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The Value of a Garden Obelisk Trellis

The Value of a Garden Obelisk Trellis

A garden trellis does not need to be solely functional for training plants, but there are many different types of trellises, stylistically, that are well suited to the task. In fact, some trellises are even better suited to the purpose of training plants than others, all without losing even the least jot of visual appeal.

For example, consider the value of a garden obelisk trellis in that it stands independently and has a lot of surface area for growing plants. Because they not only stand on their own but also have a larger amount of surface area, an obelisk trellis could be an excellent option for growing your favorite flowers and vegetables.

For one thing, an obelisk trellis is, for the most part, designed to be a free-standing model and does not need to be connected to a wall or other structure for support. There are some flat trellises that can be arranged to stand on their own, but this feature is inherent in the design of an obelisk trellis.

Since obelisk trellises are freestanding, they can be placed anywhere in a yard or other outdoor space that places them at the most advantage. For example, you can move one’s location to a space with more direct sunlight for plants that need it; conversely, one could be relocated to a shady area between seasons.

Then there is the more significant fact that by nature of their design, obelisk trellises just have so much surface area for plants to grow on. Some aggressive plants like morning glories or honeysuckles will fully blanket one within the space of one season and take advantage of all the space you offer them. If you grow aggressive plants or fast climbers, they might appreciate the extra space that they’ll have for working their way up and around a garden obelisk trellis.

These obvious benefits of an obelisk trellis come at no expense to the design of the fixture. That is to say, a metal garden trellis of this type loses nothing aesthetically; in fact, as you can place them nearly anywhere, you can make them a feature of your hardscaping, whether or not you use them to grow plants. Some of the obelisk trellises available at H Potter are beautiful fixtures of form and function that can be worked into the surroundings of your outdoor spaces to lend a beautiful influence.

As you can see, there are some gardens that would massively benefit from the inclusion of an obelisk trellis, and yours may be one of them. This is all the more true if you grow a lot of climbing plants out in the open and you need to make the most you can of the space at your disposal. If you are pressed for space but love growing climbers, an obelisk trellis may be just what you need.

At the same time, that doesn’t mean you don’t stand to benefit from the value of a wall trellis, either. To see a few inspiring examples of many different designs in trellises, take a look at what’s in store at

At H Potter, you’ll be able to shop through a whole collection of trellises – both wall trellises and obelisk trellises – in different designs, some of which are excellent as fixtures of decor. All of their trellises, like everything they sell, is indicative of the highest possible level of quality. Their trellises, for example, are made from durable materials like wrought iron, and some of them are even finished with a powder coat to resist corrosion. Visit their website – you might come away with more than just a new trellis for your garden.

For more information about Wrought Iron Trellis and Trellis Please visit : H Potter Marketplace Inc.

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