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Top 05 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Condoms

Condoms are easy to get and easy to use contraception methods that also make sex better – if used properly. Even if you’re using a different contraception method, using condoms during sex can protect you and your partner from various STDs including HIV.

With a rapidly increasing population, India is in the middle of a dynamic transformation. But, there still exists a taboo that makes buying condoms an awkward experience.

While manufacturing and brands continue to evolve, myths and lack of information around condoms should be addressed. In this blog, we have listed the top five frequently asked questions about condoms in the post COVID world.

  1. Can I get different sizes?
  2. Do condoms easily break?
  3. Can I use lubricants with condoms?
  4. Are condoms 100% effective against STDs?
  5. Are vegan condoms better?

Can I get different sizes?

Finding condoms that feel and fit right can be tricky. If it’s not comfortable, it’s more likely to break or fail to prevent unwanted pregnancy or STDs.

The key to finding the perfect size for you is to take measurement and experiment. There are multiple condom brands and varieties available in the market. From ultra-thin condoms to vegan condoms to traditional ones, some of the brands have different variants available in different sizes as well.

If sex doesn’t feel as good when you wear one, go on to try a different size. Issues like irritation, itching or dryness during sex may also arise as most popular condoms contain harsh chemicals and additives. Switching to a natural alternative like vegan condoms from Bleu can help maintain sexual wellness.

Do condoms easily break?

If you use a condom correctly, the chances of it breaking are low — but it can certainly happen.

If a condom doesn’t fit properly, it may break during use. If you do not put it on correctly and there is air left at the tip of the condom, the odds of it breaking are high. Too much friction, not enough lubrication, and rough handling are some of the other reasons that cause a condom to break.

When you buy condoms, always make sure to check the expiration date. Ones that have expired will not remain effective over time. Storing condoms properly and using a new one every time you have sex are some of the other factors that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Can I use lubricants with condoms?

Even if a woman is aroused, the production of natural lubricant inside the body is not enough sometimes. This may cause dryness, friction and discomfort during sex. Addition of a lubricant helps improve the experience and makes the whole thing more pleasurable for you and your partner.

Can you use lubricant with condoms? Yes, absolutely — if you pick the right lubricant.

Selection of the right lubricant depends on what type of condom you’re using. We recommend to always choose a water-based lubricant as it’s gentle to the body and compatible with all condoms. They are less likely to cause you infections as well, unlike oil-based lubricants.

Are condoms 100% effective against STDs?

No type or brand of condoms prevents sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) with 100% accuracy. However, no other contraception method provides protection against STDs as effective as condoms.

Even when using a different birth control method, you must always use condoms for effective protection against STDs. Make sure you put it on correctly and use a new one every time you have sex. Notably, condoms do not protect against infections in or from genital areas not covered by it.

Are vegan condoms better?

Just like non-vegan condoms, vegan condoms have a failure rate of 2%. However, depending on the brand, they offer you multiple added advantages.

For example, brands like Bleu offer vegan condoms that are completely free of harsh chemicals and toxic additives. The exclusive range from Bleu eliminates unnecessary chemicals from your intimate life and prevent any discomfort, allergic reactions and even yeast infections.

Female body parts, especially genital areas, are pretty sensitive. Its natural balance needs to be taken care of and vegan condoms exactly do that by helping maintain your sexual wellbeing.

To shop the exclusive range of vegan condoms from Bleu, click here!

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