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Things to do in Turkey

The more you talk about Turkey, the harder it will be to describe the city’s majesty. When we talk about Turkey’s 100 decades   of human civilisation, we’re not just talking about a statistic but facts that hypnotic, enchanting and fascinating. There are many things to do in Turkey, including some of the most gorgeous landscapes, a couple of heritage sites, magnificent mosques, and one of the world’s seven wonders.

It has a tradition that has lingered and remain new and aesthetically attracting cum natural beauty that has been enhanced with time, and architectural landmarks that demonstrate continuous evolution from old to new structures, all of which coexist on the same patch of ground under the sun.

Apart from this, there are many great cities that leave no shortage of things to do in Turkey. Mainly, places like Cappadocia, Antalya, and the capital city help to make this trip better. A vacation in Turkey will surely be incomplete if you miss out the following interesting Things to do in Turkey from this post Book your turkey packages and get set on this adventure-filled Turkey vacation. Moreover, you can customise your Turkey itinerary from Pickyourtrail and choose accordingly.

Lists of Things to Do in Turkey 

  • Take a trip to Hagia Sophia
  • Take a stroll through the Grand Bazaar
  • The Topkapi Palace is a must-see in Istanbul
  • At Taksim Square, take the Tram
  • The Traditional Turkish Bathhouse is a must-see
  • Dervish Show with Whirling Dervishes
  • The Blue Mosque should be visited
  • Miniaturk Park will make you feel like a giant
  • Take a ride in a famous hot air balloon
  • Goreme National Park is a great place to visit
  • The Cuisine of the Area
  • Hiking in Love Valley
  • The Uchisar Castle
  • The Goreme Open Air Museum
  • At the Fairy Chimneys, you can play golf
  • Archaeological Museum of Antaly
  • Kursunlu Falls
  • In the Koprulu Canyon National Park, you can go rafting
  • Theme Park Land of Legends
  • Cable-Skiing
  • Lara Beach is a great place to unwind
  • Explore in Sumela Monastery
  • Patara is a great place to relax
  • A visit to the Manavgat Waterfall
  • Geyikbayiri is a great place to climb
  • Visit the Ankara Castle
  • Atakule Tower


Take a trip to Hagia Sophia

It is one of Turkey’s oldest locations, and it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This location was once a 6th-century chapel that was later transformed into a mosque by Turkey. It is one of Turkey’s most well-known tourist attractions as well as a must-see destination. This location is also known for being a museum.

Hagia Sophia
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Take a trip down the Bosporus on a ferry

One of Istanbul’s most visited destinations in Turkey is the Bosporus by ferry. Where the experience of the Bosphorus river in turquoise-colored water doubles the joy of this trip. where boat rides also provide a better option. thus, making things to do in Turkey all the more attractive.

Bosporus on a ferry
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Take a stroll through the Grand Bazaar-

The Grand Bazaar, located in Istanbul, is one of the most picturesque and greatest destinations in Turkey. They are not only the oldest, but they are also quite old. This market is ideal for purchasing Turkish souvenirs and decorations. This place is not only the most special place to market, but it is also one of the special places in Turkey to visit.

Grand Bazaar
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

The Topkapi Palace is a must-see in Istanbul-

Topkapi Palace is Turkey’s most unique tourist destination. It also aids in the re-enactment of Turkish history. The Ottoman Empire’s storey is now complete. It has virtually reached Africa from Europe. As a result, tourist attractions in Turkey, such as royal jewels and antique weapons, are becoming increasingly popular.

Topkapi Palace Istabul Turkey
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

At Taksim Square, take the Tram

It is one of Turkey’s best and busiest destinations. In addition, the location is known for its pedestrian high-end brand, a shopping mall, and numerous restaurants. During your vacation, you can also sample the best and most delectable cuisine. Where the experience of the tram makes this journey even better. and  the traveling experience from Taksim Square to Tunnel Square forms an integral part of the activities in Turkey. You can’t just miss such fundamental part of the of Turkish heritage.

