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Unfortunately, companies that only value business success above ethics are filling social media with absurd lies with the sole purpose of getting customers.

Hair transplantation is a specialty where clinical practice and artistic taste meet but PERFORMED BY DOCTORS.

So here is not the ALL VALUE.

To give an example, certain clinics openly state that in Spain they charge 150 euros for the first consultation, 100 euros for the post-operative, even that online visits are priced at 400 euros!! And of course, that raises the price to more than 10,000 euros, which I do not say is that there is a clinic that charges but it is false in the vast majority of cases!!! ! Where are those prices charged? I have worked in several clinics in Spain and abroad and none of them charge the first visit or follow-ups, let alone those wild prices! For more info Click here Hair Transplant In Islamabad

At CaPiLae we have spent years with prices close to those advertised by Turkish cynics, currently 2995 plus the corresponding VAT.

But if the price of consultations is laughable, and the hours and number of follicular units are to die for.

They say, first, that the FUE is a system that does not leave scars, something that the ISHRS itself prohibits in the ethical behavior of its members since although small, cylinders of 0.8-0.9 mm in diameter are removed that leaves each one circular scar 0.63 square mm, which is an intervention of 2,500 units is… almost 16 square cm of scar tissue. It is worth that they are distributed and are not visible to the naked eye, but from there to say that a procedure that leaves 16 cm square of the scar is non-invasive?

And the implantation times … they say that they are between 4 and 7 hours with a maximum of 5000 UFs. Let’s say they are 4000. A quick extraction is 600 -700 ufs per hour, to extract 4000 we need … around 6 hours!, If it is extracted at 1000 units per hour, something strange, but we all have some case like this … 4 hours!

But you have to make the incisions, which are about 2,000 per hour, that takes us another two hours, and then you have to plant, with adequate technical equipment, a good number are 1,000 implanted units per hour, that is, we have around 4 or 5 hours in the best case of extraction, plus 2 hours of making the incisions plus another 4 hours of implantation, without counting on stops for the patient to eat, stretch, go to the bathroom, etc … that is, we are close to 10-11 hours !!!!! But they did not promise between 4 and 7 hours!! ???

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