The Benefits of Bromine Tablets for Your Hot Tub

The Benefits of Bromine Tablets for Your Hot Tub

The following is a short, though impressive, list of responsibilities that a hot tub owner will have to take up the moment they become the proud owner of one, and then forever afterward. Cleaning, sanitizing, balancing pH and alkalinity, clearing the water, and killing algae all fall under the purview of the responsibilities of hot tub (and pool) owners.

With the fact that you need to balance, maintain and routinely add so many different chemicals to your hot tub water, you probably wouldn’t welcome the addition of new layers to complicate the process. Even so, if you’re used to adding chlorine to the water as a sanitizer and have never known there was a solution, we’re going to offer you one that might actually have some benefits over chlorine.

You may not have heard that you could use bromine tablets for your hot tub, but if not, it’s time to investigate the possibilities. That’s because bromine, when used properly and accordingly, is not only every bit as effective as chlorine, it might even be better suited for use in spas than chlorine.

Allow us to explain. Both chlorine and bromine kill contaminants in the water like bacteria. However, as chlorine works, it produces by-products that are not only ineffective at removing further contaminants, they are unpleasant and harsh. These are called chloramines, and not only do nothing to continue sterilizing the water, they are harsh on skin, eyes and hair.

Bromine, by contrast, produces by-products that continue to remain effective at removing contaminants from the water for longer than chlorine. Therefore, though you will have to maintain higher concentrations of bromine in the water, it will arguably remain active for longer in the water.

In addition, bromine is also more effective at resisting heat than chlorine is, which makes it nearly ideal for use in – hot – tubs. You will have to keep the bromine level up, but if you do, it is every bit as effective to sanitize a hot tub as chlorine.

Now, you may have heard it say that bromine is more expensive than chlorine, which is true, and bromine is also less effective as resisting UV light than chlorine. However, most people keep their hot tubs covered and use them at night, so this can easily balance out. Additionally, since the bromine will likely remain active longer, the cost effect may be negligible in the long run.

Additionally, bromine tablets for your hot tub are a more convenient option since you won’t need to measure out the granules. All you will have to do is figure out how many tablets you need, based on the gallons of water in the hot tub, and you’ll be good to go.

By the way, sanitizers that use bromine as an active ingredient aren’t just solutions for sanitizing spas and hot tubs. They can also be effective at protecting swimming pools as well. If you want to learn more about the options at your disposal that you have for bromine sanitation of your spa or pool, get in touch with the customer service team at the Hot Tub Club at HotTub.Club. You can visit their website, or you can call them at 866-546-8882.

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