. The bookmakers have a stake in the outcome. They’re betting millions of dollars on the development, so they’ll make sure their predictions are as accurate as possible.

Here’s a dead-simple approach to take advantage of their predictions.

For each game on your schedule, look at their totals or over/under. High counts indicate that one or both teams’ quarterbacks and pass catchers will score many touchdowns. A low total shows the inverse.

From a daily fantasy standpoint, you want many points if Vegas’ quants estimate high volume for specific games, roster players expected to play for those teams.

Look for players who own a tiny percentage of the company.


To win a fantasy NFL GPP, you already know you need a lot of upsides. You also understand that performance volatility might be beneficial. It allows you to set yourself apart from other club owners’ squads.

Differentiation isn’t as crucial in fantasy cash games as in large-field tournaments, at least not to the same amount. In the latter, you’ll need the means to distinguish yourself from the crowd. You won’t have enough chances to pull away in point output if you have the same players in your lineup as the rest of the field.

That is why it is advantageous to select players with low ownership. You’ll have a good chance of leapfrogging ahead of the pack if those players turn out to be productive if few other club owners have them in their rosters.


Keep the 80/20 rule in mind when managing your bankroll.


I advocated spending 80% of your budget on cash games and 20% on tournaments in “My Top 10 NHL picks for tonight.” I want to restate that suggestion.

GPPs are similar to pharmaceuticals. The entry costs are frequently modest, and the prize pools are generally significant. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to get carried away and lose your entire bankroll in the pursuit of elusive wins.


Participate in tournaments without a doubt. They’re entertaining, engaging, and there’s a chance to win a significant sum of money. But try to keep under the 20% mark. You’ll avoid squandering your bankroll and losing your hard-earned cash gaming gains this way.

That is all there is to it. Remember, we’re only scraping the surface here. Stay tuned for more practical advice on putting together winning NHL picks for tonight.

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