The Top 5 Leadership Strategies you should be using to Enhance Performance

The Top 5 Leadership Strategies you should be using to Enhance Performance

Leadership strategies are essential in an organization, even though it cannot be quantified, keeping in mind the bottom line. Leadership can be strategized to keep the common goal of the entity, and the ability of a leader to motivate, influence, and engage the employees to reach the company’s objectives is a successful strategy. People at the helm are not sure what strategy to implement to achieve these goals. Some do not know, and others ignore it.

Found below are five such policies that would help the organization in making an excellent performance.

The importance of vision and communication:

A leader’s concept may be vivid, but such a vision should be long-term and capable of being measured. The critical question is whether that vision or aspiration has been effectively communicated to the team below. If such communication is improper, then the net result would not be positive. The employees would have worked hard, but the organizational goal would not be achieved.

Neither would the employees be benefited. The correct strategy would be to bring the whole team under one common umbrella and proceed to work towards a single shared objective. It would let everyone know the exact work to be done, consistent monitoring, and how far away they are from the destination.

Appreciation and recognition of employees:

Motivating employees can be done in many ways. A good leader is well aware that without their contribution, the company would not be successful. Every employee expects his contribution to be appreciated and recognized. Such an act would create a sense of belonging and buoy up the entire workforce.

The encouragement which they receive would stand in good stead even during stressful times and the extra effort they need to put in times of high production. The leadership generally overlooks appreciation, which ends up with disgruntled employees, and it would lead to a lack of vision and affect the bottom-line.

Heartfelt thoughts and actions:

The critical question is, ‘ Does your heart speak or does it change with a constrained budget ‘?

It is a common mistake among many who believe that leaders are born. Such a feeling is wrong, as leadership is a choice. It all depends on how you communicate with the team, and if it lacks passion, they would be dissuaded. A good leader would thrust the passion into his speech about the organization, its goals, and the vision. This passion should always be present, for if the leader strays, the employees would be the first to be aware of your lack of commitment.

Empowerment through Delegation:

The best strategy would be to delegate authority and responsibility to the employees and thus empowering them. It gives the workforce a sense of belonging when they are given responsibilities. A good leader would strategize which work area can be delegated and the quantum of authority along with it. If the potential is there, it is best to train and encourage them before empowerment.

Education is a continuous process:

There is a starting point for leadership, but there is no destination. The entity’s sustained growth makes a good continuously refining himself and becoming skilled enough to take on new challenges. The knowledge and experience you gain should be shared with the team. Thus one becomes a student and a teacher.

The greatest way to become a good leader like Kevin Hobbs Vanbex and others is to always keep learning new things. It keeps your mind sharp, and your skills fresh. It primes you for new challenges that may come your way, which is always a good thing in a leader. Kevin Hobbs is a strategic thinker with a proactive, creative, and collaborative approach with more than a decade of management experience.


The five strategies above are crucial to leadership success and the organization as a whole. It does take a lot of planning with pen and paper before such strategies are implemented.

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