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These 7 Real Estate Websites That Have an Excellent Reputation in the Market in 2022

When real estate websites provide valuable information to both home buyers and sellers alike, on a monthly basis, the number of unique visitors automatically witnesses a spike. While buyers browse through hundreds of homes on a plethora of websites from the comfort of their homes, sellers get to feature their listings, features, and photos which get viewed by hundreds of prospective buyers online looking to buy a home.

Truth be told, the top-rated real estate websites are both sophisticated and personable. The agent should be prominent, but the material should be geared toward assisting potential buyers and sellers.

The purpose of these websites is that their agents are intended to create leads, without being spammy and forcing visitors to provide an email address in order to view information. Instead, they understand their audience and offer visitors the information they seek for.

Top real estate websites understand that providing value is the only way to get visitors interested. As a result, they provide plenty of useful resources to assist potential buyers and sellers. 

While there are thousands of real estate websites, not all of them tick all of the above boxes.

The result…

A dissatisfied buyer and seller.

Nonetheless, there is light at the end of this tunnel as well as these 7 real estate websites have an excellent reputation in the market in the year 2022. If you’ve not heard of them here’s your chance to not miss out.


Houzeo is one of the top real estate websites on the list since it allows for quick listing and ensures a seamless transaction when it comes to selling your home.

It allows you to submit your listings in a matter of minutes, and they will be live within one business day. Sellers might save up to $15,000 by hiring a listing agent that does not charge a commission.

Supported by its sophisticated technology, sellers can submit all of their paperwork online, schedule open houses, and make changes to their listings. Houzeo’s brokers have made filing seller disclosures straightforward, and everything is done online.

As the seller, you’re in control of the entire selling process. Houzeo’s flexible plans can be changed anytime at your convenience. Check out Houzeo reviews at some of the leading review websites to get a better understanding of which packages are popular amongst people in your region.

Following are the packages Houzeo offers.

Bronze: This package is $249 and includes a three-month flat-fee MLS listing. Sellers are entitled to up to six images in their listing. When you choose Houzeo, the chances of your property being viewed by thousands are high because they also list on Zillow, Trulia, and hundreds of other leading real estate platforms. You can choose to cancel your plan at any moment or adjust it at an extra cost of $25.

Silver: This $299 package provides a 6-month listing with 24 photos that are synced with several websites. You may make an infinite number of changes to the listing using this package.

Gold: This $399 subscription allows you to post unlimited photographs, make unlimited listing changes, and cancel them at any time. Submitting federal and state disclosures is also made easy along with added assistance in scheduling showings, as well as the analysis and comparison of offers.

Platinum: At $449, your house will be listed for a year along with everything included in the Gold package plus add-ons like a virtual full-service with a seasoned broker that will assist you with price and contract review. 


Redfin has revolutionized cheap brokerage services with a unique paid agent model and has over 3000 agents around the country. Instead of paying 3% for a typical agent, you can choose a listing charge ranging from 1% to 2%, depending on the services you want.

Unlike other websites, where you may locate a realtor for yourself, you can discover realtor-like specialized services at cheaper costs here. Redfin compensates for its cheap rates by lowering operational expenses through the use of a salaried workforce and upselling current customers on add-on services and premium support.

Since their agents handle a higher volume of consumers per agent, the quality of their customer service varies.

The technology-first approach makes the entire process transparent, while documentation, follow-up, demonstrating management, and so on remain offline. Unlike Houzeo, which has automated the paperwork and made the house selling process easier, Redfin’s mobile app merely allows you to browse properties, list them, and contact agents.

Owing to its scope and technology, Redfin is regarded as one of the best online real estate organizations. You should check out Redfin reviews before making a decision to sell your house on Redfin.


Trulia was founded in 2005 and quickly gained popularity owing to its user-friendly and smart website and mobile app. Homebuyers and renters conduct much of their research on mobile devices. Trulia’s app is strong and simple to use, making it our choice of the top mobile app.

Users may obtain a sense of their possible neighborhood by using Trulia. It features comprehensive filters that allow you to refine your search depending on price range, home style, number of bedrooms, and other factors. Trulia’s app, which includes an interactive map and a variety of filters, also gives information on schools, community centers, restaurants, and neighborhood retailers.

Trulia is a Zillow subsidiary that seeks to be a one-stop-shop for buyers and sellers, backed by the largest real estate database in the United States. Trulia’s interactive, free mobile app places a major emphasis on education and community interaction.

Trulia is one of the leading online real estate sites in the United States because of these qualities.


Zillow is a real estate marketplace with a database of over 200 million houses. Zillow is one of the top real estate websites in 2022, because of its comprehensive sorting criteria and easy home-browsing function.

Sites like Zillow, which is one of the top online real estate firms, allow you to look for houses and apartments, list yours for sale, tour the home through photographs and videos, connect with agents and lenders, and receive push alerts when your search parameters change.

The portal pulls listings from the MLS and also includes foreclosures, auctions, and for sale by owner homes.

The platform conceals FSBO postings under the “Other Listings” category, making it more difficult for buyers to locate FSBO information. Zillow displays just agent listings by default.

Zillow provides a comprehensive set of applications and tutorials. House purchasers have benefited from features such as Zillow Zestimate, mobile app, 3D virtual home touring app, rental management app, and so on. It is also the most downloaded smartphone app, with approximately 40 million unique visitors.


One of the largest real estate websites that buy your house for cash is Opendoor. Such companies are also called iBuyers. Opendoor bought and sold over 15,000 houses in 2019, and while the number of properties acquired in 2020 was much reduced owing to the pandemic, they managed to buy and sell over 17,000 properties in 2021.

If you accept an offer from Opendoor, be sure you’re ready to pay a service charge of 5% of the sale price.

Opendoor has developed to become an industry leader in real estate transaction analytics and housing market research since its launch in 2014.

Opendoor has recently begun to leverage its technological skills to speed up other corporate operations. For example, if a homeowner wants to sell their property for cash, the qualification process is often handled by Opendoor’s automated system. Based on a complex mix of local housing records, similar property sales data, and information about the house’s condition, this algorithm projects the house’s probable profitability.

If a property qualifies, the actual value of the offer is estimated through a similarly opaque, highly technical process of computational modeling and clever data matching.

To get a better understanding of Opendoor, check out Opendoor reviews on leading websites like Trustpilot and Google before choosing this model to sell your home.


RealtyTrac is a real estate website that specializes in distressed and foreclosed homes. When compared to other real estate websites, the website has the greatest inventory of foreclosed homes. RealtyTrac offers access to listings as well as the option to participate in auctions through a subscription-based strategy.

Other sites will tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of property selection, house purchasing, and home selling. The fundamental services are free, but a premium subscription grants you unrestricted access to property addresses, auction dates and locations, and loan history.

If you’re searching for a fantastic price and don’t mind light to substantial remodeling, RealtyTrac is a terrific site to explore for inexpensive houses. All of the properties on the market have a clean history, so you won’t have to worry about any liens or past taxes.


HomeFinder is a marketplace that links buyers, sellers, and real estate experts. It is one of the oldest and greatest home sites. Previously, sellers could list their homes, but that service has been disabled. Despite this, the site still allows a seller to be matched with an agent.

The website is quite simple to use, thanks to a user-friendly layout. You may search for homes for rent and sale, as well as those that are no longer available on the market, making it a comprehensive platform.

HomeFinder can also be used to uncover local mortgage rates for each state, making it a useful tool for correctly calculating your expenditures if you need financing.

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