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This article will be looking at the benefits of a wall mount heavy duty air circulator fan in a warehouse. This article will also be exploring the features and specifications of this product, as well as how it can benefit your warehouse.

A wall mount heavy duty air circulator fan is an excellent way to keep your warehouse cool and comfortable. The fan has a powerful motor and offers three speeds for different cooling needs. This is an excellent choice for warehouses that need to maintain optimum temperatures year-round or those that don’t have windows or vents for airflow.

Featuring three speeds, this air circulator is perfect for use in homes with pets or people who suffer from allergies.

There are many benefits to installing an outdoor wall mounted fan. These fans are more efficient than table or floor mounted fans because they use less energy, have a smaller footprint, and they can be installed in places that don’t have enough room for a floor fan. They also have the added benefit of being able to circulate air without creating any drafts or wind.

Is your warehouse stuffy or hot? If this is the case, wall mount heavy duty air circulation fans may be of use to you. Taking the time to read about the benefits will help you understand why you might want to buy and install these cooling fans in your home. Here are a few of the primary advantages of wall mount heavy duty air circulator fans.

Supports in the Circulation of Air

The most important advantage of a heavy duty air circulation fan is that it circulates or moves the air. When there is no movement of air, it gets stagnant. This may make a place feel warmer and cause aromas to linger in a warehouse.

Placing wall-mounted fans in strategic positions can assist keep the room cool while reducing the amount of power used to cool the area. It also aids in the movement of air, which pushes chemical fumes and other undesirable warehouse aromas and pollutants out the door. This can make the workplace more secure and comfortable for your employees.

A big ceiling fan will circulate the air in a room, which will keep it cooler than if there was no fan at all. A big ceiling fan will make it easier to breathe, too, because the air is moving around more and it is easier to get fresh air in.

5 Advantages of Big Ceiling Fans

  • Large Diameter
  • Assist HVAC System
  • Air Quality
  • Energy-saving
  • Long Life and Zero Maintenance

Large Diameter

The enormous diameter of a large industrial ceiling fan is an advantage. HVLS ceiling fans typically have a diameter ranging from 3.7m to 7.3m (12ft-24ft). RTFANS’ biggest industrial ceiling fan is 7.3m in height (24ft). When compared to wall-mounted fans, this has a fairly big diameter. They typically range in size from 2 to 6 feet in diameter. Because of their huge diameter, industrial ceiling fans can cover a big area. They can ventilate an area of 1500-1800 square metres. They cover a large area thanks to the well-aligned breeze.

Wall-mounted fans, on the other hand, can only cover a restricted region. You may guide the airflow by adjusting them in a specific direction. The breeze only reaches those who are directly in front of the fan, which might create dizziness after a while. When compared to wall-mounted fans, giant industrial ceiling fans may cover a far larger area. They are ideal for vast areas.

Assist HVAC System

This is another essential reason to use large industrial ceiling fans. They can help your HVAC system circulate a cool air over the entire region in a short period of time. When you start an HVAC system, it takes some time for the breeze to travel across a big area. Ceiling fans, on the other hand, can help by immediately spreading the air. Furthermore, because the fans are working with the system, you may utilise the HVAC system at somewhat higher temperatures. Electricity costs are reduced as a result of this. According to our testing, a 1 degree Celsius rise in temperature can save up to 20% on power. People in the vicinity experience a pleasant breeze and are more comfortable as a result of the strong airflow of the ceiling fans and cool air from the HVAC system. It is an ideal combination for cooling a broad area.

Air Quality

Large ceiling fans also enhance an area’s air quality. They can help to decrease humidity to some extent. These fans provide a very high airflow of 6,000-13,000 cubic metres per minute. The humidity in the region is lowered as a result of the increased airflow. When there is smoke or odour in the neighbourhood, these fans lessen their impact and enhance air quality. Controlling humidity is critical because it keeps people comfortable in the environment. Large industrial ceiling fans not only create a breeze, but they also help to eliminate humidity. Wall-mounted ceiling fans and tiny ceiling fans, on the other hand, cannot enhance air quality as well as large industrial ceiling fans. They only have around 300 cubic metres of airflow every minute, and it is only focused in one direction.


Everyone considers the initial cost and savings. Large industrial ceiling fans are less expensive to operate since they use less energy per unit area. If you need 6 huge industrial ceiling fans for a large space, you will need 300 wall-mounted fans for the same area. You can see that the overall upfront cost of ceiling fans will be lower now. Not only will the initial cost be lower, but so will overall energy use. It will use less energy, resulting in a lower power cost. As a result, industrial ceiling fans save electricity.

Long Life and Zero Maintenance

When compared to wall-mounted fans, industrial ceiling fans have a longer lifespan. They can work for eight to 10 years with no problems. They are composed of high-quality, long-lasting materials. RTFANS also offers a three-year guarantee on all HVLS large ceiling fans. Wall-mounted fans, on the other hand, have a lifespan of 3-5 years. They aren’t as long-lasting as heavy-duty ceiling fans. Large ceiling fans seldom need to be serviced.

As a result, they are low-maintenance ceiling fans. You spend less money on upkeep. Wall-mounted fans, on the other hand, require frequent maintenance, which raises your operating costs. After a few months, they require cleaning. You must also repair them if they fail.

Ensures that the floor is free of obstructions.

Another advantage of wall mount heavy duty air circulator fans is that they are kept off the floor since they are fixed to the wall. There are circulation fans that sit on the floor, such as floor and pedestal fans. In a crowded warehouse, these fans take up space and might create a tripping hazard. A wall-mounted one is out of the way of employees and keeps your warehouse floor clear of obstacles.

Check out Industrial Fans Direct if you need a circulator or cooling fan for your warehouse area. Since 2005, we have been a market leader in residential, commercial, and industrial ventilation systems and fans. Visit our website today to discover more about the numerous fans we have to offer and to select the ones that will assist circulate air in your warehouse the best.

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