Tools to increase website conversion rate on your site

So far we have reviewed practices to increase website conversion rate. Based on them, we will indicate some tools to improve the conversion rate.

To create calls to action

  • DaButtonFactory:

It is a simple and practical button generator for creating calls to action. It is a fast and easy-to-use tool. You can start from scratch or edit any of the examples that are in the site’s gallery.

Once you have created the button you can download the image to your computer or copy the code to insert it on your site.

  • Button Optimizer

Another tool for creating buttons that is among the most popular. Like the previous one, it is free. You can choose from different shapes, colors, border details, and text styles.

You can download it in PNG format and insert the button on your website with the HTML or CCS codes.

  • SumoMe

If you want to get subscribers without diverting visitors to a landing page, this application will help you. It allows you to include a lead generation bar, in which the user leaves their email and continues where they are.

But in addition to the banner, you can also create conventional buttons and pop-up windows. It has tools with which you can analyze the conversion rate.

It is a very complete application in which it has very useful tools for your website. For example, heat maps on visits to your website in real-time.

  • Exertion

If you have heard of the pop-up before exit, you know that it is a message that appears just before a user leaves the website. It is the last resort that tells the visitor why they should stay on the site.

An exertion is a tool with which you can create this type of pop-up window. You can offer him offers or invite him to see the content of interest so that he does not leave.

For forms and landing pages

  • InstaPage

This resource allows you to easily create landing pages. More than 70 templates are available that you can use as a starting point.

Thanks to its drag and drop system, it will be very easy for you to customize your landing page . One of its advantages is that it does not require you to have programming knowledge to create your page.

In addition, it can be integrated into Mailchimp or Google Analytics. In it you can perform A / B tests to test which version of the page generates the most conversions.

  • Formstack

A very intuitive tool that allows you to create registration forms in a few minutes. In their presentation, they guarantee to have several levels of security, an important characteristic when you request data from your users.

In addition to the forms, you can also design custom surveys. To use Formstack you must join one of their paid plans. However, you have two months of free trial in which you can decide if it is convenient for you to continue with the service.

  • Optimizely

Do you need to apply A / B tests to your forms or landing pages? Through this tool, you can compare two or more versions to determine which one works best, according to your goals.

In this case, we are also talking about a paid application.

Options with multiple functions

  • io

Understanding user behavior is essential to improve conversion rates. There are several tools to help you do this. is one of them; for $ 1 you can test how it works.

The platform is in Spanish. With it you get reports that will tell you how visitors interact with your site and at what point they leave it.

With this information, you can improve the aspects of the web that are failing to increase the conversion rate.

  • Visual Website Optimizer

It is another of the tools with multiple functions, which positions it as one of the most complete. Among its applications is the possibility of obtaining a heatmap (heat map) and click maps to track the clicks of visitors

You can also perform usability tests, split testing, A / B tests, among others. Its trial version allows it to be used on sites that have less than a thousand visits during a month.

  • Feng-Gui

This application analyzes the visual elements on your website, imitating the human eye. So, identify the most attractive components in the image, the display order, the areas of greatest interest, etc.

Why will it serve you? Knowing these data it is possible to create more effective strategies, improving the visibility of the site. With it, you will know where the visual elements fail and where to place the calls to action so that they are more effective.

  • Inspectlet

With this tool, you can identify users individually and see how they interact with your website. What Inspectlet does is record a video with all the movements of your visitors.

This way you can see where you click, scroll and mouse movements. You can choose between seeing the session of new visitors or those who have returned.

Take advantage of this tool

  • Go to Webinar

The content adapted to each phase of inbound marketing is essential if you want to learn how to increase the conversion rate. In this case, webinars , e-books, online courses, among others, are very effective, because they promise valuable information to the user.

Go to Webinar is one of the most popular platforms for offering online conferences. Its features include being able to manage attendees, record seminars, follow up by email, among others. It’s simple to use and will work for you whether you have a large or small audience.

Planning and implementing an online marketing strategy requires a lot of attention. Although you have all these resources to monitor it, you can contact us and we will gladly help you.

These are just some of the many tools to increase the conversion rate on your website that you can use. Some free, others paid. Use them according to your needs to optimize resources. Now we await your opinion about this post. Go ahead and leave us a comment!

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