Taksim Square
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

The Traditional Turkish Bathhouse is a must-see-

The place was built mainly on the idea of a grand bath from the Romans during the Ottoman Empire. and fully describes the culture and heritage of that time. which can become the main choice of activities for visitors to Turkey. Where the experience of watching their bathing class along with the traditional turkey bath can also be found.

Traditional Turkish Bathhouse
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Dervish Show with Whirling Dervishes-

This is the main traditional dance of Istanbul, located in Turkey, which is very famous all over the world. The fame of this dance can be gauged from the fact that it has been nominated as a UNESCO Heritage of Humanity. It will thrill lovers of dance art in a completely new way, thus making the activities to do in Turkey an even better experience.

Dervish Show Turkey
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

The Blue Mosque should be visited

The Blue Mosque is the most unique attraction in Turkey. Like the mosque, it is mostly made of blue tiles. It is a one-of-a-kind architectural work in Turkey. All visitors are welcome to come here. This mosque is also of great importance religiously. which are quite big and huge in size. It is popularly referred to as  Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also the dome on it speaks well of its strength and stability.

The Blue Mosque Turkey
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Miniaturk Park will make you feel like a giant

MiniTurk Park is one of the best places to visit with kids and family during activities in Turkey. More than 100 models have been kept here for children to have fun with, also helping children in their mental and physical development. These parks describe Turkey’s most attractive structure but also attract everyone with its beauty.

Miniaturk Park
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Take a ride in a famous hot air balloon-

The valleys and rock formations of Cappadocia are well-known. The uniqueness of this region, makes it  one of Turkey’s most famous tourist locations, it is enhanced by rock ridges and mountain cliffs, as well as rock-shaped tops.

The hot-air balloon journey, on the other hand, adds to the attractiveness of this site. Apart from that, the church, open-air museum, and Ihlara Valley identify this area as a must-see in Turkey. which are Turkey’s primary points of interest.

Along with this, you can also experience the best hot air balloon ride in the waning evening here. such offering a wonderful panoramic view.

hot air balloon
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Goreme National Park is a great place to visit

Is one of the Turkey’s most beautiful and attractive places as declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site . The park offers a naturally rocky landscape mainly surrounded by the Ersius and Hassan mountains. Peri Baccalaureate, which is popularly known as “Fairy Chimney” has been found here for centuries. These parks are the best for activities in Turkey.

Goreme National Park
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

The Cuisine of the Area-

The Turkey Cappadocia is recognized for its traditional and delectable cuisine. People travel from all over the world to sample the handcrafted spices, homegrown delights, and unique meat as well as sweet preparations, Which gives a special option to the visitors of the activities to do in Turkey.

Cuisine in Turkey
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Hiking in Love Valley

Love Valley in Cappadocia also provides a great hiking experience mainly to the visitors coming here. Apart from this, the size of the rocks and rock formations in the figures located here make this trip an eventful experience  and an excitement to remark .

Love Valley in Cappadocia
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

The Uchisar Castle

Uchisar Palace is one of Turkey’s most unique and appealing destinations. They not only describe the history of this location but also its heritage. Many palaces can also be seen in this area. This heritage offer a thrilling experience .

The Uchisar Castle
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

The Goreme Open Air Museum-

This artistic location, which features a variety of frescoes, is a popular tourist destination. There are numerous churches in the area. Apple Church, St. Barbara’s Church, Snake Church, Dark Church, and more churches. Though an holy edifice, but a fun factory.

Goreme Open Air Museum
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

At the Fairy Chimneys, you can play golf-

Mainly the activities in Turkey are part of the better option to play golf as a special experience. Where Goreme National Park is the main place to visit. Where better facilities to play golf are provided to the visitors coming here.

Fairy Chimneys
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Archaeological Museum of Antalya

Antalya is one of Turkey’s most beautiful cities. Which is primarily used for spending holidays with family in Europe. In addition, the beaches in this area significantly relieve visitor exhaustion. The old and wonderful culture of this city is well-known. It makes it one of Turkey’s must-see destinations. This location is also noted for having the best collection of Hellenistic and Roman marble statues, which attract visitors from all over the world. The museum is proud of tools, sculptures, artwork, and even marble sculptures along with relics of prehistoric times including fossils.

