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The Most Common Plumbing Problems

Today we will discuss the most common plumbing problems and the solutions too. Plumbing is kind of the lifeblood of your home. Whether it is light fixtures, toilets, or even pipes, a specialized plumber will be able to help you out. Below are the most common plumbing problems.

Recurring problems
A faulty faucet

Faucets are a key part of your home because they distribute water. Therefore, it is very important to keep your faucets in working order. A number of problems can arise such as leaks or noises.

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A faucet that only returns tiny drops of water is the most common plumbing problem and one of the easiest to repair. Yet many people tend to leave the faucet in this state without realizing that it can be very expensive in terms of cost. Indeed, flowing water has a significant impact on your bill.

Dripping is caused by water infiltration. It should be remembered that the water supply enters your house under pressure. Therefore, a gasket must retain water when the faucet handle is in the OFF position. This seal is usually in the form of a washer firmly fixed against the valve seat. Obviously, when the latter does not work properly, water can infiltrate and drain from the spout of the faucet. To stop the flow, all you need to do is replace the washer or repair the seat.

Low water pressure

When a single appliance has low water pressure, it is likely that the problem can be solved by repairing it and the pipes that make it up. But if the water pressure problems become widespread and affect the whole house, the problem is quite different. If the water pressure in your home is low, the first thing to do is escalate the causes. Before calling a plumbing repair company, check it out by asking yourself the following questions:

Leaky pipes

While pipe leakage problems are common during the winter season, that does not prevent them from occurring in other seasons. Most pipes will start to leak near joints, so keep an eye out for wet areas on the floor or ceiling. Water damage in your home can be very costly, so making the necessary repairs is a must.

Faulty water heater

There is nothing more uncomfortable than feeling cold water on your body when you shower. The average lifespan of a water heater can vary from eight to twelve years, depending on the brand and the frequency of maintenance.

Other plumbing repair services

Troubleshooting your plumbing is an essential first step in successful repairs. If you have not identified the right cause, it is useful to call on a professional who offers this type of service, such as ENTREPRISE LAMMARI. The latter will be able to identify the causes and carry out the necessary plumbing repairs. To get an idea of ​​the various plumbing troubleshooting services, here is a non-exhaustive list:

Termite Control Services in Sydney

Troubleshooting leaking or clogged sinks, tubs, and drains

Toilet Troubleshooting: Toilet problems are not only annoying but potentially costly in terms of wasted water.

Pipe troubleshooting: for problems concerning your piping such as noise pollution, a malfunction linked to poor flow of water, etc.

Why does the water go up in the pipes?

This gurgling noise is evidence of a partially blocked or reduced pipeline. The water takes a long time to drain, which creates a plug. It causes depression in the path and a call for air.


Why am I out of water?

The main water supply normally enters your home through the cold water faucet in the kitchen or laundry room. If water is coming out of this faucet but not elsewhere (like your shower or bathroom faucet), the problem is with your indoor plumbing.

How to clean a plumbing vent?

Pour one or two liters of boiling water into the hole; Then pour 3 tablespoons of caustic soda; Pour a liter of water to rinse everything.

5 common plumbing problems and their solutions

1. The water in the toilet bowl flows almost constantly
The plumber’s diagnosis

The flushing mechanism no longer fulfills its function of storing water in your tank. Like a dam, the mechanism no longer retains water, which therefore flows permanently into the toilet bowl.

The solution

Whether it is pulling or push, the mechanism of your flush is defective and must be replaced. Choose a quality model: the Geberit or Siamp brands represent good value for money, a low-cost model will certainly be cheap but will last much shorter.

Depending on the tank of your sanitary facilities (classic, suspended, built-in), count between 80 and 200 € for the supply and labor of a professional plumber. The replacement of the flushing mechanism is the responsibility of the owner unless its replacement is due to improper use on the part of the tenant.

2. The water in the flush does not fill any more or slowly
Plumbing problem – Broken slow float

The flush float no longer fulfills its function of allowing water to enter the tank. You rarely put your nose in your tank to see the state of your float, depending on certain regions and the quality of the water, it can become clogged with limestone more or less quickly.

The solution

You must have your flush float replaced. Between supply and labor, it is often recommended to replace the complete block: float and mechanism. You will quickly return to your costs because if the float is to be replaced, the mechanism may not take long to do its own too.

Depending on the model, the replacement of the float, part and labor, will be between 60 and 150 €. Opting for the mechanism and float replacement is the most economical solution in the short term.

3. Water rises to an inappropriate place
Pipe plug – Plumbing problem
The plumber’s diagnosis

Do you run water in the sink and the water comes up through the shower or the tub? This kind of problem, no matter in what order, is a sign of a blockage in your pipes.

Indeed, the water having to flow by a particular drain, if this one is blocked the water takes the opposite way and then runs through the rest of the installation (see diagram).

The solution

A professional plumber must intervene to unclog your pipes. Usually, it detects fairly quickly where in your installation the plug may have been installed. This must be remedied as soon as possible so that the situation does not get worse.

It is not recommended to use desktop-style unblocking products, they greatly weaken your pipes and nibble them from the inside, the problems could be more serious.

Prices vary a lot in the home repair industry, especially when it comes to plumbing. A pipe unblocking costs, labor, and travel included, between 140 and 200 €. If the problem is deeper and requires the intervention of a clearing truck, the professional plumber would be able to tell you this quickly to avoid unnecessary intervention.

4. Tap water goes all over the place
The plumber’s diagnosis

Chances are, the aerators inside your faucet are faulty. Either they are dirty, full of limestone or downright broken. The water, therefore, does not flow normally and passes where it can still pass.

The solution

You can disassemble your faucet, collect the aerators and clean them to remove limescale. You can also have the aerators or the tap replaced directly because if the aerators are worn out, the mixer must also be dated.

A professional plumber usually has these fairly standard parts and can intervene for a small plumbing repair or replacement of the mixer for less than $ 100.

5. The tap or mixer runs drip
Plumbing problem – Drip faucet leak
The plumber’s diagnosis

On a mixer, the cartridge responsible in particular for mixing hot and cold water no longer fulfills its mission. On a blender, these will be the heads.

The solution

You can replace the heads of a mixer or the cartridge of a mixer, but it is preferable to replace the faucet directly. For the same price (or even less) you replace your old faucet with a new one. Of course, it all depends on the faucet you choose, there are all prices depending on the brands and models.

Excluding the cost of equipment, therefore, count between 100 and 150 € for the replacement of a faucet/mixer by a professional plumber (travel and labor).

You are now ready to face the common problems that arise in plumbing. Whatever happens, to avoid scams, remember not to act in an emergency, a water problem can usually wait a few hours by turning off the general water.

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