Tips on Revamping your Professional DevOps Resume to get Shortlisted in 2022

The world of developing technologies is changing drastically. The change has brought in demand for DevOps specialists. DevOps is a great approach adopted by many IT companies and to enter the market you need an up-to-date professional DevOps resume. Check out DevOps Free Course for gaining skills and expertise.

If you want to have your dream DevOps job opportunity but fail to bag one, now is the time to revamp your resume with us. Your resume is your entry card to the company. We will walk you through the process to reflect your DevOps techniques and approaches at best. So, get a jump-start, by editing your DevOps Engineer Resume with our experts.

We have also compiled a few pointers for you after reviewing a number of resume samples.

  • Professional Summary 

A DevOps resume summary of 2-3 sentences is enough to define a summary of your career. It’s a chance to use for an attention-grabbing preview of your professional experience. 

You can rewrite by mentioning your role and years of experience, key achievements, and most relevant DevOps skills. Add only those skills which highlight your accomplishments with concrete figures. Include your top talents that help to hire a manager to build interest to read your application. 

  • Cover Right Skills 

If you’re uncertain of which skills to include, let the company’s job description should help you out. It’ll guide you on which skills the hiring company is looking for in an applicant. 

This trick of redesigning your DevOps resume will help you get past ATS. But, sticking to using hard skills as technical skills should be what you focus more attention on. 

Soft skills are essential too, especially for higher-level positions. Though technical capabilities should be prioritized.

  • Relevant Experience 

Relevant experience does not need you to have had the same job title or worked in the same market. It doesn’t matter where or how you learned the abilities as long as you prove them with your accomplishments. So, add your experience specific to the job description. Highlighting the most relevant experiences you offer excel in that desired job. 

  • ATS-friendly 

Your resume must rank as a viable one to the ATS, recruitment software. The evaluation is based on the presence or absence of keywords on your professional DevOps resume. 

So, it’s important while you remodel your resume consider putting in keywords. These keywords can be found in job ad that represent the specific skills, experiences, or qualities a recruiter is seeking. 

Key Takeaways for DevOps Engineer Resume

The entire effort of revamping resume is to convince recruiter. Your DevOps resume must portray you as an offer the perfect combination of relevant key skills and professional experiences. And also of training, certifications, educational background, and any other qualities to smash the job. 

Before you start with redrafting your resume, remember:

  • Start with an active verb,
  • Provide relevant and quantifiable examples,
  • Provide a comparison baseline,
  • Explain your achievements of results considering ‘ how ‘
  • Enrich your resume using sections such as certifications, publications, or the conferences
  • Never lie in your resume, state what you are and what you possess as a candidate
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