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Tips to Select the Right Outdoor Furniture for Your House in Brisbane

Are you looking to make your home outdoors comfortable but do not know what furniture would be most suitable?

From considering the size of the space to the colour scheme, here is all the advice you need.

With the comfortable Brisbane winter approaching, spending time outdoors will be frequent. You need the right support in the form of furniture to keep you comfortable. The right furniture will also transform the appearance of your outdoor space.

Before heading to a furniture store Brisbane, keep these tips in mind.

The Furniture Must Suit the Theme

The primary tip for selecting the right outdoor furniture is its aesthetic value. The appearance of a place can make or break it. Therefore, before you buy the furniture, take time to consider if it fits the theme.

The trendiest furniture item for a more modern look is that which is made of plastic. Although it sounds odd, the scope of plastic furniture is vast. From fresh styles and shapes to bright colours, plastic furniture can add a fun element to the space. Moreover, a lot of plastic furniture is now constructed using recycled materials, thus making it an eco-friendly alternative.

Another very versatile option is metal. With metal furniture, you have a broad spectrum from modern to industrial to select from. Like plastic furniture, you can also add a layer of colour to metal furniture.

For a more organic appearance, wood is an excellent choice. From a rustic finish to a modern finish, you have many options.


Since outdoor furniture is constantly exposed to weather conditions, it is essential to use durable material. You have to consider the need for maintenance.

Plastic, for instance, offers durability while being weatherproof and lightweight. Moreover, it is also effortless to clean. All it needs is a quick wipe with soapy water.

Metal, when powder-coated, is easy to maintain. Although, metal may be prone to scratches and rust.

Wooden furniture is durable and sturdy. It truly lasts long without much maintenance. Teak, for instance, needs regular upkeep to prevent it from turning a little silver-grey with time. However, for some people, that passes off as an old-world charm.


It is always a good idea to select furniture keeping the environmentally-friendly factor in mind. Wooden and metal furniture are generally recyclable. Recycled plastic is also a sustainable choice.

Select the Right-Sized Furniture for the Space

Furniture is available in multiple shapes and sizes, from a 6-seater table to a single-person desk. Take into consideration the number of people that have to be seated and the space available.

Round tables allow a larger number of people to be seated in limited space. Foldable furniture is also a great idea to consider.

Consider the Weight

When looking for furniture for outdoor spaces, consider its weight. Ideally, you would prefer something lightweight so you can quickly move it around. For instance, if you have a lot of guests over, you would want to rearrange the setup to accommodate them.

Colour Scheme

Colour is a very important factor to consider while selecting furniture. The safest option is to go for neutral colours. It blends with every setting. Muted tones, greys, and browns blend easily outdoors.

Wrapping Up

Remember, there is no single best solution for outdoor furniture. It entirely depends on your style and the space available.

Before you visit any furniture store in Brisbane, browse your options online. It will help you envision what exactly you want.

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