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Things an Interior Designer and Decorator Can Do For Your Home

There are homes and office spaces that take your breath away, literally, by the show of perfection. These spaces not only look amazing, but they also reflect the personality and style of the owner. However, most of us struggle to create the perfect blend of colors that flow into the curtains, floor, and walls seamlessly. This is where professional interior designers come in.

Why do you need an interior designer?

A professional interior designer is trained to give your space the wow effect. They come in to plan the space creatively and spatially. They see an overall picture, which clients often cannot see. This explains why hiring an interior designer is as much important as hiring an architect and contractor for your project. They will help you avoid costly mistakes, given that your home’s reputation is at stake here.

In the end, Interior designers Charlotte help you save money. When you figure out your budget, the designer will research the best items that are cheap yet don’t compromise the integrity of your home. It is this skill that makes interior designers qualified liaisons to speak the language when engaging architects, contractors, and the owner. This relationship will prove to be beneficial because you are essentially saving time and money.

The trained pair of eyes will see an immediate plan of action for any kind of space. Since the designer went to school and spent time in apprenticeship, they are more likely to see things you missed. Besides, you get to benefit from the professional relationship between a designer and an electrician, plumber, and contractors. Moreover, the designer has access to tons of products and fabric, which are not available to the general public.

Designers ensure everything fits perfectly, including the furniture, fabric, and materials. When you attempt to do it by yourself, you will occasionally get stuck juggling the multiple elements that go into designing a living space. The interior designer will make your home truly special. However, it is up to the interior decorator to make your space look its best.

Why you need an interior designer who is also a decorator?

Since it is often difficult to find the perfect resources for each home, the interior decorator thinks outside the box to create a functioning space. They serve a purpose for everyone. If you have an idea of how to decorate your home, it is the best time to involve a decorator to execute the plan.

As an interior designer, the decorator also helps you save time and money. The decorator will offer you professional assessment and opinion for your situation that will lead to a solid plan of action and a good look at home. The decorator’s assessment is also critical because it informs you of what can be repurposed and things that can be eliminated.

An interior decorator Charlotte NC comes to identify the perfect curtains to match your furniture and the best art for your gallery wall. When you approach interior decorating as a solo project, you are bound to waste a lot of time researching products, brands, and prices. However, the interior decorator already knows where to source the products and which ones will be a perfect fit. As a result, you save time and money.

Furthermore, most interior designers also work as decorators or come from the same firm, which means you won’t have to involve more people for the project. This collaboration can be an excellent deal for the aesthetic of the home. The value of the property can also be positively affected when interior designers and decorators work hand in hand.

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Laura Casey

Laura Casey Interiors is an Interior Design firm based in Charlotte, NC. Laura Casey, ASID is a nationally licensed interior designer.

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