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The best vacuum cleaner brands for 2020

Perfect for your household's needs

Choose the existing best vacuum cleaner brands for 2020. Our exclusive survey data, from leading manufacturers including Dyson, Shark, Hoover, and Wax‌, reveal which brands develop the least errors over time and which make customers happy.

Knowing which brands develop the most defects and how quickly you need it when buying a new vacuum cleaner. Is that why we ask about 10,000 every year? Members tell us if they are happy or if they have problems with their home appliances in our exclusive Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction Survey. Our survey data is the frequency of errors reported for each brand, the severity of these errors, and how quickly they occur after purchase. We have data on big vacuum cleaner brands like Dyson, Miel, Shark, Wax, Hoover, Pneumatic, Sebo, and many more, so we will let you know which brands to choose and which to avoid.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands for 2020: Review

Despite identifying a valuable vacuum cleaner brand, deciding which vacuum stands for you is still a difficult decision. Therefore, I will give you not only the information you need to know about each vacuum brand, but also the best product of each brand for your convenience.

Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner

The best steep vacuum we found, the 13.7-pound navigator is very easy to handle with “swivel steering”, allowing you to go anywhere with just one turn and brush roll shut-off options for more smooth floors. It has a bin with 2.2 quarts of space (much more) and an excellent HEPA filter to trap almost all the dirt that the walk brings. Everything about this walk is designed for great performance at home.

With all these capabilities, there is not much that the Navigator can handle, which is the best upright vacuum cleaner we have found. 

CANISTER VACUUMS: Best vacuum cleaner brands for 2020

Mel is a leader in this segment – and Robin Worth, head of marketing and marketing at Miel Australia and New Zealand, believes that vacuum cleaners offer a more powerful, in-depth solution.

Robin is an advocate for bagged vacuum cleaners, and Miel does not intend to phase them out. “Bagged vacuum cleaners are one of Mile’s best sellers and this category continues to grow due to its popularity,

Harry Norman’s Gary Brown agrees that allergy sufferers generally prefer bagged cleaners because they contain indoor allergens and dirt.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Steep vacuum: Best vacuum cleaner brands for 2020

New from Animal 2 Dyson. It replaces both the DC Animal 1 and the Synthetic Big Ball Animal, which previously ranked # 1 in our rankings.

Dyson v6 battery noted that research has shown that there is a strong absorption of Animal 2 of any pet hair vacuum on the market.

Another reason for its outstanding performance is Dyson’s “radial root cyclone” technology, which does not appear to be fully understood, but creates a powerful circular air movement inside the machine, leading to excellent suction.

And a third reason is the self-adjusting cleaner base plate, which ensures that the vacuum head is in close contact with the floor or carpet (more deeply into the carpet piles) and utilizes its design purpose to prevent forced air from escaping.

This is not just for Dyson floors. It has a tangle-free turbine tool that makes sure the heads rotate in opposite directions to catch the amount of matte hair that collects on vacuum beds, chairs, beds, and clothing. 


What is the best way to use a vacuum cleaner?

Add to the vacuum cleaner before turning on the polybag.

Once started, adjust the suction airflow with the dial or other controls.

Gently place the floor head on the surface and start cleaning the house.

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