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The Best Fitness Trainer Course for Beginners!


If you’re starting, it can be hard to know where to begin regarding Fitness. There are many great courses, but which one should you choose? This article is going to help you decide for yourself. This article will look at some of the market’s best beginner fitness trainer courses. After reading this, you should have a better notion of which type will work best for you.

How to Choose a Good Fitness Trainer Course.

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A fitness training course is a course that educates people about how to improve their health and Fitness. Personal training, dietetics, and physical therapy are prominent fitness trainer curricula.

There are many different types of fitness trainer courses, but the most common ones are personal training, dietetics, and physical therapy.

What Types of Fitness Trainer Courses Are There

There are three main fitness trainer courses: generalist, splinter, and specialty. A generalist fitness trainer course teaches people about everything fitness-related, from basic exercises to more advanced techniques. Specialty fitness trainers focus on one aspect of Health or Fitness.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Fitness Trainer Course

fitness trainer courses in mumbai

Some benefits of choosing a Splinter or Specialist Fitness Trainer Course include:

– Reduced Stress Levels

– Faster results

– Better Portability

– Increased Strength and Endurance

– Powerful Growth in Stature and Muscle Mass

A splinter or specialty course may be the best choice if you want to learn all about health and fitness.

Certified Fitness Trainer Courses

KaziFitForce – the Mumbai-based fitness academy is a “One Stop Fitness Solution” Founded by Nasir Kazi which offers Certified Fitness Trainer Courses in India not only for fitness trainers but also for common people who want to make fitness a lifestyle. We make sure that regular people / personal trainers may comprehend fitness theory and execute it in personal training with or without equipment.

Certified Functional Training Courses

This course is the foundation course of KaziFitForce as it gives the complete theoretical & practical knowledge and education to students that clear the basics about what personal fitness training is all about, and this ultimately becomes the successful tool for personal trainers to practice as a fit, capable, qualified & certified Personal Trainer in the fitness industry.

The module of the course is accredited by NSDC – Skill India & RVV Institute which is a well-known institution with numerous international affiliations under the category of Personal Trainer & Gym Trainer.

Successful completion of the Functional Training course and examination of KaziFitForce academy will not only enhance the theoretical knowledge of students but will also equip them with practical execution of fitness theories to become one of the most successful personal trainers in the fitness industry. The examination will have both modules of theory as well as practical and also the debate sessions with case study learning. This can also enhance the career opportunities in Gulf countries, USA, UK, Australia, etc.

Certified Special Population & Fitness Kickboxing Course

This course is the foundation course of KaziFitForce as it gives complete theoretical & practical knowledge and education to students that clear the basics about what special population training & fitness kickboxing is all about.

Certified Personal Trainers have learned how to train anybody to achieve fitness goals but the human body can suffer from many internal health issues or external injuries or surgeries, and these issues can affect the operations of the entire body even in regular life. This elite course gives Certified Personal Trainers the knowledge & understanding of how personal training of such clients shall be customized & executed. This quick but comprehensive course gives certified personal trainers special skills which can not only assist to take their personal training career a level above but also can give them the opportunity to help such people to do strength & conditioning to achieve better & improved fitness despite their medical conditions.

Fitness Kickboxing has been added to give an edge to the knowledge of Certified Personal Trainers as this is an exceptional combat sports technique that can enhance the fitness career opportunities if they are rightly combined with personal fitness training regimes.

Students who have completed their Elite Special Population & Fitness Kickboxing course with KaziFitForce will have marvelous progress in their personal fitness training career as they can tap a very huge crowd of the not only special population but also fit people who are interested in doing unique combat fitness techniques.



Are you a confident trainer but struggling to get a job? – Here is where your search ends. KaziFitForce has internship & placement partners where trainers get to give a strong boost to their career along with constant new learning from the man himself – Mr. Nasir Kazi. Take your career to the next level – Get yourself enrolled in Pro-Functional Training & Special Population Fitness Expert Course. You can also get placements easily at different partner locations.



KaziFitForce, the Mumbai-based venture is “THE ONE STOP SOLUTION” for all the Fitness aspirations & needs. Nasir Kazi’s vast experience of more than two decades has created this as the supply chain for all the demands of fitness freaks. Started as the Gym Management services, KaziFitForce today caters Gym Consultancy & Management, Gym Revamp & Running, Fitness Academic Venture, Gym Equipment & Accessories, Fitness Apparels & Fitness Nutrition Management, etc.

Nasir Kazi, a thriving fitness professional for more than 20 years is born & brought up in Mumbai. He is working as a personal fitness lifestyle coach whose clients encompass regular fitness seekers, celebrities, and professional athletes. Nasir is well-known not only for his skills in rehab and functional training but also for his dedication to coming up with and using new ways to work out. Nasir’s dynamic approach, extraordinary energy, and motivation add to the success and enjoyment of his clients.

What to look for when choosing a Fitness Trainer Course.

There are several fitness trainer courses available for beginner users. The best course for you depends on your goals and needs. For example, a beginner’s fitness trainer course might be the best option if you want to start working out. On the other hand, a more advanced or expensive course might be better if you are looking to professionalize your fitness journey.

Find Out the Size of the Course

The course size will also affect how much time you’ll need to invest. A small-sized course might only require an hour or two of training, while a more involved or comprehensive program might require up to four weeks of instruction.

Find out What Type of Fitness Trainer Course is best for you.

Various fitness training courses are available, including personal trainers, yoga trainers, and meditation teachers. However, the most popular type is probably personal trainers – this instructor-led program focuses on helping people work out from home. If you want a more traditional form of exercise therapy, you might be better off taking a course to become a yoga teacher (like therapy). On the other hand, if you don’t want to work out but still want to learn some basic exercise ideas, a mediation teacher course might be a good choice.

Cost of the Fitness Trainer Course.

The cost of any fitness trainer course varies depending on the difficulty level they set and the type of equipment and materials they use. Generally speaking. However, beginner courses can cost around $50 per hour, while advanced/professional courses can range from $200-$2,000 per hour+.

How to Choose the Right Fitness Trainer Course for You.

There are several different fitness trainer courses available to choose from. It’s essential to find the right system for your needs, as the size and type will vary. For instance, an intermediate-sized fitness trainer course might be perfect if you’re starting. Alternatively, if you have some experience in the gym but would like to learn more about fitness training methods, a beginner-sized fitness trainer course might be a better fit.

Choose the Right Type of Fitness Trainer Course

If you want to train with a trainer specializing in one particular type of fitness training, you might want to choose this option. For example, if you’re looking for strength and conditioning classes, you might want to select a weightlifting or power lifting trainer course. Similarly, if you’re looking for cardio classes or dance classes, you might want to choose a dancing or cardio trainer course.

Choose the Right Price for the Fitness Trainer Course

The price of the fitness training course is also essential to consider when choosing it. If you think your budget can handle the cost of extra equipment or class sessions, it may be better for your wallet to choose a less expensive fitness trainer course. But if you think your travel budget will grow a lot in the future (or if you don’t have enough money yet), it may be worth it to buy a more expensive fitness trainer course, which often has more features and amenities than cheaper options.


Choosing the right fitness trainer course can be a challenging task. However, with careful consideration and the help of an experienced salesperson, it’s possible to find the perfect fit for you. By choosing the right size and type of course and price, you can ensure your success in reaching your fitness goals. Thanks for reading!


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