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Thirteen Habits that make people extremely likable

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Too many people believe that being likable results from unteachable, natural traits. This belief is shared by many: the good-looking, fiercely social, and highly talented. twitter This myth is easy to fall into it. You can make yourself likable. It is a matter of emotional intelligence (EQ).

UCLA conducted a study in which subjects rated over 500 adjectives based on their likeability and perceived significance. The most popular adjectives do not base on being friendly, intelligent, or attractive (innate qualities). Instead, the top adjectives were sincerity and transparency, and the capacity to understand (another individual).

These words and similar phrases describe people who are proficient in emotional intelligence’s social side. TalentSmart research data involving more than a thousand people have shown that people who have these skills are highly likable and outperform people who don’t.

We did some digging to find the behaviors that emotionally intelligent people exhibit that makes them so likable. Here are 13 examples of the best.

They ask questions:

When it comes to listening, the biggest mistake people make is focusing on only the words or how other people go to affect them. The meaning of the words is lost even though they hear.

It is easy to avoid this by asking lots of questions. People appreciate knowing that you listen. A simple clarification question, even a one-word question, shows that you care about what they are saying. It will be surprising how much respect you can gain by simply asking questions.

They have taken their phones with them. You can’t turn anyone off with a quick text message, or even a glance at your smartphone during a conversation. You can put all your effort into a conversation. Engaging in conversations will make them more fun and productive.

They are real

It is essential to be genuine and honest to like. A fake is not a good thing. People will gravitate to people because they feel they can trust them. It is hard to be a friend to someone you don’t know.

Likable people are open to accepting themselves as they are. They can feel comfortable in their skin and are confident. Focusing on your strengths and interests will help you be more interesting than trying to assure people by making the right choices.

They are not eligible for the Judgment.

Being open-minded is key to being likable. Open-mindedness makes it easier to be approachable and intriguing to others. One does not want to be in a conversation with someone already forming an opinion and is unwilling to listen.

In a workplace, access to new ideas is key to keep your mind open. thepostcity It is critical to look at the world through the eyes of others to eliminate preconceived notions. You don’t have to believe what they believe or agree with their behavior. It is simply a way of letting go of judging them long enough to understand what they do. Only then can they be themselves.

They aren’t looking for attention.

People tend to be averse towards people who seek attention. You don’t need to be loud and outgoing to like. You can win people over by being friendly and thoughtful. People are quick to pick up on your attitude, and they will gravitate to you regardless of how many people you know.

Focus on the people who have helped you achieve your goals when you’re getting attention. Although this may sound cliché, it is true. If you truly care about others and show gratitude for their efforts, you will be more likely to be liked.

They are Consistent

Few things make you less likable than being scattered around. People like to know who they’re talking to and the type of response they can expect when they approach you. Being consistent requires you to be reliable and ensure that your mood doesn’t affect the ways you treat others.

They use positive body language.

Knowing your tone, voice, and gestures will help you attract people like ants to the picnic. High-EQ people use positive body language, such as a cheerful tone, not crossing their arms, and looking towards the person speaking. Positive body language can make a big difference in a conversation.

It’s true, you say is more important than what it is.

They Make a Strong First Impression

Research shows that people usually decide whether or not to like someone within seven seconds of meeting them. The majority of people then justify their initial reaction for the remainder of the conversation. It sounds scary but it can be a great way to improve your likeability. Positive body language plays a significant role in making first impressions. A strong posture, a firm grasp, smiling, and opening your shoulders will ensure a positive first impression.

They are kind to people by their names.

Your name is an important part of who you are. People love to use it. Likable people ensure that they always use the names of others when they meet them. When you greet someone, don’t just use their name. Research has shown that people feel more validated when someone they talk to refers to them by their first name.

If you are good at recognizing faces, but not with names, make it fun by making remembering names a mental exercise. Don’t be afraid of asking someone their name again if they forget it. Keep her name close at hand in case you need it.

They Smile

People naturally mirror the body language and actions of those they are talking to. People will naturally respond to you smiling during conversation.

They can tell when it is time to open.

You should not share personal problems or confess too quickly. It will make you a complainer. When it’s appropriate, friendly people let the other person know.

They Know Who To Touch (And They Touch Them).

The brain releases oxytocin if you touch someone during a conversation. This neurotransmitter helps to associate you with trust and other positive emotions. Just a gentle touch, a hug, or a friendly handshake will release oxytocin. You must also touch the person correctly to release oxytocin. Inappropriate touching can cause the opposite effect. Relationships are not only built from words but also from the way we feel about each other. A great way to show you care to touch someone in a loving and caring manner.

They can balance passion and enjoyment. People gravitate towards those who are passionate. However, passionate people can come off as being too disinterested. They tend to be absorbed in their work and become too serious. People who are friendly, balance their passion and the ability to have a lot of fun. They are professional and friendly at work. They are more focused on building relationships with their coworkers. They can recall what you said to them last week. It is a sign that they consider you just as important as their work.

All of It Together

The most valuable and distinctive thing about likable people is their ability to connect with others. neftegazru They build relationships with ease, foster harmony in the workplace, and bring out the best in others. They also have the most fun. You’ll be a lot more likable if you add these skills to your arsenal.

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