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Things We Expect Our Digital Marketing Clients Knew

Digital marketing, especially online types involving search engine optimization (SEO), suffering from a plaid reputation. This is a natural effect of the industry. From the beginning of the era of search engine domination (Google Incorporated 1998), an online entrepreneur began a search to optimize the website so that they would appear higher in higher search results. Except that there is no such thing as “experts” in the field, so everyone just regretted it at first. Choosing an online theme with some Coupons on Responsive Themes and creating a whole plan for its development and then SEO is something that takes time.

Because this science and art have developed for 20 years, old articles, books, and suggestions just piled up and piled up in web pockets. We ended up with two types of information that tarnished client expectations about what digital and SEO marketing was doing: obsolete information made was worn out because Google purified the algorithm, and false promises made by “black hats” were clever, people which mislead clients with guarantees they can’t back up.

The field of technology tends to suffer from mythical propagation in general. Technology changes so fast that even the best intended instructors can fall from synchronization with the rate of progress if they are not updated. Meanwhile, the internet and social media make a slight difference between beginner and expert advice. The internet makes a great museum, but a bad school.

For this small post, we will take space to get some things from our chest, speak as a digital marketing agent. Look at it as a small tip sheet to get the best results when you hire us. At the same time, we will also try to make some myths and educate people about the core process behind what we do.

1. Transparency is core requirements
This is a frequent complaint with many professional consulting levels: clients who hire you and then expect you to do your work blind. Nothing worked well in a vacuum. We need to have a function that is more integrated with our clients or we can hardly say what our goals are. We must be on the loop.

It’s easy for business leaders to make mistakes thinking that marketing can be treated as an exclusive external function. Get traffic to your site, you say. It would be better if it’s as simple as that, but no. We must understand your business model, sales volume, and marketing goals.

There are all kinds of business models on the web:

  • Advertising platform: how most social networks usually make money
    Content broadcasting: Content accompanied by an affiliate ad or link
    Retail Merchant: You have a product or service and sell it directly to consumers
    B2B: You provide products or services but only sell for other businesses
    Agency: You bring talent along with requests and impose commission fees
    SaaS (software as service): Your product is an application and you charge fees for its use
    Brick-and-mortar: Your product or service is not transpired online but using the web to attract business directly
    Non-profit: organizations and activists funded donations promote social causes

It’s just the most common model, with more between hybrids. Each business model has its own needs in digital marketing. Furthermore, your target market determines many of your marketing strategies. Do you see on television, the ad changes depending on what time is the day and what show is playing? That’s because they are targeting different markets.

We work most effectively when we have an open communication environment and collaboration. This gives us a better idea about the purpose and budget of a project, to allow us to give our best results.

In essence: Give us as much information as we can use, and work in coordination between our team and you, help you get the best results.

2. No quick results
Although it is true that you can sometimes see the direct effects of individual maneuvers online, digital marketing is a more holistic process where we must launch a multi-faceted campaign. This is partly due to “Google’s speed,” so to speak. Just to throw the ballpark number, it takes around a week to change the website to make a difference in Google’s results.

3. Details Oriented:

We will confess, this industry for geeks! Digital marketing calls for a detailed and thorough-oriented approach. Because most digital marketing is a text-based company, there are differences in the world between almost the right words and right words.
These are other factors where communication and transparency in our client collaboration are important because we use data collected from the end of our clients to feed our marketing machines and find out what is not. We have identified PPC traps for years, and we have found some cool psychological tricks that help conversions.

Because there are so many technologies and science (psychology, sociology, and economics for beginners) that come together in digital marketing, always work and stimulate work. Or at least it’s for us! If there is a better title or more interesting image, we will test and track it.

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