Museum of Antalya
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Kursunlu Falls

Visiting Kursunlu Falls is one of the special things to do in Turkey. Which is a beautiful waterfall amidst nature. The serene environment will take stress and worry away. If you want to be see nature at it best Kurunlu is your number on the list. Take a dive into the historical part of this place and you will be confronted with an intrigue experience that gives you a pure definition of nature.

Kursunlu Falls
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

The Koprulu Canyon National Park,

Koprulu National Park, where one can spend a better time with family, as well as this park is situated along the Koparu River. Where the thrill-filled experience of river rafting can be enjoyed. Where things to do in Turkey make it even more special.

Canyon national Park Turkey

Theme Park Land of Legends-

The Land of Legends Theme Park is one of the most special places in Turkey to spend quality time with family. In this park, experiencing things like fairy tale characters, castles, mythical creatures add up to the fun of visiting it manifold. Also with this, the fun of family coaster, hyper coaster, air balloon race, sky fighter, etc. makes this place more special.

Theme Park of Legend Turkey
Image Courtesy- Unsplash


wakeboarding can be more fun when you go  cable skiing . Turkey is one of the prominent cable skiing centre that gives you  a thrilling experience. Take a trip to Antalya and enjoy wake boating in an electrifying   form, with the an adventure park you will experience a natural fun here. If you are a  water sports adventurer such as wake skating, wakeboarding, sauna, hot tub, basketball, ping-pong, trampoline and many more, you can be assured that you Turkey vacation is 100%guaranteed !

Cable Skiing in Antalaya

Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Lara Beach is a great place to unwind

Mainly  regarded as provider of superior beauty and comfort on the seashore.  Lara Beach is a proud vacation destination for sea water fun. It a proud blue water sea that span across miles and can accommodate tourist in thousand with an unending fun. Remember to put it on your to do list when next you are travelling to Turkey .

Lara Beach
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Explore in Sumela Monastery

These site is described as one of the world’s oldest monasteries,  Sumela Monastery makes the location to visit in Turkey even more special and most memorable. The most essential point is that this monastery is situated in a stunning location on Jigna Mountain. Visitors are drawn to this monastery because of its architecture. The inner walls are likewise known for their colorful and exquisite murals.

Sumela Monastery Turkey
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Patara is a great place to relax

Patara is one of the oldest and most beautiful place in Antalya. Where the sunlight along with the turquoise waters along the beach increases the experience and adventure of this place manifold. Where you can spend quality time with family.

Patara Palace in Antalaya Turkey
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

A visit to the Manavgat Waterfall-

A shallow waterfall located not far from the city of Antalya, this gives a great and beautiful option to travel in Turkey. Also the waterfall uses the water of the Manavghat river located here, which is the most special place in terms of picnic spots.

Manavgat Waterfall Turkey
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Geyikbayiri is a great place to climb

Geyikbayiri is a mountain located mainly in Antalya, which is also the main center of attraction for climbers here. Which provides the better opportunity of tracking the visitors coming here. Along with this, there is also a special arrangement for delicious food here. Now you know that hunger is not allow to the people coming here.

geyikbayiri sport climbing in Turkey
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Visit the Ankara Castle

Ankara Castle provides a better testimony to the past and history of the city of Ankara. Where the historical palace fascinates the visitors coming here. Along with this, this place also describes the historical trading center as one must visited scene.

Ankara Castle in Turkey
Image Courtesy- Unsplash

Atakule Tower-

Atakule is the main focal point of Ankara city, it not only proves the beauty of Ankara city but is also known as the best place in Turkey. The Atakule Pillar modern structure located in Atakule is about 410 feet tall and quite beautiful too. People from all over the world come to see it.

Atakule Tower in Ankara city Turkey
Image Courtesy- Unsplash
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