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Health and Fitness

The Secret Behind Those Daily Aches and Pains

You wake up and realize today’s going to be another day spent in bed.

No, you’re not enjoying a leisurely day feeling cozy under the covers. Instead, you’re suffering from aches and pains that make it nearly impossible to go about your daily life.

But there’s a secret to your pain and discomfort, and uncovering it can get you out of bed and back on track. Read on for the one secret cause of those persistent aches.

What Causes Chronic Aches and Pains?

While there can be many factors dependent on your medical history, health conditions, and lifestyle choices, there is one common cause of aches and pains: inflammation.

The secret to treating pain for many starts at focusing on reducing inflammation. Inflammation is a normal product of the body working to defend and repair itself. But too much can cause significant long-term irritation and pain.

Reasons for High Inflammation

If you’re struggling with daily pain, high inflammation may be partially to blame.

The body becomes inflamed during an injury or illness. But inflammation becomes a problem when it lingers even after the injury or illness has healed.

One reason inflammation may persist is because of exposure to toxins or pollutants. This could be as obvious as alcoholic drinks or as inconspicuous as air pollution.

The more exposure you have to these irritants, the more pain you’re likely to experience. Thankfully, there are several ways to lower inflammation and find pain relief.

How to Lower Inflammation

Inflammation increases as you expose your body to more toxins and perceived threats. The body works extra hard to protect itself, causing you more discomfort. Use these tips to lower inflammation and improve your health:

Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Fried foods, refined and heavily processed foods, and red meats are known to cause inflammation and pain such as chronic headaches.

Choose healthier anti-inflammatory foods instead. Fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce inflammation and pain in the body. There are also many ingredients, such as turmeric, that are loved for their natural inflammation-fighting properties. Read more in this article on anti-inflammatory ingredients and supplements.

Use Ice

Ice is one of the simplest ways to reduce inflammation by cooling muscles in the body. For muscle and joint pain relief, apply ice to the area for about 10 minutes at a time.

Take Anti-Inflammatory Medications

For pain that won’t go away, anti-inflammatory medications can quickly and effectively reduce inflammation and discomfort. There are over-the-counter options such as aspirin and ibuprofen. However, it’s best to talk to your doctor first, especially if you need daily pain relief.


While you shouldn’t be bedridden due to pain, it is still important to get adequate rest and sleep. Sleep deprivation is linked to increased inflammation and pain. Be sure to get plenty of sleep each night, and rest after activities.

Getting to the Root of Aches and Pains

Inflammation is the root of nearly all aches and pains. The secret to chronic pain relief is to focus on lowering inflammation. For natural and effective pain relief, try these tips.

For more health tips, read our latest health and fitness articles!

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