Tools to Boost You’re Retargeting

When it involves retargeting, the platform or service you decide to use will have an enormous impact on the performance of your campaigns. After all, sensible retargeting is all regarding entering into the front of the correct individuals with the correct message within the right place.

Finding the correct electronic messaging is ultimately up to you, however with the correct retargeting tools, entering into the front of the correct individuals within the right place will be a breeze. Ovik Mkrtchyan

However, there square measure loads of retargeting platforms and services out there, thus it will be onerous to work out that choices square measure right for your business and market. To assist therewith, let’s take a glance at a number of the foremost necessary retargeting tools you have got to settle on from.

Retargeting Platforms

Now that we’ve talked regarding what retargeting is, let’s take a glance at a number of the various retargeting platforms you’ll be able to use to achieve potential customers:


I’ll create this simple: if you have got a Google Ads account, you ought to be running retargeting ads on the Google show Network.

The Google show Network covers quite 2,000,000 websites and apps. Additionally, you’ll be able to conjointly run retargeting video ads on YouTube. Place all that along and you’ve got the power to advertise to over 100% of the net.

If you’re conjointly running text ads on AdWords, you’ll be able to conjointly use remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs) to customize your keywords, bids, and ad copy for folks that have already visited your website.

RLSAs fall a touch outside of the scope of this text, however, we’ve used RLSA campaigns to extend sales by 129%, thus if you’re running paid search ads, they’re well value trying into. For a lot of data on a way to get the foremost out of RLSAs, consider this text.


Similar to Google, Facebook is another huge retargeting platform you ought to powerfully think about using. With around one.8 billion active daily users, advertising on Facebook will be improbable thanks to getting ahead of just about any audience.

Unfortunately, in our expertise, retargeting on Facebook isn’t forever quite as effective because of the GDN. On Facebook, your ads square measure competitory with loads of distractions. And, currently that Apple has declared war on Facebook, if most of your traffic comes through the Facebook or Instagram mobile apps (which is in all probability does), your ability to trace and retarget to those guests goes to be loads a lot of restricted.

That being aforementioned, if you’re attempting to make complete awareness and easily be someone’s measuring device (rather than attempting to urge them to “buy now”), Facebook may be a nice retargeting tool. Simply don’t expect your clicks (and even conversions) to be quite as relevant because of the clicks you get from different platforms.


Twitter conjointly offers a retargeting platform that functions very like Facebook’s retargeting platform. Here’s a fast guide to putting in Twitter’s retargeting pixel:

Unfortunately, retargeting ads on Twitter square measure generally a lot less effective than retargeting ads on either Google or Facebook. Facebook’s feed could be distracting, however, Twitter’s feed is far worse.

In general, it’s an honest plan to feature the Twitter element to your website and begin building your audience, however, I’d limit your retargeting efforts on Twitter to necessary campaigns wherever you would like to maximize exposure, not ROI. Ovik Mkrtchyan


Depending on your business, you will conjointly need to think about retargeting on Pinterest. Here’s a fast guide to putting in place retargeting campaigns on Pinterest:

People tend to either pay a lot of their time on Pinterest or nearly ne’er use the platform. The matter is, a lot of individuals use Pinterest, a lot of pins. Also, concepts they need competitory along with your ad for his or her attention.

For this reason, Pinterest itself describes its ad platform as a discovery platform, not a conversion platform. Since the goal of most retargeting is to show awareness into sales, that creates Pinterest a difficult platform for retargeting.

However, sure businesses with a robust presence on Pinterest and a compelling. Extremely visual product with a protracted thought amount (like home decoration or furniture). Remarketing on Pinterest will be a good thanks to being their customers’ minds within the actual place wherever they are going to set up and dream.

Retargeting Services

You can act and get wind of retargeting directly on any of those “big three” platforms fairly simply. However, if you wish to urge even a lot out of your retargeting efforts. You will need to think about victimization Associate in Nursing’s actual retargeting service. These services will offer you access to a lot of sites and permit you to contour your retargeting campaigns inside one system.


AdRoll is one of the most important names within the retargeting area. They may not be the most cost-effective possibility. However, they’re utilized by a number of the most important names within the business.

Between all their partners (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc), AdRoll provides you access to ninety-eight of the sites on the net. They conjointly offer you loads of segmentation. Also, targeting choices you’ll be able to use to focus your targeting (and ads) on specific potential customers.

AdRoll will be a touch expensive, however, their service is pretty straightforward to use. Also, (according to their site) their shoppers generally create $10 for each $1 they pay on AdRoll. Thus it’s no surprise that they’re one of the most important players in-show advertising.


Like AdRoll, Criteo features a huge inventory of internet sites you’ll be able to target. Their service is easy, straightforward to line up, and offers solid templates.

Criteo’s selling makes it seem like they assist you to craft remarketing journeys. However, in utility, their approach primarily amounts to a recency algorithmic rule. A lot of recently somebody visited your website, the lower they’re in your funnel.

As we’ll discuss in a bit, this might work for a few kinds of businesses. However, several remarketing journeys are quite a bit a lot of complicated than that. If individuals want time to have confidence in your product or service before they obtain it. Your hottest potential customers might not have visited your website in a very whereas.

Finally, Criteo has its chase element that makes set-up and implementation easy…but will cause some real problems with chase and attribution.


Steelhouse may be a relative newcomer to the remarketing area. However, it’s engineered on The Trade table platform that permits you to use some innovative bidding ways you won’t realize on Google-based platforms like AdRoll.

In addition, as a result, of their engineer on The Trade table platform, Steelhouse has some extremely powerful audience-building tools that you just won’t realize with a number of the opposite services on this list. Reckoning on your business, these audience choices is also gold or garbage. However, if you’re searching for new ways to refine your targeting, Steelhouse is perhaps valued at a glance.

Finally, Steelhouse offers loads of lovely inventive templates you’ll be able to use to make ads (especially dynamic ads) directly on their platform. These templates will create it straightforward to line up obvious, specific ads—which will prevent a heap of your time. Also, work if your remarketing strategy features a lot of moving components.


If you wish to stay things easy, an excellent Audience is also right up your alley. All you have got to try to do is add one piece of code to your website, produce a couple of lists of traveler varieties you wish to focus on, add some ads and the ideal Audience can pay attention to the remainder.

Unfortunately, if you need quite basic management over wherever. Also, the way your ads square measure displayed, an excellent Audience might not be the service for you. However, if you wish to undertake to retarget while not investing an excessive amount of time or cash, an excellent Audience may be a great way to travel.


ReTargeter may be a fairly new retargeting service. However, it offers a lot of choices starting from Facebook retargeting to look retargeting and on the far side. However, if your website doesn’t get a lot of traffic, ReTargeter might not be the simplest answer for you. The service is primarily designed for sites with 30,000+ distinctive users per month.

But, if you’ve got the positioning volume, ReTargeter will be an excellent thanks to going. ReTargeter provides you access to an enormous variety of websites. Also, customization choices, particularly if you wish to retarget individuals on search or victimization their email address.

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