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The Best Spots in Your Home For an Antique Floor Mirror

The Best Spots in Your Home For an Antique Floor Mirror

Mirrors are versatile decor pieces that can be utilized in a variety of ways throughout your home to create stunning looks. Antique floor mirrors in particular offer a great deal of aesthetic appeal and can help you create a brighter, more luxurious atmosphere in any space.

There are certain places where these beautiful vintage-style pieces shine however. When used properly, they can help make a small room feel larger and brighter, and can be used to create the illusion of more windows or light sources. While you may be used to the idea of such mirrors only fitting within the scope of your bedroom, this quick guide will help you think outside the box!

Create a Gorgeous Setting in Your Living Room

A large antique floor mirror is the perfect architectural enhancement that your living room needs in order to truly stand out. Try arranging your living room furniture in such a way that your floor mirror sits diagonally across from the largest window. You can try placing a vintage armchair or bergere off to one side, along with a cute little coffee table, to create an attractive and practical nook.

A Great Addition to Your Foyer

Want an instant way to increase the visual appeal of your foyer? If space permits, a grand floor mirror may be the perfect element to add to your foyer to help it feel more expansive and elegant. The best part about placing an attractive mirror in this area of your home is that it can set the tone for your entire house and help draw the eye immediately upon entering.

The dynamic aspect of a mirror and the way in which the light from an open door will play off of the mirror could help to create some truly charming effects.

A Unique Effect For Hallways

Large hallways are often underutilized but can provide the perfect opportunity for beautiful furniture and decor arrangements if given the chance. In that regard, an antique floor mirror could prove to be the perfect choice for your hallway.

Accompanied by a beautiful side table or commode, you can use a floor mirror as a decorative accent that will help the space feel larger and brighter than it actually is. Depending on the lighting you have to work with, a mirror could help breathe a bit of life into an otherwise dull area of your home.

Don’t Forget About Your Den or Study

An unconventional but incredible use for your floor mirror is in your home office or den, where it could help make a cramped space feel much larger and more welcoming. Many of these rooms suffer from lack of dynamic lighting and are made more lively by the presence of a high-quality mirror. Add a bit of reflection from a small table lamp or chandelier and you have everything you need for a much more attractive workspace.

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