Tips for keyword research and analysis

Definition of keyword analysis

A prior analysis of the keywords is immensely important for the search engine optimization of individual pages or an entire website. A keyword analysis is used to research and analyze keywords on a specific topic or subject area. Before you build a website, create a one-pager or write a text, thorough keyword research or keyword analysis is an important basis. On the basis of these defined keywords, a website or landing page can be built whose content is relevant. A keyword analysis tells you what Google users are looking for.

In other words, keyword research and keyword analysis are the basis for a successful website.

How to do a keyword analysis

In order to analyze the keywords relevant to his website or text, a few steps are necessary:

  • Brainstorm :
    • Which terms or keywords are relevant in this context?
    • What words would you look for?
    • Are there any questions that can be answered?
    • What could the Google user’s search intent be?
  • Google Suggest :
    • You can find other keyword ideas related to your topics in Google Suggest. One tool that can help you here is
  • Keyword generator :
    • A keyword generator can be used to create further keyword combinations. A good tool is the Adwords Keyword Generator Tool.
  • Search volume :
    • The Google Keyword Planner can be used to determine the search volume for all possible keywords and keyword combinations.
  • Analyze keywords :
    • Based on relevance and search volume, the last step now has to be decided which keyword is the main keyword and which keywords are useful as secondary keywords. Here you should definitely keep the topic of your page and the search intentions of the users in mind. So you meet many visitors’ needs.

Tip: Small companies often do not manage to compete with big competitors with strong keywords and achieve a good ranking in the SERPs. Rather specialize here on niche keywords in your keyword analysis.


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