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This Unicycle Jewelry Is Made to Impress

This Unicycle Jewelry Is Made to Impress

Given the fair probability that you may not have ever come across quality unicycle jewelry ever before, it would seem obvious that unicycle themed jewelry would be made to impress, but if not, let the collection of jewelry that we are about to investigate serve to illustrate that point. Made to impress or not, there is a dearth of custom-made unicycle jewelry out there that proud riders can wear.

That is the express purpose of these following unique designs; unicyclists are hard workers and dedicated athletes, and deserving as much as anyone of some custom designs that will call some honor to their pursuits. If you or someone you know has dedicated an appreciable amount of time to the challenging sport of unicycle riding – whether it be mountain unicycle riding, street riding or otherwise – some of these would make a fine gift.

Check out the Wired Unicycle Earrings that you can find at What they do not present in precious stones, they make up for in character and flash. They are available in many different colors of wire and come with sterling silver ear hooks, so whether your personality is more an “Electric Blue,” a “Neon Green,” or some other color, you can find something you will appreciate. Each and every pair of them are made by hand right here in the United States, and bring with them the unique character of jewelry – and all goods – that have been paid the attention of individual handiwork. They’re a little bit small to ride, but that’s no big deal because you can find a model suitable for riding within their collection of unicycles. All of these can be found at within their collection of unicycle jewelry.

Stunning as they are, their unicycle earrings are not the only unicycle themed jewelry available on their website. You will also find another of other unforgettable designs like their unicycle necklace, which has a ton of character as well; and, by the way, would make a great pairing with their earrings.

Like their unicycle earrings, these necklaces are also entirely made by hand, right here in the United States, but the pendants that come with the necklace are made from bright copper and finished to protect them from tarnish. They represent the perfect balance between simplicity and aesthetics and, like the earrings, they are not recommended for riding. With that in mind, they would make a great gift for an athlete who has dedicated himself or herself to the unicycling sports.

Another great find, although it is not categorically jewelry, is their unicycle keychain, which provides you with another way to show off your spirit, especially if you’re not the type to wear earrings or a necklace. To each his own; offers many options for all types of personalities.

These are only very few examples of the unique unicycle gifts and accessories that you can find at On the same page as these memorable finds in jewelry, you will find equally interesting and unique ornaments, handmade cards, and many other finds. We could tell you more, but a picture says a thousand words. You may as well take a minute or two and peruse the catalog yourself; you never know what will speak to you until you see it.

If you have any questions about their products or want to learn more about what types of accessories they can offer, feel free to visit their website at or give their team a call at 678-494-4962 today. There’s something in their collection for everyone; you just need to find it.

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