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Things to Do – What to Do on Your Holidays to Dubai

Things to Do in Dubai 

There are many Activity to do in Dubai, and more are being added every day. From shopping to activities, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, here are some of the top attractions in Dubai.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is a gleaming, seven-star hotel that has a white sand beachfront and is one of the most famous places in the world. It is where you can watch over the gentle waves as they splash onto the white sands. At Burj Al Arab you’ll also get to experience the best of traditional Arabian hospitality.

Diners dine at the grand dining room called the Al Boom, and there are fantastic meals by the fire, which are rumoured to be delicious. Another good time to eat at Burj Al Arab is during the Hijabs, which is a three-day observance of Islamic faith. You’ll witness the Hajj at sunset, when the sun is burning brightly.

Dubai City Tour

A city tour of Dubai lets you experience the natural beauty of the area. The Burj Al Arab is no exception. Walk through the ancient streets of Dubai, smelling the spices and getting a glimpse of the Arabic culture. You will pass through the marketplace of Jumeirah where many merchants to sell their goods and visit museums like the Dubai Museum and the Dubai Art Museum.

If shopping is your thing, then a city tour of Dubai is for you. A walk from anywhere to any of the seven souks (the Dubai Shopping Canters) will provide you with great deals on all kinds of merchandise. These include clothes, jewellery, electronics, furniture and much more. There are even exclusive shopping centres that offer an experience like no other.

Adventurous Water Sports

Dubai’s adventure water sports are some of the best in the world. If snorkelling or scuba diving is your game, then a city tour of Dubai is just the thing for you. The Gold Souk offers a wide variety of items that include gold coins, jewellery, and souvenirs from all over the Gulf region. The Deep-Sea Diving Centre is another tourist attraction that gives divers a chance to enjoy a varied menu of diving activities under the sea. Some of the diving excursions can take as little as two hours, while others can last up to five days.

Other Attractions

A city tour of Dubai also allows visitors to participate in the local market. Many traders sell goods from all over the Gulf region and other countries. A traditional market is usually located in the Al-Wasi Centre. But tourists can also visit the modern market located in the Sheikh Zayed Road.

If shopping is what your trip to Dubai is all about, then a guided tour of Dubai is the perfect way to spend your days. Dubai Shopping Festival is held every June and showcases a variety of Dubai’s finest businesses. The Al-Wasi Market is also home to a popular flea market where visitors can buy all kinds of souvenirs from fabric crafts to electronic gadgets. Dubai tour packages offer many different things to do in Dubai, so check out what interests you before booking your trip.

A city tour of Dubai also gives you the opportunity to visit the Dubai spiritually. This area of the city features a small Muslim community living in small houses called Madinat Jumeriah mosques. You can visit these houses to get a glimpse of life inside the Madinat. The mosque is also a place where you can hear the daily prayers of Islam.

A city tour of Dubai will give you many  Activity to do in Dubai and the chance to see the world’s largest artificial Ski Resort and the Burj al Arab Hotel. These two luxurious hotels are staples of the world’s luxury travel and they are definitely impressive. Located on the top of the Burj al Arab Hotel, the ski resort of al Hajar Mountains is the only one of its kind in the region. It’s the perfect place for a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation full of relaxation and entertainment.

Shopping is an absolutely essential part of any Dubai city tour. The city features over a thousand shops, hundreds of souks, many Activity to do in Dubai, and over a dozen malls. Everything from traditional jeweler to designer wear and everything in between can be found here. Of- course tourists are not limited to shopping in the traditional markets; there are also hundreds of Dubai malls that carry a variety of goods. Tourists can find anything they want from designer boutiques to cheap electronics.

Water sports abound in Dubai and many others Activity to do in Dubai, and visitors can take a trip to the Dubai Creek, a manmade body of water located in the north of the city. Visitors can kayak down the Creek, or simply float on the water. Another popular water sport in Dubai is wakeboarding, which is a unique experience that combines the elements of surfing and skiing. It’s a completely exciting way to experience Dubai, and a must-do for anyone planning a city tour in Dubai. If you want to see more of what things to do in Dubai, all you have to do is plan your trip and then plan your activities accordingly.

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