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Top 10 Causes of Premature Ejaculation

The premature ejaculation is a problem faced by men but it affects the couple. It is a very frequent dysfunction in the sexually active stage of man; There is no specific age for its appearance, however, it can be said that there is premature ejaculation when there is a time of intercourse less than two minutes in addition to a decrease in control at the time it is performed.

The vast majority of men have suffered premature ejaculation at some point in their lives, which in some cases has gone unnoticed. Once they have become conscious, they enter the situation of ed.

What is the premature ejaculation?

It is an alteration that occurs in men, it occurs when control over ejaculation is lost, it can occur before penetration occurs or at the same time it is performed. This happens without any control, frequently or sporadically, it can be a trigger for relationship problems.

Once it becomes frequent and conscious, you should go to the sex specialist in Delhi to make the diagnosis, define the causes and implement immediate therapy.

The premature ejaculation occurs most often in young men.

There are many advances that are obtained daily at a scientific and medical level, but there is still no specific cause of what causes premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation causes that can cause it we have: medical and psychological.

Medical or organic causes: Within this group are physical conditions that can become permanent.

  1. Vascular problems: This is related to blood circulation, since it plays an important role in erection. The existence of blood flow produces the hardening of the penis, if there is an alteration or obstruction that prevents the entry of blood to this area, erection disorders are generated that lead to other problems. Vascular alterations can cause semen to escape prematurely.
  2. Heart problems: the presence of hypercholesterolemia or high blood pressure can directly cause disorders in blood circulation and consequently in the erection of the penis.
  3. Diabetes: is another disease that can lead to circulatory disorders and loss of sensation due to nervous problems.
  4. Hormonal disorders: the decrease in testosterone (male sex hormone) like thyroid hormone disorders can affect ejaculation, it is vital to note that hormones intervene in the functioning of the sexual organs.
  5. Psychological problems: It is important to mention that some traumas can affect and produce premature ejaculation, among them we can mention the loss of self-confidence during the first sexual relationship, this may be due to the stress of looking good to the couple and if In the opposite case, where it has already occurred on other occasions, you should consult with the best sexologist in Delhi and start the therapy that best suits your symptoms.

Another situation that can occur is the loss of interest in the sexual act, it can be an important factor for premature ejaculation to occur. In this case, what is achieved is a lack of satisfaction and less intensity during orgasm.

  1. Presence of anxious cadres that are capable of producing a vicious circle. At this time, the partner must be taken into account and supported by her, this will be of great help, this is one of the most frequent causes of premature ejaculation.
  2. Presence of physical, mental, work and family stress can trigger disorders in sexual life, and consequently alter ejaculation, this type of situation causes low self-esteem in men, nervousness or even panic before sexual intercourse puts life at risk in couple. The top sexologist in Delhi advices to enjoy the moment together, as it will relax you and get more out of your privacy.
  3. The use of substances such as alcohol and some drugs in an inappropriate way can affect the normal functioning of the body, therefore control over ejaculation. Just as the nervous system can affect concentration at the time of intercourse, this is why sexologist doctor in Delhi recommends reducing the consumption of these substances to achieve the enjoyment of the sexual act.
  4. Weakness of the pubococcygeal muscles, these intervene in ejaculation, the loss of tonicity and weakness due to lack of exercise can cause this alteration, the way to strengthen them is through Kegel exercises, which are used to strengthen the muscles pubococcygei, in this way reduce and prevent premature ejaculation from occurring.
  5. Urological infections: infectious disorders at the urinary or prostate level can be the cause of premature ejaculation, therefore it is recommended to see a sex doctor in Delhi for any symptoms in the pelvic area, once it is clear which is the premature ejaculation causes that gave rise to the problem, a multidisciplinary therapy must be implemented by the hand of sexologists in Delhi who are knowledgeable about the subject and trained to implement the treatment that offers the greatest benefits to the patient so that they can quickly, safely and without side effects restore active sexual life and their relationship with their partner.

Changes in diet promoting a healthy, natural diet, without chemical additives, rich in vegetables, fruits and fiber are an excellent option, in addition to changes in the rhythm of life can improve sexual life, for this you must comply with a daily routine of ejaculation exercises 30 minute solutions; With this, it is possible to release stress, relax the body and stimulate substances such as endorphins, which improve mood and can reduce premature ejaculation problems.

All this for the benefit of the patient who is going through this sexual dysfunction, the most important thing is to seek professional help, improve communication with the couple and comply with the instructions of the best sexologist in Delhi, who depending on what the patient requires, will have for him the best premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi.

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