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Thinking about Adding LED Off Road Lights to Your Vehicle?

Thinking about Adding LED Off Road Lights to Your Vehicle?

There are more reasons than you can count to add auxiliary lighting to your off road vehicle and surely some of them stem from personal experience. The way that things come at you in the dark cannot really be described and must be experienced. The trail can seem to change before your very eyes and that makes it all the more important to set yourself up with bright, focused auxiliary lights, especially when it’s really dark out.

If you’re thinking about adding some to your vehicle, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about the value of LED off road lights. It’s not all chatter, and there really are a number of great reasons that LED lights may be suitable for your vehicle, especially for use as off road lights. To illustrate some of these points we’ll look at some of the fine points of the Stage Series 3” SAE/DOT White Sport Standard LED Pods available at Diode Dynamics.

In general, LED lights for off roading have a lot of benefits over traditional alternatives like halogen or incandescent bulbs. First off, LEDs take no time to warm up and are operable over a greater range of extreme conditions. They will also last significantly longer than either of these alternatives. You will probably get at most 2,000 hours from a good halogen bulb, whereas LEDs can last many, many thousands longer.

Additionally, LEDs draw much less power, which is less taxing on your vehicle’s electrical system. Plus, since they last longer, you’ll end up making less waste, which is great for the environment, too.

Those are benefits of LEDs in general, but taking a look at the SS3 LED Pods that you can use as LED off road lights, the case for LEDs gets even stronger. These light pods come in a durable powder coated aluminum housing that is tough, light and protective and they are available in several useful patterns including driving, fog, flood and spot beam patterns.

In addition, they are easy to connect using the including DT type Deutsch-style connectors that come with them. When it comes to protection and function, they are not only easy to protect using the snap on covers that Diode Dynamics offers for them, but you can change the color of the light with them too. This does not require you to change out the lens or the optic; only the snap on cover, and it can be very useful for those who want to use the same pods as driving auxiliary lights and as fog lights.

In terms of performance, these SS3 LED pods set the bar even higher. Whereas many other forms of LED auxiliary lights waste light output due to ineffective focusing, the LED pods from Diode Dynamics use technology known as TIR, or total internal reflection, to direct and focus the light output. Their TIR optics focus all of the light output exactly where you need it, resulting in a brighter apparent output that is sharply focused with a minimum of glare.

These LED pods are tough, too. They are tested to work within a huge temperature range, from -40 to 185 Fahrenheit. Also, you’ll be pleased to know that they are resistant to vibration, moisture and even corrosion, which is a big bonus for off roaders.

These LED pods, like everything offered by Diode Dynamics, are designed, assembled and tested here in the United States, and these even come with an 8 year warranty. If you want to learn more about these LED pods or the other lighting solutions available at Diode Dynamics, check their website at or get in touch with their team at 314-205-3033.

For more information about Automotive Led Bulbs and LED Light Bulbs For Trucks Please visit : Diode Dynamics.

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