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The best health insurance plan in West Virginia

What is the best health insurance plan in West Virginia?

Health insurance, like all other financial investments, centers on risk management. For example, managed care schemes prevent you from incurring unforeseen financial obligations if you have an accident from a fall or develop seasonal allergies. It helps you absorb the risk and cost when you’re faced with uncertainties like this. Besides, many managed care firms offer preventive services that can assist you in staying healthy.

For instance, when you go for your periodic body test and your healthcare professional discovers that your blood pressure is high. The physician might prescribe specific things or activities to help normalize your blood pressure and prevent you from developing hypertension. Routine vaccine collection is also regarded as preventive services as they help avoid specific infectious diseases.

Usually, a managed care subscription helps you foot the major bills from your health expenses. This includes operations, drugs, in-patient stay, and follow up. All you need to do to relish in these privileges is to pay a monthly premium. In some cases, you also need to pay some extra charges for specific visits and procedures.

The state of health insurance in West Virginia

According to health insurance, you have to pay $937 monthly as a premium in the state. If you do not earn much per annum, you can benefit from some discounts and pay $768 instead. In some instances, you can even pay less if you opt for some cheaper managed care subscriptions.

Classification of health coverage in the state

Typically, managed care providers are divided into two: private and government. These two providers offer a wide range of managed care plans. You must understand these schemes and what they offer before diving into the best insurance plan.

1- Health maintenance 

These firms have a group of healthcare personnel at their disposal and within a vicinity. If you have a plan with them, you must visit their primary health care physician before you can have access to a subsidy. The physician will give you a referral if necessary to another specialist within the same group. Hence, you have a limited percentage of healthcare personnel that you can see. However, these firms do cater to different specialities. Also, you can’t have access to any subsidy if you see a physician outside the firm’s jurisdiction.

2- Preferred provider 

These firms are similar to the ones described above. The difference is that you can gain access to any physician or specialist you like without any referral. They also allow you to consult physicians outside their group at different rates. Hence, you can consult physicians you like from anywhere you want if you plan with them.

3- Exclusive provider 

This health insurance plan category is more confined than the first two above. Usually, clients are required to consult healthcare personnel within the firm’s network. Once you step outside the firm’s network, you’ll pay for the services yourself. This is arguably the best plan in West Virginia as the state’s best firm runs this scheme.

4- Point-of-service

This is similar and looks like a combination of the first two plans above. Here, you can consult a primary physician within a group and get referred to healthcare personnel outside the group at the same rate and charge. You can even move out of the firm’s network completely but at higher rates.

5- Indemnity

Here, you can choose your preferred healthcare institution and pay at a lower rate than usual. The payment is usually per service rendered.

6- Managed care

These firms have an agreement with a group of physicians. They’ll offer you treatment and medical care at lower rates. You’ll pay yourself or incur higher rates if you choose to consult physicians outside this group.

What does managed care plans cover?

Usually, managed care plans cover most aspects of medical expenses. This is because there’s a minimum standard of coverage that all firms must-have, especially in West Virginia. In some instances, you might need different plans to cover some medical issues. Such as :

  • Dental care for adults
  • Ophthalmic care for adults
  • Plastic surgeries
  • Pain and some palliative care
  • Fertility issues
  • Home and long-term care

Other than these, you should expect coverage for issues like:

  • General outpatient services
  • General surgery and admission
  • Obstetric care
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Medications
  • Pediatric and child healthcare

The best-managed care plan and firm in West Virginia

Now that you’re familiar with the state of insurance in the state and the different types of plans available, we wish to familiarize you with the region’s best firm. BCBS, the largest firm in the region, also offers the best health plans.

They have a huge share in the insurance market and offer exclusive provider service. As we explained above, the meaning of this is that the firm has a group of physicians on lock and at your disposal. You can’t consult other healthcare personnel outside this group if you wish to enjoy your benefits.

You get to enjoy the following free benefits if you have a plan with them:

  • Drugs and common medications
  • Two primary health care visits
  • Online consultations
  • Behavioral therapy sessions
  • Preventive services and screening
  • Vaccinations and some barrier methods of family planning.

An average adult is required to pay at least $405 monthly for a plan at this firm.


There are tons of advantages to having a managed care plan. In the same vein, several firms are willing to help clients fulfill this obligation. The best plan for you is that which is compatible with your purse and needs. Also, consider the accessibility in terms of the number of physicians in the network that stays within your vicinity. Hence, we implore that you personalize your decision. In some instances, you should consider your occupation and find a plan that considers your staff if you’re an employer. If you’re a family person, plans that offer family discounts and services should be considered from the start. Seniors also have specific plans that take their needs into cognizance. As such, do adequate research before opting to buy one. 1

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