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The Process of Taking Care of Skin Through the Ages

It is a common question many women ask and the answer is “what is after 35?” Aging is inevitable but there are ways to slow it down, make it less noticeable and even reverse it. Knowing how to take care of skin through the ages can help you look younger for longer.

Throughout women’s bodies as their bodies change. The skin naturally breaks down with time, brown spots, the first signs of wrinkles and bags occur at different rates. Some women however will see these same signs in just their late thirties. But even if you are older than 35 the same basic changes will occur.

Skin produces more collagen and elastin as we age. This can happen on the face as well as in the body. The skin has to produce new collagen to replace the one that breaks down. This process cannot be stopped, so the result is saggy skin and wrinkled areas. How to take care of skin through the ages is to increase the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin.

As we age, the production of hormones like estrogen decreases. When we are young, it plays a huge role in keeping our skin youthful. As the years go by though, our bodies need to produce less estrogen to maintain the youthful look. Estrogen levels decrease as we age so the skin starts to look much older.

The sun also plays a big role in slowing down the production of collagen and elastin. UV rays can cause a deficiency in vitamin D, which in turn leads to premature aging of the skin. How to take care of skin through the ages is to avoid too much sun exposure and use a good sunblock.

It is imperative to use a moisturizer and toner at least once a day. It is also very important to use an anti-aging cream that contains all natural ingredients. It is only by using these products in conjunction with other skin care products that we can slow down the signs of aging and reverse it.

We can also do some things that will help in the care of our skin. For example, choosing the right facial moisturizer will allow us to prevent dryness by avoiding greasy skin care products. Also, wearing sunscreen daily will also help protect our skin from damage caused by the sun.

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So many people don’t understand how to take care of skin and wonder what it means. They take care of themselves and their families daily, yet they don’t know how. The most important thing to remember is that you should try to look as young as possible and to help preserve your youth, you should avoid things that age you.

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